20 Best Places To Have Food In Manali

20 Best Places To Have Food In Manali (1)

Our beautiful earth has music for those who listen…. If we listen carefully, then we can hear them around us. Nature has gifted us with such music in the form of mesmerizing sceneries. One of such gift is “Manali,” a valley located in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. The enthralling Valley attracts tourists from around the corners of the world.  Be its pleasant cool months or heavy snowfall time; the valley has its unique charm for its visitors.

Few of the spots which attract the tourists are- Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley, Hadimba Devi Temple, Vasisth Temple, Chandrakant temple and much more.


When you visit a place, the first you look for is a good place to eat because a hearty meal gives you the ultimate happiness. Amidst the sceneries of the valley, the place has beautiful restaurants & cafes to eat. So along with its natural beauty, you can enjoy its different delicious food too.

1 Casa Bella Vista

It is a Spanish restaurant located in Log Huts Road, Off Old Manali Road. It is a Spanish vegetarian restaurant and is famous for its pizzas. Settings between thick pine woods, the place gives you a cozy feeling to enjoy a superb cup of coffee along with a cuisine from its wide range menu. Even if you don’t favor vegetarian dishes, once you taste Casa Bella dishes, we are sure you will fall for its flavors.


2 Johnson’s Cafe

Located on Circuit House Road, Siyal, Kullu, Manali. The place is one of the incredible establishments in Manali since 1917 and it unique for its comfortable feeling environment with a pleasant stay and multi cuisine restaurants. It’s said to be one of the best places to eat. The most recommended dish is the wood oven baked trout with roasted almond sauce. Moreover, the trout melted with various seasonal vegetables just gives you a heavenly feeling.


3 Fat Plate Cafe

“A cafe who’s food is its soul” for hunger begins in the stomach and ends at heart. Located in ShuruNaggar Road, Manali, the place is famous for its ambiance and the simple food which comprises of a variety of European and Indian cuisine. Sitting out in the garden surrounded by colorful flowers and eating gives an absolute contentment. The food is as delightful as the setting. The café bakes its bread, and most of its herbs are self-grown. The place maintains hygiene along with excellent catering.


4 Drifter’s Cafe

A place that must visit if you are in Manali. Its vibe is so enthralling that you would love to spend most of your time. Besides its continental and Indian cuisine, it has a varied range of picks for you to keep you entertained. You pick your choice- board games, free Wifi, lounge around with a book or listen to some soothing music, the café promise to give you the comfort of your desire. And it doesn’t make you rush. So if you want to spend a hassle-free day along with some good food Drifter’s Cafe is the right choice for you which is on Manu Temple Road, Old Manali.


5 The Lazy Dog Lounge

Good food and good music don’t it cheer up everything. Well…. If you love to enjoy your meal, then visit Lazy dog lounge where along with the yummy food you get to enjoy live music too.  Just like its name, a perfect ambiance to grab some bite and have some lazy time. Slump into a comfortable bean bag, grab its plethora of cocktails and mocktails. The best to be eaten here is its cheese, love pizza, and veg penne pasta. Located in the Manu temple road, village Old Manali the place fascinated its visitors with live music and westernized food items and of course the comfortability.


6 Born Free Cafe

Once you step into the restaurant, you will know why it is named so. It gives you the ultimate freedom to have some relaxing time. You want to have a quality time with your friend over a cup of coffee or enjoy some fantastic Indian/American/ Mediterranean/ Asian cuisines or spent some quality time with yourself over a drink, Born free gives you the ultimate freedom. The owner himself is a lover of liberty and traveling, the concept of Born free is enjoying freedom. It has been reviewed to be most friendly cafe. So, don’t miss to be there.


7 Pizza Olive Manali

What can be better than a mixture of good food and great ambiance?  You will love with their pizza which is thin crust, deep on the profound and crunchy on the side with great flavored cheese, spices, and veggies. Located in Old Manali, Village Shuru, Main Manali Road, The place a perfect exterior with the comfortable sitting arrangement to enjoy your meal starting from pizzas to pancakes


8 Mount View Restaurant

Facing the mountains just to the east of it on Mall road, the place is must to have a meal. Easily accessible, the restaurant has a full range of Tibetian, Chinese & vegetarian-friendly cuisines. What can be better in a cold place to have a hot & spicy bowl of thuppa or chopsticks or a steaming bowl of soup with fresh vegetables? The restaurant is reviewed to be considerable rates and a satisfying quantity.


