20 Authentic Dishes That You Will Only Find In India

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1. Nimki

Every Indian has a special connection with this food. Nimki can categorize as the official snack of India. Crispy and crunchy Nimki, tastes heavenly. It is a solution to your immediate hunger. You can have it with evening Tea.


2. Mathri

Made with the same process like Nimki, but the flavors are more intense in Mathri. Mathri is such an item that you can easily find in an Indian man’s purse. It is a typical Indian food item.


3. Dhuska

Indians are famous for eating fried and oily stuff. Well, one such of those items is Dhuska. It is made with soaked rice and lentils which are ground and given a smooth texture. This batter is deep fried in oil and tasty Dhuskas get ready. They are so appealing that you can’t eat just one.


4. Suji Ka Halwa

Suji ka Halwa is an authentic Indian desert. It is made from Suji or what we call, Semolina. Suji ka Halwa also has a spiritual connection as it is offered as ‘bhog’ in many temples in India. Its taste is very alluring, and one can’t stop himself from having it.


5. Besan Ka Halwa

Another halwa which is very authentic in India is Besan ka Halwa. Besan ka halwa is an amazing sweet dish to offer to anyone. The taste increases when garnished with chopped almonds and walnuts.


6. Pittha

India always has something different to offer. We always get amazed by the cooking process of our favorite ‘momos’ but have you ever imagined that there is a similar dish like momo in India which is known as Pittha. Pittha has a filling of cooked lentils which is cooked without the use of any oil. So, if you are up for a tasty and healthy food, then Pittha is the dish for you.


7. Litti

Litti is a popular dish in eastern parts of India. It is made with ‘sattu,’ which is a typical Indian ingredient. Litti’s outer layer is made of plain flour which is then roasted and served with ‘chokha’ or mashed potatoes. You will find this awesome dish only in India.


8. Puran Poli

This tasty and yummy dish can be called ‘Indian pancake.’ Your favorite, ‘jaggery’ is employed for creating this mouth watering dish. Puran Poli is famous in Maharashtra and is specially made on occasion on ‘Gudi-Padva.’


9. Petha

This sugary snack is a great treat for sugar lovers. Petha is an authentic Indian dish that has been people’s favorite since ages. Petha is created from the fruit of ‘Petha, and then through several processes, it is finally given the shape of your favorite snack, Petha.


10. Shakkar Para

Shakkar Para can be considered the sweet version of ‘Nimki.’ It is made from the same process as that of Nimki, but we put sugar instead of salt in Shakkar Para. Shakkar Para is a fine snack to be served with Tea.


11. Upma

Made with Semolina, Upma is a good dish to be eaten on a Sunday morning breakfast. It is a common South-Indian dish. It is a kind of porridge which can be teamed up with vegetables of your choice.Upma tastes heavenly.


12. Dahi Vada

Indians are famous for giving a twist to every ingredient. Curd, which is consumed outside India also, is presented with a nice twist in India. Firstly, vadas are made out of lentils, and then these vadas are soaked in the batter of curd. Dahi-Vada is made on the festival, ‘Holi.’ You will find this dish, in every other house.


13. Kheer

Indians don’t need a specific occasion to make Kheer. Indians are so obsessed with Kheer, that from Indian team winning a match to their child securing 1st position in the class they instantly make Kheer celebrate their happiness. Kheer is a very tasty sweet dish made from rice and milk.


14. Pua

Another delightful sweet dish that is very popular in India is ‘Pua.’ Pua’s taste is so appealing that one can’t deny, whenever it is offered. The basic Pua is the one soaked in the sugar syrup. Another kind of Pua is ‘Malpua,’ in which there is a stuffing of Khoya and Dry-fruits.


15. Chaat

Chaat for Indians is like Pizza for Italians. Chaat is a street-food of India which is loved by Indian people so much so, that they probably cannot survive without eating Chaat. There are varieties of Chaats that are made in India. Papri-chaat, mixed-chaat, samosa-chaat, kachori-chaat, tikki-chaat and the list is never-ending.


16. Payasam

Common in the southern parts of India, Payasam is an amiable, sweet dish. Its texture is in a semi-liquid form. Payasam’s taste is so alluring that people in India are crazy for this dish.


17. Stuffed Parathas

India is famous for the varieties of parathas it offers. Indians can stuff anything and everything in a Paratha which anyway would taste heavenly. There is especially a place in Delhi, the capital of India, which is a hub for paratha lovers- gali parathe vali. You can find stuffed potatoes, cauliflower, paneer, carrot and some infinite numbers of Parathas in India.


18. Dhokla

Dhokla is a sweet & sour dish which is popular in Gujarat. Its taste is different. One bite of Dhokla will tend you to explore many flavors, at one time. The taste of Dhokla increases when it is consumed with Tamarind chutney.


19. Vada Pav

Vada-Pav is the most common dish, which you will find in every single street of Maharashtra. Vada-Pav can be called the Indian Burger because the outer look is very similar to that of a burger. But, the taste of Vada-pav is typically Indian. It constitutes the spiciness and tanginess which makes it taste outstanding.


20. Gujiya

Gujia is a sweet dish which is of a crescent shape. It has a filling of Khoya and Dry-fruits. Gujiya is an amazing sweet dish, which is made on the occasion of ‘Teej,’ when married ladies offer Gujiya as a ‘Prasad’ to their God.