20 Affordable And Delicious Hangouts For College Students In Mumbai

20 Affordable And Delicious Hangouts For College Students In Mumbai

1. Prithvi cafe

Full of enthusiasm, full of life, full of lights, and full of friends. The ambience here in Prithvi Cafe is well maintained. The place is always crowded, which makes it difficult to get a personal table in a short time. But the wait is a hundred and ten percent worth it! The food is amazing, and the service is fast and good. The prices are justright, which is another attraction for the college students.


 The Little Door

This is known to be a lovely place with a warm and welcoming ambience. The lighting is beautiful, and the seating is comfortable. This place is quite famous amongst the young. The exciting and probably the coolest offers are revealed once you win a chug competition. The Little Door is an assurance of good, inexpensive fun time with your friends.


3. Oye Kake

This hidden, tucked in place has become famous for carrying the taste of Punjab to Mumbai. They have made a really planned use of the space to arrange for comfortable and cosy seating. They have a large fanbase in the city because of the food quality and their service both.


4.  Stomach

“The best place for oriental food”, as many college students describe it, it is known for its cheap prices, its generous quantity, and the satisfaction it gives to your taste buds. It has a decent variety to choose from, and once you have been here, they will pull you back with their friendly environment, among other things.


5. Toto’s Garage

This place will remind of you of your college days, if you’ve already passed out. It has got a rustic touch with the number plates and the car bonnets hanging all around. The food is good, the drinks are fine, and the service is friendly and quick. Toto’s Garage is a “pub” in its true spirit.



With the prices here, it would be expected to be a road side stall, but the interiors are much appreciated by its customers.With three branches all over the city, and being one of the most inexpensive friendly food joints in Mumbai, it is no wonder that this is one of the most loved places by college students.


7.  Dumpling King

They have a variety of sauces over a variety of dumplings that you can enjoy. The place has a modest and nice ambience. The prices are reasonable, the food is great, and the meals are worth everything you can think of!


8.  Kareem’s

“Quality takes time”, and true that. Even with the painstakingly slow service at Kareem’s, its fans come back and again to enjoy the delicious non-vegan dishes here.


9. Cafe Metro

This place is legendary in South Mumbai. The interiors are nice and vintage. The interior is divided into ac and non-ac section. The food is of good quantity and of reasonable price. It is a heaimage9ven of sorts for the non-vegan lovers.

10. Smaaash

The place is a little costlier than the other places, but the service and the food with gaming deserve this much expenditure. There is so much to do here, like paintball, balling, or just tuning out to the TV, this place is very popular amongst the youngsters.


11. Under The Banyan Tree

Although small, this place is nice and welcoming. It is kept really clean and green. It is known for its Italian and American cuisine. You can make your own pizza, and your own pasta. Do I need to say it again? You can make your own pizza, and your own pasta. And with the reasonable prices, there’s nothing else that college students could ask for.


12 Pop Tate’s

To start with, Pop Tate’s is a super pocket friendly, student’s favourite, full of life and an energetic restaurant. They give you an array of delicious dishes to choose from, and the food served is good in quality and quantity. Their service is also well known to be friendly and quick.


13. Jughead’s

If you’re already wondering, then yes, this restaurant is named after our favourite Archie Comics’ character. It is known for its cool and casual vibe. This place is good for a group meet or a casual hangout, having a colourful and positive appearance.


14. Joey’s Pizza

“Joey doesn’t share food!!” And he’s right not to, with pizzas as good as they come! It is one of the premier places in Mumbai for the youngsters and the college-going. Their menu is worth experimenting with, being so elaborate. Booking a table previously is always a good idea here, since it’s always very crowded.


15. Howra

The food is good and full of flavour, and they have a pretty amazing range of sauces. The view of the outside, as well as the restaurant is amazing, edging on the vintage and filled with cute-doodles end. The service is decent, and it is easy on your pocket.


16. Kailash Parbat

Karaoke, apart from the food, is the main attraction here. The place is really famous for being warm and cozy. The additional plus is the DJ, playing the choicest music so that the audience feels the need to groove on.


17. Popular

Popular is the goo place for its delicious sandwiches and garlic bread. Their pricing is value-to-money, and they swear by it. It is an ideal place where a group of college students could sit together, hang out, talk, eat, and not worry about the bill taking a big toll on their pockets.


18. Ayubs

It’s a pretty small place, but the seating is comfortable, the service is non-fussy, the prices are reasonable, and the food is excellent! Non-vegetarian, or vegetarian, the food is cooked to perfection. People say that some places steal your heart, and that Ayubs is one of those places.


19. The VJ Cafe

It serves everything you crave for, fries(a lot of them), burgers, wraps, shakes, refreshments, etc., all at pretty little prices! The place is always filled with college students. The service and quick and helpful, the food filling and yummy- all in all, a good place for a stop-by, or a friends-hangout.


20. Ice n Rolls

Highly recommended for the vegetarians, Ice n Rolls is a hygienic street food place. Its location near the Juhu Beach also adds to the attraction that just pulls the college students to it.