21 Must Visit Burger Joints In Mumbai

21 Must Visit Burger Joints In Mumbai

1.Goofy’s Burger

Located in Borivali West, this place is only a delivery outlet run by a lady from her house. Seating here is not available and take away is preferred. A person here can have a hearty meal for just 300 rupees. They only have three options in Burger available here. Also one can have coolers here. Lemon Iced Tea and Mint Lemon Iced Tea will make your visit here worthwhile and are a great match with burgers here.

goofy’s burgur

2. Mad Burger

Located also in Borivali West, this place might not be as cheap as Goofy’s but their burgers are no second to anyone. A person can have a good meal here for 500 rupees and this is also only a delivery outlet, seating is not available. Here one can try Exotic Chicken Burger and Crazy Combo Burger. Add-on will be a great accessory to your burgers here.


3. Jimis Burger

Jimis Burger is located in Kandivali. And is very popular for their Jaw Breaker Burger which is made of double chicken patties, double bacon, double chicken salami, fried egg and cheese priced at 350 rupees. This Burger is really tall and is indeed a Jaw Breaker. This joint is located in close proximity to Infinity Mall. So you can treat yourself after a tiresome shopping.


4. Yorrick’s Cookhouse

Located in posh area of Pali Hill of Bandra, estimated costs here for two people are 600 rupees. Fish Burgers here are widely known and are a must try. For the people who love beef, they can try their hands on Roast Beefalo Burgers priced at 335. Chicken lovers can have Cookhouse Chicken Burger. Messy Burger should also be a Burger on your list.


5. Frisbee’s Burger

This joint is famous for their American burgers. The estimated cost here for two people is 600 rupees. Most of their burgers are top notch. For starters, you can try Crunchy Chicken Burger, made from the crunchy chicken fillet, pickled beetroot mayo, cheese sauce, onions and tomato priced at 250 bucks which are quite reasonable. Also look out for their combo days which offer great offers on their Burgers.


6. Dinshaw Xpress Cafe

This place is located in Oshiwara and the estimated cost here for two people is 800 rupees. In this joint, the Flame Grilled Chicken Burger is said to be the best. Priced at 229 bucks it also comes out to be quite reasonable at price. Their other Burgers also deserve a try.


7. Desi Deli

This place is located in Bandra West and the estimated cost for two people is 950 bucks. Among all the burgers Lush Lamb Burger deserves a mention and is a must try. This place is not entirely a Burger joint they also offer a pretty good deal of delicacies. If you are a Burger fanatic do go for this Burger but also do not miss out on other items on the menu.

desi deli

8. Hard Rock Cafe

This place has many outlets throughout Mumbai and obviously all over India. Here the estimated cost for two people is around 2500. Although quite an expensive place and being also a pub the visit here is absolutely worth it. Also, it is not necessary that you visit this place at night you can always drop in during the daytime to try out their Burgers. They recommend you to try on their Swiss Burger and you should go for it. Also, their top of the class interiors and good music is always bliss.


9. Cafe Zoe

It is located in Lower Parel, one of the happening localities of Mumbai. The estimated cost here for a meal of two is 2000 bucks. This cafe serves European and Italian cuisine. Their burgers are the top of the class. They have a live music facility which will cheer your soul up. They even have Wi-Fi and Karaoke. Fun times are guaranteed at this place. A must visit the place.


10. Smoke House Deli

Smoke House Deli is located at Lower Parel and estimated cost for a meal for two people is 2000 here. Smoked Lamb Burger should be up on your bucket list from now. We do love the perfection which Smoke House Deli puts into each one of their delicacies. When you make a visit here the Smoked Lamb Burger is a must try. This burger is made with Horseradish Mayo. Priced at 410 Rupees it’s quite on the expensive side but totally worth it.


11. West Coast Grill

This place is located in Airovali and the estimated cost here for the meal of two people is 700 bucks. Here South West Burger and Tex-Mex Burger are a must try. South-West Burger is made from fried chicken, chopped onions, spicy scrambled egg, BBQ sauce, and Tex-Mex Burger made from Grilled chicken, spicy salsa and south-west Mayo. Both priced at 170 and 160 bucks respectively. If you are looking for a great meal and are low on budget this place can surely be visited.


