20 Best Delicacies Of Amrik Sukhdev, Murthal

20 Best Delicacies of Amrik Sukhdev Murthal
20 Best Delicacies of Amrik Sukhdev Murthal

Murthal is a small place and village in Haryana. It is in the Sonipat district of Haryana. This place is located on the Eastern Peripheral express way connecting NCR to various other cities of Haryana and Punjab like Karnal, Sonipat, Ambala and Chandigarh.

In this road there are various ‘dhabas’ and premium restaurants where one can enjoy delicious food during their drive. Amrik Sukhdev is the most famous outlet among all the Restaurants and Dhabas in Murthal. It is so famous that Murthal has now become synonymous to Amrik Sukhdev. Here is the list of delicacies that one should try in Amrik Sukhdev, Murthal –


Without a doubt, Paratha tops the list of best delicacies of Amrik Sukhdev. This joint makes one of India’s best parathas and serves it with white butter that tastes delightful. There are different varieties of parathas available here like aaloo paratha, paneer paratha, gobi paratha and what not. The list of paratha here is never ending. Also paratha is prepared using different methods like, Tawa paratha and fried paratha. One should not miss the tasty parathas in Murthal’s Amrik Sukhdev.



Another famous breakfast option in Amrik Sukhdev is Sandwiches. There are different types of sandwiches available which have really amazing and mouthwatering taste. Normal sandwiches along with grilled sandwiches are available here. Some of the must-try sandwiches include cheese corn sandwich and veg grilled sandwich.


3.Pav Bhaji

A famous Maharashtrian dish is also available in Amrik Sukhdev – Pav Bhaji. The pav bhaji prepared here is yum. The bhaji is very flavourful and tastes really good. Pavs are nicely layered with butter. Bhaji is also garnished with fresh coriander leaves. When craving for Maharashtrian food, one should definitely try the Pav Bhaji in Amrik Sukhdev.



A popular Indian snack, Samosa is also available in Amrik Sukhdev, Murthal. Samosas here are crisp and tasty. There are numerous types of samosa here like aaloo samosa, gobi samosa, paneer samosa and patty samosa. Samosa here is also combined with a curry of chole to make samosa chat out of it. Therefore samosa is also a must-try dish of this food joint in Murthal.



Tasty and delightful Kachori are also available in Amrik Sukhdev. This place has an  amazing variety of kachoris with different kinds of stuffings. Raj kachori is famous in Amrik Sukhdev. It is a huge sized kachori with lots of stuffing inside, like a masala of aaloo, sev, curd, papdi and other stuff making it mouthwatering.


6Choley Bhature

A Punjabi restaurant without a preparation of choley bhature is just impossible, and Amrik Sukhdev is no exception. This food joint prepares one of the best choley bhatures with huge sized oil-dripping bhature along with flavourful choley, onions, lemon, green chutney, aaloo, and pickle. Choley bhature in Amrik Sukhdev is a completely wholesome food.


7.South Indian Cuisine

Amrik Sukhdev is a pure vegetarian restaurant and without South Indian cuisine, a pure vegetarian food outlet is incomplete. There are varieties of South Indian cuisines available in Amrik Sukhdev. Some of them are Rava onion dosa, idli sambhar, vada sambhar, masala dosa and uttapam.


8.Soya Chaap

Soya Chaap is a famous North Indian delicacy. It  a delightful and tasty vegetarian cuisine found in entire North India and also in Amrik Sukhdev. There are different types of Soya Chaap available here like fiery soya chaap, soya malai tikka, and peri-peri soya chaap. Soya chaap can be enjoyed with rumali roti.



Amrik Sukhdev also serves different kind of continental delicacies and Pasta is one of them. Pasta is a popular Italian dish and this joint does complete justice to it as far as taste and flavours are concerned. Red sauce pasta and white sauce pasta are the popular pasta delicacies of Amrik Sukhdev.


