20 Best Chocolate Brands In The World

20 Best Chocolate Brands In The World

Chocolate is a delicious treat loved by everyone, and there are so many different brands that we might confuse for the best brand. So we commemorate the 20 best chocolate worldwide, so you can have premium and delicious chocolate and be happy.

1.Lindt Sprungli

Lindt Sprungli is a Swiss chocolate company that was established in 1845. It uses the best ingredients in their product, and now is the most loved chocolate brand. The famous chocolates of Lindt Sprungli are chocolate bars, truffles, and classic milk chocolate. The company bought its cocoa beans from Ghana and Ivory Coast to increase the standard of living of the communities.



It is a Belgian chocolate brand known for its chocolate truffles which are chocolate balls filled with silky cream. They uses the best cocoa beans, cocoa butter, and other ingredients from different parts of the world to maintain the richness and high quality of the chocolate.



An American chocolate brand founded by Domenico Ghirardelli, and made premium chocolate products worldwide. Besides chocolate Ghirardelli has cafes where you experience various chocolate-themed drinks and snacks.



Toblerone is a famous Swiss chocolate brand that comes in a triangle and is one of the most beloved chocolate over the world. They get their signature taste from crushed almonds, milk, honey, dark and white chocolate bars, and other products that maintain their perfect flavor. Besides the chocolate, it is also known for its unique packaging that is in a triangle shape.


5.Ferrero Rocher

Italian chocolate brand known for its round golden chocolates, which are loved by everyone. They use premium cocoa, hazelnuts, and milk chocolate to enrich their taste and import their cocoa beans from different places.



Guylian was established in Belgian by Guy Foubert. It is famous for its chocolates in the shape of seashells filled with hazelnut paste. The company maintains its premium on sustainability and is well-known for its highest-quality chocolate.



Kinder is the most famous brand among children around the world. It is well known for its child-friendly packaging and unique creative goods. It is like a shape of an egg; on one side, there is white chocolate in which balls of chocolate with a crust are dipped, and on the other side, we find other surprises for our kids.



A chocolate brand that is known to everybody and is quite famous in India, also. It serves as happiness in India; at every festival, it brings us joy. In India, if it’s not Cadbury, then the festival seemed incomplete. It is very dedicated to its customers and, always tries to diversify its products and think of innovative ideas to generate more customers.


9.Chocolate Frey

A Swiss chocolate company owned by Migros, has made its reputation in the market by making premium chocolate bars and other confections. They use the finest farm plantation cocoa beans to maintain their quality and deliciousness.



It is a multinational corporation established in 1866. It also manufactures other brands like Kitkat, Milky Bar, and Smarties; each is different from the other, rich in taste and highest in quality. The brand still maintains its standards and is loved by everyone.



It is an iconic American company that produces chocolate bars, its famous tiny Hershey Kisses, Peanut Butter cupcake, and Twizzlers. The chocolate has a velvety touch which gives us a deeply satisfying taste.



Mars is a worldwide leader in producing various of snack foods and other edibles. It is also the home of many other chocolate brands like Snickers, Twix, Galaxy, MM’s, Bounty, and Maltesers.



Teuscher is a Swiss brand that has 80 years of experience in producing chocolates and using the finest confections without adding any preservatives. The famous chocolate of Teuscher is Champagne Truffles that is made with champagne and buttercream and are surrounded by dark chocolate.



The company uses the finest ingredients in its chocolate and manufactures its products on time basis. Patchi is widely known for its creativity and unique, delicious confections.



A German chocolate brand that had its home in Berlin and Germany since 1904, which is known for its popular candies that, include Schogetten and Riesen toffee. It also produces chewing gum, hard candy, and sweets. It also does community services to improve society and the environment.



Milka was established in 1901 and is well-known for its premium ingredient and taste. Milka is one of the most beloved chocolate brands made with Alpine milk. The brand, with its unique lilac-colored packaging, has a dedicated cow community of adoring fans worldwide.


17.Barry Callebaut

It is a Swiss multinational firm founded in 1966. They make Siaco chocolate designed, generated, and created to the taste of each country. Its annual production of cocoa and chocolate is 2.3 million tonnes making it one of the world’s most famous chocolate brands.


18.Green Black’s

Green Black’s is well known for its organic cocoa and its best quality of ingredients. The company is also responsible for helping farmers by purchasing their cocoa beans from them.



This French firm makes one of the world’s finest cocoa and chocolate. It is known for its luxurious texture and subtle taste. They made various chocolate chips, bars, cocoa powder, etc.



A French father-son duo established this chocolate brand and used French techniques and materials to make the highest quality chocolates. They maintain their quality which made them quite successful in the chocolate industry.