12. Fat Kid Deli

Fat Kid Deli is located in Vashi and the estimated cost for a meal for two people here is 1400 bucks. If you are looking for a super huge Burger your journey ends here. The Animal Burger priced at 1200 rupees contains 700 grams of mince patty, double cheddar cheese, double bacon, burger sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, Jalapeños and barbecue sauce. So obvious it’s not a one-man job not even four I think.


13. Indigo Delicatessen

This place is located in Lower Parel and the estimated cost for a meal for two people here is 2100. All the Deli and socials although expensive will offer the worth to your money. Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich is known far and wide here. Coming to Burgers, 3 Cheese and Lamb Burger with Mint yogurt, tangy onion garlic chutney is recommended.  While you are here also try their homemade ice creams. Utmost care is taken in the making of these ice creams and without a doubt are a treat.


14. Irish House

Irish House has many outlets throughout the city and India. The estimated cost for a meal for two people here is 1900 bucks. Serving European and American cuisines here you can surely expect some great Burgers. Chicken lovers can have The Double Chicken Ghost Crunch Burger which is priced at 375 rupees and fish lovers can have the Fried Fish Fight priced at 385 rupees and the Irish House Burger will also not disappoint you. They serve only three non-vegetarian burgers but that really is not an issue.



This place is located in Colaba and the estimated price for a meal of two people is 1200 rupees here. Its one of the few classy places in Mumbai. Special attention given to interiors which are the same given in curating their menu.


16. The Barking Deer Brewpub

Their Ham Burger and Pork Burgers are delicacies here. Although we would recommend you to visit here not only for burgers but also for other delicacies. They are very famous for their variety of meats. Also their Chorizo Rice is sure to be mentioned.


17. Chili’s

Chili’s is located in Vashi and the estimated cost for a meal for two people here is for 1800 rupees. This cafe is widely well known for their signature margaritas, American portions and music. While here do give their Guacamole Burger and Southern Smokehouse Burger a try. Guacamole Burger is made from fresh guacamole, Monterey jack cheese, fire-roasted jalapeño, sautéed red and green bell peppers, caramelized onions and cumin-lime sour cream. Southern Smokehouse Burger are made from Applewood smoked bacon, sharp cheddar cheese, garlic dip pickles, spiced panko onions rings, leaf lettuce, tomato and Chili’s signature sauces, served with a side of Chili’s classic BBQ sauce.


18. The Barking Deer Brewpub

The Barking Deer Brewpub is located at Lower Parel and the estimated cost of a meal for two people here is 1700 rupees. When here try their Grilled Chicken Burger priced at 375 made from smoked chicken patty grilled and served with multigrain Burger bread. They have only one vegetarian Burger. Although all the Burgers offered by them are decent but at the given price we found it a little bit expensive.


19. Fat Man’s Cafe

This place is located in Bandra. They serve mainly Italian and continental cuisine. This place is famous for good food with a colorful decor. Though there are not many options available to choose from burgers. They have only one vegetarian burger and four non–vegetarian burgers. Among non–vegetarian burgers, they do recommend for Crispy Fish Burger with tartar sauce. But you can also give their Chargrilled Chicken Burger a try with fried egg and alfalfa.


20.Eddies Bistro

Eddies Bistro is located in Bandra and the estimated cost for a meal for two here is 1400 rupees. It is serving European, Continental, and Italian cuisines. This Bistro is popular for mini Burgers, small plates, and desserts. We would like you to try mini Burgers here rather than regular sized Burgers.  We recommend you to order Miniature Lamb Burger. If you still want to go for classic size Burgers we would like you to try Unbeatable Burger with beetroot, spices and cottage cheese for 300 rupees and it is worth every dime of it.


21.Woodside Inn

Woodside Inn is located in Andheri West and the estimated cost here for a meal for two is 1800 rupees. They serve continental and Italian cuisine and are a casual dining place as well as a pub. Woodside Inn is popular for its all day diner with a good Burger. When here one should definitely try Piri-Piri Rubbed Grilled Chicken Burger and BBQ Chicken Burger with English cheddar. They also have outdoor seating, Wi-Fi, and Karaoke. A perfect recipe for a great time.