20 Best Ice-Cream Parlours In Delhi And NCR

20 Best Ice-Cream Parlours in Delhi And NCR

1. Naturals Ice Cream

‘Naturals’ cross the heads when we talk about fruit Ice creams. Naturals have the best sellingIce creams which are free from artificial colours. The Ice creams are available for up to (Rs 150). “Mango” is a must try flavour if you ever walk in the store.

Location: Connaught Place


2. Azote

Azote is one of the places where the crowd comes for a ‘dessert satisfaction’. A desire to eat sweet? – AZOTE !because it has every range of sweet delights serving as cakes, muffins, shakes and sundaes(Rs250). Red Velvet Brownie Sundae is the best-selling Ice cream.

Location: Community Centre, SDA, New Delhi.


3. Cherry Comet

Cherry Comet presents the best Ice cream flavours. All the Ice creams are within (Rs 210). ‘Snicker-Snacker’ is the consumer’s all time favourite, loaded with choco caramel, peanuts and biscuits.

Location: DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon.


4. Frugurpop

Frugurpop makes colourful Ice cream bars. ‘Fruitilicious’ is the most selling Ice cream from Frugurpop. The flavours Ice cream rates are just at (Rs 100) and all the milk Ice creams at (Rs 150) only!

Location: Sector 29, Gurgaon


5. Swad-e Ice Cream Rolls

The shop is bringing up another concept of having an Ice cream! Every Ice cream is servee in a spiral layer form which makes it even tastier and exciting to eat. It completely rests on the consumer’s courtesy to have the Ice creams in a cone, for which they will serve you the way you want!  You can enjoy any flavour in not more than (Rs150).

Location: Sector 15, Faridabad


6. Ice Pan Creamery

This place has evolved the concept of having an Ice cream, you can watch your order when it is prepared. Yes! They don’t dig those Ice cream containers with scoops and serve you one. They make it fresh, and there comes your order. The Ice creams are under (Rs 199) only.

Location: Dlf Phase 4, Gurgaon.


7. Haagen Dazs

Haagen Dazs is an international Ice cream chain. It has a rich atmosphere bearing those international Ice creams names. Classic fondue (Rs 1545) and European fondue (Rs 1845) are expertise by Haagen Dazs. The prices might dig deep into your pocket. The dessert parlour is estimated to be (Rs 700) for two.

Location: Saket, New Delhi.


8. Goosebumps

The menu is weighted from more than a fifty options. Also, they have created a ‘make your own concept’ under (Rs 250), that is- choose your own Ice cream and desirable mixers, and it will be mix on a frozen platform. So go! get your sweet experience customised!

Location: Karkardooma, New Delhi.


9. Giani’s

Giani’s will welcome you with natural flavoured Ice cream, stick Kulfis, Faluda and nutty variety and more. ‘Roselyn’ is a suggested one because of its rose flower taste which makes it stand out from other classic Ice creams. The cost for two is (Rs 400).

Location: Greater Kailash, New Delhi.


10. Kings Kulfi

As obvious with the name King’s Kulfi has magnificent options in its Kulfi section. Paan Kulfi has a refreshing taste and is highly recommended. You can always find the main classic flavours but, trying Kulfi at this Ice cream parlour is the must. Prices are all affordable i.e. 150 for two.

Location: DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon.


11. Ice Ninja

Chocó Berry is topping the best Ice cream list at the Ice Ninja. Chocó Berry is a beautiful blend of Ferrero Rocher and strawberries (Rs 180). They also offer a limited variety of shakes like Crazy Berry, Dark Fantasy, Oreo Mashup. The first choice of the customer is Thandai twister.  The average cost is (Rs 200) for two.

Location: Sector 50, Gurgaon


12. NiIce Cream

They have a great range of flavours; you can make your own Ice cream as well! All the Ice creams are prepared with liquid nitrogen technique, which gives you a flexibility to decide how much creamy or frozen you want the Ice cream to be. Suggested flavour: Water melo which costs (Rs 300) for two.

Location: HauzKhas Village


13. Movenpick

Movenpick is a renowned place for a different blend of Ice cream scoops. The classics revisited section has choices of Ice cream scoops and raw fruits presented in a glass, which makes Movenpick Ice creams tasty and healthy at the same time.

Location: Saket, New Delhi.


14. Giani’s Di Hatti

This dessert parlour will present you with Ice creams and North Indian delights. This is an old shop running in Chandni Chowk which is famous for its “Rabri Faluda”. Prices for two- (Rs 150).

Location: Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi.


15. Icy Fusion

Icy Fusion is an ordinary Ice cream parlour serving Ice cream with Chocolate, fruit, nutty and sundaes. The Ice creams are not much in style but are quite decent in taste. The cost for two is (Rs 350).

Location: Rohini, New Delhi.


16. Oh My Scoop!

It is an Ice cream and beverages shop. ‘Oh My Scoop’ has a giant variety of sundaes and thick milk shake. We have an 18-19 choice of flavour all under (Rs 60) and shakes are not more than (Rs 120).

Location: Sector 27, Noida.


17. Classic

It is a dessert and fast food shop introducing Ice cream sodas, Vanilla topped with the sauce of your choice and light snacks. Price for two-(Rs 250).

Location: PreetVihar, New Delhi.


18. Pabrai’s

You must have tried Indian flavoured sweets but not such Ice creams.T hen it’s time for you to step in Pabrai’s. The parlour serves all the Indian flavours, exotic flavours and spice flavours. Prices for two is  (Rs 200).

Location: Connaught Place, New Delhi.


19. Thanco’s Natural Ice cream

Thanco’s has a magnificent variety of waffles, slushes, sundaes and thick shakes and it  has a casual seating arranged. The expense for two is (Rs 200).

Location: Vijay Nagar, New Delhi.


20. Laxmi Ice cream

Soda with Ice cream, real fruit shakes, Faluda, regular and chocolate flavour Ice cream is what you will get at Laxmi Ice cream parlour in really less rates. Prices for two- (Rs 150).

Location: Delhi University, GTB Nagar.


So when are you going next for an Ice cream?