Top 20 Chocolates Around The World

Lindt Sprungli, Switzerland

Chocolates are the best gift given to humankind ever. People think that eating chocolate is bad for your heath or you put on too much of weight. Though these sayings might be true, we should have everything in the right amounts. Who doesn’t love chocolates? They give a sense of completeness and wholeness that can never be achieved by any other food.

1.Mary’s Chocolate Japan

Mary’s Chocolate is one of the most famous assorted chocolates in Japan, and it has been famous for almost six decades now. The main branch which produces these chocolates is in the capital city of Japan. They offer a chocolate box with either 25 pieces of chocolate or 40 pieces of chocolates. The best place to visit if you love chocolates. Though the chocolate boxes are a bit expensive, it will make a fantastic valentine day’s gift.

Marys Chocolate Japan

2.Neuhaus Belgium

Neuhaus is well-known confectioner of chocolates in Belgium for making assorted chocolates, biscuits and ice cream. It was founded approximately 160 years ago and is still incredibly popular around the world and in Belgium. They have chocolates for different occasions like Easter, Christmas, Birthdays, etc. The assorted chocolates come in beautiful boxes, elegantly arranged with exquisite tastes. These chocolates are so famous and delicious that they supply these chocolates to the Belgium Royal Court. You definitely cannot miss out on these chocolates.

Neuhaus Belgium

3.Boissier France

A chocolate’s artisan shop in France that has been creating and selling chocolates for 190 years with much acclaim. The specialties of this place are scented chocolate petals in milk, white and pink chocolate, dark, and they are wafer-thin, the bonbons boule which means fruit candies. The bonbon boules are said to be the favorite of Victor Hugo. Victor Hugo was one of the frequent customers of this shop. Boissier has maintained their popularity to this day and is one of the most visited chocolate shops in France.

Boissier France

4.Vivani, Germany

Vivani is an organic type of chocolate, native to the country of Germany. They have over 20 types of chocolate bars each with a different flavor. You can find these chocolates mostly in organic markets. These chocolates made with entirely natural ingredients that you feel the difference from the other chocolates just with the taste. They not only make chocolates, but also other chocolate related products that you can use. This company is the leading in the market that produces organic chocolate bars and is on the list for these type of chocolate a long time. Where else can you find a bar of chocolate which is healthy as this one?

Vivani Germany

5.Lindt Sprungli, Switzerland

This chocolate shop is based in Switzerland and is extremely famous worldwide. Everyone loves this chocolate which explains their popularity. The chocolate has a smooth texture as it melts in your mouth and feels very fresh on your tongue. They have many varieties of chocolates which incorporate different flavors as well as textures. This chocolate will give you a feeling of wholeness. Lindt is my personal favorite. Though this chocolate might be expensive, you cannot say no to it. It will be a crime that you will be committing against all the chocolates in the world.

Lindt Sprungli Switzerland

6.J Emanuel, The United States Of America

Located in the district of New Jersey in the United States of America, named after the founder’s grandfather, this shop offers delicious milk chocolates. They produce chocolates that made out of organic ingredients giving the chocolate a different taste that cannot be mastered by any other chocolate shops. They have assorted chocolates, truffles and gift packs that one can buy for certain occasions. The variety of chocolates is limited, but it is delicious nevertheless.

J Emanuel the United States of America

7.Newtree Chocolate, Belgium

This chocolate originated from the country of Belgium. NEWTREE also focuses on selling organic chocolates with the help of natural ingredients. They sell bars of chocolate of milk – regular and dark types. The texture of the chocolates is smooth and the flavors incorporated in this chocolate are different from the ordinary chocolates. They not only sell chocolates but also, cookies, spreads, and various other snacks. All of them are made with organic ingredients. They also make chocolates which are vegan. It is a perfect option for the vegans out there to choose this shop to buy chocolates. This shop has branches in the United States of America and France. People in these localities can order them from online if they cannot go to the location.

NEWTREE Chocolate Belgium

8.Christophe Roussel, France

A chocolate shop based in France, the confectioner, is Christophe Roussel. There are seven branches of this shop in France. The confectioner makes delicious chocolates which are simple yet mouthwatering. They make not only chocolates but also macaroons and pastries. They have an interesting variety of assorted chocolates that can deliver to your house. Though these chocolates are a bit expensive, one cannot miss out on the taste of these delicious chocolates. You can find chocolates suited for certain occasions in this shop.

Christophe Roussel France

9.Genaveh, Luxembourg

Located in the city of Luxembourg is this beautiful chocolate artisan shop. They produce enough chocolates to maintain their quality and the taste of these enticing things. They have pralines, choco-lolly, florentines, spread, and cooked fruits. This shop experiments with the chocolates to produce new flavored and intriguing chocolates that will make you fall in love.

