20 Upcoming Cafes In Indore

20 Upcoming Cafes In Indore

1. Cafe Terazza

A cute nice cafe, to hang out with friends, with the view of probably an entire side of the city. The nightlife of the place is too beautiful to miss. The staff is known to be friendly and the service is quick. It is easy on your pocket too.Their pastas and platters are much recommended!


2. O2 The Cafe De La Ville

This cafe is known for their tech savvy ordering system and their amazing coffees! It is one of the few cafes in Indore which are open until late night. It feels like a high class hangout place and they have integrated the technology well with it. The food is yummy and the service is nice. One thing to avoid here is the weekend rush!


3. Cafe Palette

They are known for their Lebanese and Italian cuisines. Their coffee is said to be great, to be putting it simply. This place is huge and spacious with a beautiful interior. Many customers come back and again for the homely space provided by this cafe. One negative is the time taken to prepare your food, but then again, quality takes time.


4. Mangosteen Cafe

One of the few themed rooftop restaurants in the city, it is known for its Italian and Mexican cuisines and its coffee. The staff is friendly, and the service prompt. It has a soothing ambience about its interior. The book shelf and the board games give your heart a soothing pleasure of sorts.


5. Cafe @ Blu

Situated in a popular area, it is known for its coffee, its Italian cuisine, and their efficient home delivery. Their bagel sandwiches and waffles are a must try. This cafe very peaceful and quiet and a good place to sit back and enjoy a nice little meal.


6. New Lotus Hut Cafe

This place is excellent for a quick coffee and a little bite. It is really inexpensive, which makes it popular amongst the students. They provide car service too, and with prices like this, it is a must visit.


7. The Chocolate Room

Famous for its delicious desserts and bakeries. Its desserts are known to heavily loaded with loads of chocolate. Waffles and pancakes are the most loved dished on their menu. It is situated in a very busy area, with a nice view and good parking facilities. Their service is nice and their team is very friendly and helping. The Chocolate Room is a must visit for desserts!


8. Teas N More

Teas n More have teas starting from as low as INR 30, and IT IS GOOD! It is a nice place to hold an office meeting, or hangout with your friends, or to sit alone and relax. The seating is good and what is lovely about this place is that they have paid much attention to the most basic dishes on their menu.


9. Bake-n-Shake

Having several outlets throughout the city, they are known for their sandwiches and burgers. It is another one of the cafes open till late. Their pasta and chicken rolls are excellent, to say the least.


10. Koffee king

Koffee Kind provides their customers with both indoor and outdoor seating arrangement. The place is well managed and never seems too crowded, and hence has a cosy feeling to it. They also provide you with the choices to play board games or read books. Literally everything on their menu is recommended.


11. The Chai Bar

This place is more of a student hangouts place, given that it is inexpensive and have an innovative menu. They offer a huge variety of teas to choose from, along with the snacks they have thought well on. The music is good and the place has a cool and energetic vibe to it.


12. LIG Cafe

It is a very popular and pocket friendly cafe, usually filled with students because of its location. The staff is polite and the ambience is lovely. Their garlic bread and pasta is highly recommended.


13. Beans

This place is very pleasant and soothing. The food will not disappoint you, with a variety of dishes with a variety of sauces and dips. The interior is also quite lovely. The Irish coffee here is perfection! All in all, it is a great place to visit with friends and have a nice, filling meal.


14. Bake Affaire

Their customers think it’s the best bakery in the town, and maybe it is, all with their  Red Velvet, Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Truffle and many more items! The interior is done well and with style. The ambience is uplifting and positive. The prices aren’t as low, but the food is all worth it.


15. The Urban Gumti

It is known for being pocket friendly and having amazing teas and toasties.It is vegetarian only, and mango shakes, pasta, burger and iced tea is what people love the most here.


16. Mclaren’s Cafe

It has a lovely homely feeling to it, this cafe. The customers are provided with the option of outdoor and indoor seating. They have a vintage decor, with a warm interior. It is a much recommended place for a casual hangout.


17. Mocha

Mocha, Indore is popular for its continental and Italian cuisine. Their street food is also exceptional. The nightlife is fun, with live music and sports streaming. The service is prompt and the staff is courteous. They have a different theme each day which is a new thing, and a much accepted one.


18. Cafe Chokolade

This is an upcoming cafe in all sorts of ways, their food could do with some improvement, their decor and seating too. But their food is nice and the environment is friendly. A proper place to hangout with friends.


19. Smoke cafe

It is a cosy and nice cafe, quite spacious, with various options for seating arrangement. They are laid out in open space, and their menu is quite impressive with a wide variety of dishes to choose from. This place is not yet as popular as it deserves to be, but it is steadily gaining the appreciation amongst the students.


20. Khurana’s

A bakery and a fast food outlet providing only vegetarian food, Khurana’s has gained a lot of popularity in the recent times. Their gift items are much adored by the customers, as is their food and environment. The owners as well as the staff are really nice and will make you feel right at home here.