10Aaloo Puri

Another breakfast option famous in Amrik Sukhdev, Murthal is Aaloo Puri. This is also one of the best preparations of this food joint. Aaloo puri is something which is very dear to North Indian people and can be enjoyed in any part of the day whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner. One should definetly try this delicacy at Amrik Sukhdev, Murthal.



Another Italian food available in Amrik Sukhdev is Pizza. There are plenty of mouthwatering vegetarian pizzas available here. Some of them also have a touch of Indian taste into it which makes it delightful and a perfect blend of the two cultures. Chilly Paneer pizza, Veggie delight pizza and Pineapple corn pizza are some of its best pizzas.



Amrik Sukhdev in Murthal also serves some of the delightful Shakes. The shakes here are really thick and a delight to have. Different varieties of shakes are available here. Some of the popular shakes here are Kitkat Shake, Oreo Shake, Banana shake, Chocolate shake, Mango shake, Vanilla shake and Strawberry shake.



Amrik Sukhdev won’t disappoint their customers in bakery items also. Pastries are also available here in Amrik Sukhdev of different types like Butterscotch pastry, chocolate truffle, red velvet, black forest and many more of such kinds. In this joint unique preparation of Pastry Shakes are also available which are unique and a compulsory.


14.Chinese Items

Amrik Sukhdev offers their customers a variety of vegetarian Chinese delicacies. North Indian people are fascinated towards Chinese cuisine and Amrik Sukhdev has taken care of this fact. Various Chinese delicacies are available here like Chinese Woks, Schezwan Rice, Chilly Garlic Noodles, and Vegetarian Sizzler. One should definitely try these items in Amrik Sukhdev when craving for Chinese food.


15Meal Combos

Different fusions and combos of food are also there in the menu of Amrik Sukhdev, Murthal. There are different types of Combos that can be tried and enjoyed here in this food joint of Murthal. Some of them are Kadhi Rice, Rajma Rice, Chole rice, and Kachori with aaloo ki sabzi. These are themouthwatering combos of this outlet.



Lassi is one of the best beverages of Punjab. It is really refreshing and filling here in Amrik Sukhdev, Murthal. Lassi here really takes you to the ‘Pind’ of Punjab. The taste and flavours are authentic. One should certainly try the different types of sweet and salty lassis available here.


17.Makai Di Roti and Sarson Da Saag

Makai Di Roti and Sarson Da Saag is a famous Punjabi delicacy. Amrik Sukhdev makes one of the best Sarson Da Saag and Makai di Roti as it is famous for itsPunjabi cuisines. Makai di Roti is basically a Roti made of corn flour and is extremely filling and Sarson Da Saag is a delightful spinach vegetable. The combination of the two gives a flavourful taste of Punjab.


18.Paneer Specialties

Paneer is also something very dear to Punjabis. There are different Paneer cuisines available in Amrik Sukhdev, Murthal due to this reason. Some of them are Matar Paneer, Palak Paneer, Paneer do pyaza, Paneer Butter masala and Shahi Paneer. One can enjoy these Paneer specialties with different Tandoori breads available here like Naan.


19Sweet Dishes

A meal is incomplete without a delightful sweet dish. Amrik sukhdev has also taken care of this, providing its customers with a wide range of sweet dish options. Sweet is a very important component of a meal and hence this joint makes excellent quality when it comes to Sweet dishes. Some of the mouthwatering Sweet dishes available here are Rajbhog, Angoori Rasmalai, Desi ghee ke jalebi, Gajar ka halwa, and Special Thandi kheer.



After a long and tiring drive, if someone offers a refreshing drink, that is the best thing to happen. Amrik Sukhdev has a wide ranging types refreshing and flavourful coolers to serve their customers. These drinks are really rejuvenating and one should try these when in Amrik Sukhdev, Murthal. Virgin Mojito, Fresh lime soda and green apple cooler are some of the best drinks to enjoy here.