20 Most Popular Pubs Of Pune, You Need To Know Of!




It is known to be the city’s first microbrewery and has since then established to become one of the leaders of the industry in India. But you also get a range of Indian and European delicacies which you can enjoy. They have the provision of outdoor seating for the best of both worlds. The interiors are done with a classic old school, as you’ll find a couple of barrels as tables and wooden bar stools in the bar.


High Spirits

This is one of the most popular pubs in the city, which is never not crowded. It is a favourite amongst youngsters and most music fanatics, who visit this place to enjoy dancing or live shows. They have the capacity to hold up to 300 people at a time and are famous for their in-house theme nights. They also hold various types of music gigs and even poetry competitions. They have hosted some of the most favourite artists and bands of India, such as Raghu Dixit, Indian Ocean, and Pentagram.


The Ship

Another popular bar, The Ship is designed using wood from the wreckage of real ships found in the yards. Plus, the bar was designed to replicate an actual ship. With a relaxing atmosphere, they even have various themes daily. On top of all this, they host live gigs on Friday nights.


Single Malt And Co.

This Hyatt pub is quite the elegant bar for a weekend drink. The live jazz bar is a plus, and the bar even has a collection of a variety of 28 single malts. Also, each guest on arrival is offered a variety of six Cuban cigars, which makes this bar one of a kind.



Swig has a classic young-crowd decor, with a telephone box in the outdoor area, which might seem familiar to those who are a Doctor Who fan. This chic cafe even has a foosball table for the best of experiences.



Toons are known to be one of the cheapest places to drink, because of which it sees a lot of student crowd. You’ll find the walls here illustrated with caricatures of famous people, and a jukebox playing some of the classic rock music. Many people visit this pub to watch live Cricket or Football matches, which are broadcasted live.



Another pub, WTF! sees a lot of younger crowd and can accommodate a lot of people. Plus, they have a pool and a foosball table for you to have a great time here. The prices are quite reasonable, making it a must visit.


Yolo Gastro Bar

This is a new name to the list of pubs in Pune. You’ll find this bar on the 8th floor of the Spot 18 mall, which offers you a spectacular view of the city. Not only do they have an elevated dance floor, but also a giant screen to broadcast live matches for the sports enthusiasts. Some of their cocktails are innovatively named such as ACDC.


1000 Oaks

1000 Oaks once used to be bungalow which was later converted into this wonderful resto bar that it is today. Their wonderful ambience attracts quite a vibrant crowd. The outside seating areas serve proper meals, but the bar area only serves drinks and snacks.


Kue Bar

Neon lights, vibrant design, quality time. This fabulous bar adorned by amazing artworks is a part of the Westin Hotel, which serves starters only. There’s also a special area for dance lovers and some great music.



A new bar on the street, it is named after a Greek appetizers. They have a few private areas, a bar and a common lounge with a dance floor. They have theme based nights every night of the week. From Bollywood to Retro to Electronica, they have a theme for every day. On Sundays, they have a Caribbean theme party which is known to be quite the hit!


Stone Water Grill

A restaurant lounge, Stone Water Grill in Pune has the ultimate riverside location giving you a great view to drink over. They have a 60-foot long bar and an open air lounge as well. Also, it’s known to have hosted famous international musicians like Faders and Edward Maya. Look out for the molecular menu, where all the dishes are prepared with scientific equipment only.


Hard Rock Cafe

No list is complete without the legendary Hard Rock Cafe! Live music, amazing ambience, and the ultimate experience is everything HRC stands for. With originals signed by Mick Jagger, Shaun Glass adorning the walls, this place is a classic. Plus, you get great Finger Food here.


Mi A Mi

One of the busiest nightclubs, Mi A mi is located in the basement and is designed to look like a wasted garage underground. With various types of music, to a great dance floor, you find it all here. So, break a leg.



It is a very cosy place to enjoy great drinks and lively music. The bar is carved out of 12-foot long orange onyx stone and is quite the attraction. The fishbowl Cocktails are quite amazing and talked about.


Area 51

Named after one of America’s alleges secret base known to host all alien interventions, this is a bar dedicated to the theme. The nightclub is designed like a spaceship and has sensor activated doors. It has a huge space of 10,000 sq. ft and is one of the largest nightclubs of the state. It is open only on Saturdays and has been the venue of famous music festivals like Sunburn and NH7!



A subtle lounge, Pasha is all about elegance. Head here for a classy time and enjoyable experience. Plus, it offers a spectacular view of the city.



A colourful bar, it is known to be student hangout zone. It is a development of the Specialty Group who owns Mainland China and Oh! Calcutta and intends on offering inexpensive drinking experience for youngsters.


The Bar Stock Exchange

After the popularity of Mumbai’ TBSE, Pune has their own now. Head here for drinks the prices of which are based on the bar stock market. So, no drink is ever too costly for you.


The Bombay Bronx

This bar is dedicated to all Mumbai lovers. The art and interiors are dedicated to the classic Mumbai signatures like a local train, Irani cafes, Dharavi, and dabbawalas. And of course, Bollywood! All of these are synonymous to Mumbai and are a part of this pub. Plus, they have a great few choices for dishes and drinks. Try the Aam Panna Margarita for the ultimate cocktail experience.