Samosa Mania–Top 20 Places In Chennai To Have This Ubiquitous Snack

Samosa Mania–Top 20 Places In Chennai To Have This Ubiquitous Snack

The crispy, spicy triangular snack is an all – time favourite amongst people of all age group. The Samosa with all its different fillings and coverings is a classic snack that can be had any day, any time.

Here are the best places in Chennai to satiate your samosa cravings!

1 Agarwal Bhavan, Sowcarpet

There’s something really special about the golden – brown Samosas you get here. Crispy on the outside and filled with spicy and delicious vegetables, the Samosas you get here will indubitably be the yummiest you will ever taste. The green chutney that is served along with the Samosa tastes fantastic and greatly improves the taste of the Samosa.


2 Ajnabi, Fountain Plaza

Samosa fans throng Ajnabi all around the year just for their amazing  Samosas. Known for its uniquely flavoured filling, this is one Samosa you definitely shouldn’t miss. Served with equally yummy red and green chutneys, it’s a perfect snack for any time of the day. The exterior is perfectly cooked and flaky.


3 Grand Sweets And Snacks

The Samosas served here are wildly popular for the South Indian twist in its flavour. Popular with both the young and old alike, do check out their delectable take on this snack! It tastes fabulous both with and without the usual sweet and spicy Chutneys.


4 Bombay Lassi, Ellis Road

Served on a charming leaf plate with a generous helping of sweet and savoury chutneys, the Samosas at Bombay Lassi are considered to be legendary in terms of flavour and texture. Try it out for yourself. It’s widely considered to be the best place to have delicious, authentic Samosas.


5 Tirunelveli Halwa Stall, Valluvar Kottam High Road

Famous for it’s the crunchy Samosas with a uniquely spiced filling, the Samosas here are freshly made and served twice a day. The flavours have been unchanged since its inception ! It’s been one of the most popular places to have a Samosa for the past 25 years. There are patrons that visit this little join on a daily basis!


6 Gangotree, Opposite Stella Maris College

The Samosas here have a delightful crunchy covering and a scrumptious filling with authentic Bengali flavours. The taste is sure to take you right to the streets of Kolkatta. The potato filling is delicately flavoured and absolutely delightful.


7 Hot Chips

The Samosas available here are very famous for their massive size and yummy fillings made with mashed potatoes and peas. The accompanying sweet chutney is equally delicious! Its served piping hot in the evenings. Enjoy it with a hot beverage of your choice!


8 Hotel Saravana Bhavan

The small but intensely flavourful samosas here are definitely not to be missed. They’re served fresh and hot along with amazing chutneys. Sometimes, they’re baked instead of deep fried. Eat it with ketchup for an interesting combination of flavours.


9 The Samosa Factory, Anna Nagar

The Samosas here certainly live up to its name and expectations. The Samosas available at The Samosa Factory are known for their flawlessly crunchy texture and incredibly delicious taste. The flavour of the filling is truly unmatched and unique.


10 Shree Mithai

If you ever feel like indulging in an amazing Samosa with rich, authentic flavours and texture, Shree Mithai is the place to be. The Samosas here are served piping hot, with sweet and savoury Chutneys that are absolutely delicious.


11 Hot Samosa, Mylapore

The Samosas here are freshly made everyday and served piping hot, true to their name. The delicious mixed vegetable filling is one of the best you’ll ever taste. Be sure to drop in if you’re ever in the area ! The covering is extremely crunchy and crispy.


12 Rajpal’s Street Snacks, Adayar

The Samosas here have a delectably flaky covering and a immensely flavourful, well – cooked and spicy filling. It’s a delight for all Samosa lovers ! Enjoy it with a cup of tea.


13 Chaat Haat, Besant Nagar

If you’re ever in Besant Nagar, do try out the incredibly delicious Samosas at Chaat Haat. The covering is crispy outside and delectably flaky inside. The filling is amazingly well cooked and flavourful.


14 Kailash Parbat

Kailash Parbat is an amazing place to have yummy Samosas with an authentic Punjabi flavor. The Samosas at Kailash Parbat are absolutely amazing. The Chutneys are also excellent and compliment the Samosas very well indeed.


15 Novelty Tea House

Made with the tastiest and freshest ingredients, the Samosas here at the Novelty Tea House are made according to the traditional recipe handed down through generations. It goes perfectly well with a cup of well- brewed Tea.


16 Mansukh’s

This place serves amazing Gujarati style Samosas that are golden brown in color and have perfectly cooked fillings made with mixed vegetables and delicate spices. Its served along with a wonderfully flavourful sweet Chutney that has a multitude of flavours.


17 Chatpate Chat, Neelankarai

The Samosas here are heavenly and are served fresh and hot. Do have it with the delicious
Chutney and fried green chilli that is  served along with it. It’s the perfect monsoon snack.


18 Adyar Anandha Bhavan

Crispy, golden brown and absolutely delicious, the Samosas served here at Adyar Anandha Bhavan famous for their yummy South Indian style fillings and crunchy, flaky exterior.


19 OSB Hot And Chaat, West Mambalam

The crispy Samosas served here are famous for their delightfully spicy and soft fillings. The crisp exterior of the Samosa adds a crunch to it and makes it the perfect accompaniment for a cup of steaming hot Tea.


20 Ranganathan Street

Check out the tiny, crispy Samosas sold by dozens of vendors in heaps and baskets. The spicy onion filling is simple yet delicious. One simply cannot eat just one. Though they’re a bit oily they’re simply heavenly and are perfect to satiate those snack cravings.