9 Honey Hut

Roaming on the streets on Manali Mall road and you crave for a cup of hot coffee, just by the street is Honey Hut café. The place is so appealing that you can’t leave without tasting its deserts. Be it an apple pie or chocolate cake or donuts or truffles or a sandwich; the place serves you all finger licking yummy items. A small area with a comfortable sitting arrangement, the honey hut is the right choice to enjoy some coffee and deserts.


10 Rose Garden

Manali is so fascinating that the valley wraps us in its beauty and the food over here is a cherry on its top. Along with its sights, the place also has fabulous restaurants/cafe to enjoy different cuisines. Rose Garden is one of such restaurant that one should visit while in Manali, located on the way to Vashisht Temples. Grab seat of your choice and enjoy the scenery and have a deep bite.


11 Chopsticks Restaurant

Located on the Mall Road, Manali and offers a varied range of breakfast, snacks and casual meals from its extensive menu featuring Tibetan, Chinese, and Japanese and Continental dishes. The chef’s specialties include Sha- Baley among the Tibetian, Mizutaki, and Sukiyaki among Japanese and Hooku soup among Chinese. It is one of the best places, and you should never miss enjoying its meal.


12 The Oven In The Garden

Located in the Rohtang road, Kanchikoot, Manali, this restaurant is known for its hospitality. Even the food served gives you the authentic taste of Italian delicacies. The burst of flavor put on your plate will make you fall in this place. It also has the outdoor sitting arrangement with an outdoor oven as well for preparing traditional dishes and pizzas.


13 Mom’s Kitchen

Nothing in the world is better than your mom made food. The magic of mom’s food is exceptional. Well…. Mom’s Kitchen will give you that unique taste. Momo’s dipped in different sauces, pizzas with various toppings. Juicy burgers or matar paneer, hot roti with kheer, this restaurant will make sure that you visit them again. It’s a kitchen that cooks with love. The chef especially takes care of everything and makes sure that you leave with a pleased smile.


14 Corner House

Wish to take a turn, have some French fries and a cup of cappuccino or a hot plate of momo or a plate of cheesy pasta, The Corner house is the exact place in The Mall, Manali where you can grab some time with your friends & family. The Cafe serves Tibetian, Chinese, Asian and Thai food and has a cozy ambiance and warm cordiality.


15 Cafe Amigos

Located in Circuit House Rd, Manali, Cafe Amigos is a vegetarian-friendly cafe which serves yummy deserts along with other dishes too. The delicious taste of its food items will make you fall in the place. The staff has a friendly behavior which adds like a cherry on the cake. It’s never too late too late to visit a beautiful place. So, tag it in your list.


16 La Plage Restaurant

It is a French & vegetarian-friendly restaurant located on Club House Road, Old Manali Village. Right from its entrance, the place gives an exotic feeling. With classy interiors and furniture and a beautiful garden, for once everyone should visit this place to enjoy the incredulous delicious cuisines. It is one of the luxurious restaurants in Manali and an ideal location for a family brunch.


17 IlForno

The best part of most of the restaurants in Manali is that the vegetables are mostly freshly cooked from its garden, Il Forno being one of them. The place is located on Hadimba Road at a distance of 1.5km from Mall Road and is known for its architectural significance which survived from the ravages from the Kangra Earthquake of 1905. It specializes in Wood fired over pizzas and Calzones along with other traditional Italian dishes.  You will love both the ambiance and the food and is a suggested restaurant to visit.


18 Cafe 1947

As its name is its specialty, the restaurant is named after the independence of India and is the 1st Music Cafe in Old Manali. The riverside view gives a perfect ambiance to it. You can also play its instrument for your amusement. The place is famous with its dishes name like Burger of Bodom, VEGETA, UFO (pizza). Metalica (the pasta). All items like its names are unique and delicious. A cafe that should be visited once when you are in Manali.


19 Adarsh Restaurant

Now this is a must name in your list. If you are in Manali, then Adarsh Restaurant has one to be one your choice. It is one of the oldest restaurants located on the Mall Road famous for its service, cleanliness and trout fish dishes. With reasonable price range, the restaurant gives a satisfying meal. It is one most visited restaurant by tourist, and everyone has given thumbs up.


20 Green Forest Cafe And House

If you are in Manali and wish you have some great momos then you should visit Green Forest Cafe. The cafe serves other Chinese, Asian & Tibetian Items but is best known for their momos. The food is as refreshing as the Valley is. Located near log huts area in Manali on the way towards Hadimba temple, the place will never let you down. It has to be on your list.


Next time you make a trip to Manali, you have the entire list to grab a bite in few of the best restaurants and cafes out there.