Genaveh Luxembourg

10.Guidogobino Chocolate, Italy

Another chocolate artisan located in Italy, with a different flare. They have different kinds of chocolates with a variety of flavors, spreads, filled bars and the assortments that will blow your mind. The assorted chocolates are a sight to see and taste to be felt. That’s how good these chocolates are. They also have plain chocolate bars of white, milk and dark types. They have coffee beans covered with dark chocolate, perfect for those who love both. The products list goes on with their numerous varieties. The shop is worth visiting no matter what.

GuidoGobino Chocolate Italy

11.Leonidas Chocolates, Belgium

A Belgium company which solely focuses on chocolates and the various products you can create using it. It is a family run business whose chocolates are their secret. Even though the location is in the hotspot area for chocolate makers, the shop has a well-known reputation for being one of the best in the world. The chocolates that they create are delivered worldwide. Since they use fresh ingredients during the preparation of the chocolates, the taste is better when you eat it fresh. Denying yourself of these chocolates is a crime you are committing to yourself.

Leonidas Chocolates Belgium

12.Teuscher, Switzerland

Another chocolate connoisseur from Switzerland with many locations in North America, Asia, Europe and Middle East countries. The chocolates sold in these branches are chocolate bars, assorted and champagne truffles, decorative boxes, and gift boxes. You can use the chocolate variety gift boxes and decorative boxes for occasions or if you simply want to treat yourself with delicious chocolates. These boxes are beautiful to look at, and the inside is, even more, better with all the chocolates. The pricing is a bit on the higher side, but it is worth it. What better present to gift someone other than these boxes?

Teuscher Switzerland

13.Marie Belle, He United States Of America

Marie Belle is a gourmet chocolate shop located in the most popular and busy area of the United States of America. This shop runs on the passion involved in making chocolates. You might ask what is so unique about these chocolates? And the answer to that is- that they use the finest and the freshest ingredients possible in the making of chocolates and the best part of it is that they add edible work of art on top of the chocolates. This concept makes it even more beautiful to look at, let alone have it. Each of the bite-sized chocolate produced has a work of art on it. Their art is completely edible and has a deep meaning to it. They sell their chocolates at reasonable prices, and they offer various and types for different occasions. You cannot miss out on this fantastic shop when you are in Manhattan.

Marie Belle the United States of America

14.La Maison Du Chocolat, France

La Maison Du Chocolat means ‘The House of Chocolate’ in French. It is one of the best chocolate shops in France and visited by many people around the world. They offer varieties of pastries apart from chocolates. The rich chocolate mixed with various other ingredients has a distinct taste and smell to it.The specialty of this shop is the- ‘Figaro Noir’ which is hazelnuts, almonds and caramel mix covered in smooth dark chocolate. They have many different branches across France, and each and everyone one of them has tasty and delicious chocolates.


15.Coppeneur, Germany

This company set up in Germany, only with firm determination and passion for producing chocolates that will melt in your mouth. They have many varieties of chocolates like filled bars, truffles, and pralines, single origin bars, specialty bars, drinking chocolate. They are incredibly famous in Germany and one of the best places you can visit if you love chocolates. This shop is also one of the few that serve organic chocolates and sell cocoa. Their chocolates are delights that cannot be missed out.

Coppeneur Germany

16.Galler Chocolates, Belgium

Another chocolatier based in Belgium. Belgium is known for their soft and tasty chocolates and this shop doesn’t ruin that name at all. The chocolates from this shop are an absolute delight to see and taste. They have chocolates for each and every occasion using gift boxes and assortments. They have minibars, pralines bars, and various other types. Apart from chocolates, they have delicious macaroons that you must have.

Galler Chocolates Belgium

17.Valrhona, France

Valrhona is one of the premium chocolate manufacturers in France, and they deliver chocolates around the world. The main branch situated in a small town in France, that takes care of the creation of chocolates, and they supply it to the entire world. You can find these chocolates used in various high-end restaurants and other place too. They have flavored chocolate bars, plain chocolate bars and cakes or pastries made using chocolates. You will not have a chance to miss out on these chocolates.

Valrhona France

18.Oliver Kita, The United States Of America

Oliver Kita is one of the best chocolatiers in the United States of America. Their main aim is to produce organic chocolates with natural ingredients and various exotic flavors. These chocolates are from the Hudson Valley. They have chocolates that are suitable for each and every mood and feeling. They might be a bit expensive but worth it.

Oliver Kita the United States of America

19.Comptoir Du Cacao, France

It is a chocolate artisan shop which is run by a family. They make gorgeous and delicate cocoa butter chocolates that will disintegrate in your mouth. The specialties of this place are pralinés feuilletés which come in salted caramel butter and hazelnut flavors. Apart from this they also produce organic chocolates that will blow your mind. They have chocolates which incorporate spices into it too. They have three branches in France to deal with their growing popularity.

Comptoir du Cacao France

20.Theo Chocolate, The United States Of America

They are one of the best chocolate manufacturers. It is a retail store and a factory in the quite place in the USA. If you visit the shop, they allow you to try the samples for free. They have limited collections of chocolates, all priced reasonably and delicious to the point where you want to buy more.

Theo Chocolate the United States of America