Top 20 Places To Have Coffee In India

Top 20 Places To Have Coffee In India

Coffee is one thing that almost every one of the current generation requires for starting their day. It is a beverage prepared by using coffee powder obtained from the coffee beans which are grounded and mixed with hot water and milk if needed. The aroma that the coffee gives out when brewed is the best and one of a kind. A healthy dosage of caffeine is always vital to our health and can boost our metabolism and help us stay awake when necessary. India has its coffee plantation on a large scale and exports it to other countries.

1. Cafe Coffee Day

This shop is one of the most popular hangout spots among the youngsters of this generation. As the name suggests, this cafe is known for their coffee. Apart from that, they have snacks and desserts to accompany the coffee. You can find this shop in different places in India. Many college students prefer hanging out in this cafe as the environment, and the mood of this place is favourable to their tastes and style. They serve different types of coffee, and all of them are equally delicious. This place is a bit expensive, but you can always visit this place no matter what.


2. Brewberry’s Cafe

Located in the city of  Gurgaon, this cafe serves one of the best coffees in Gurgaon. The most popular beverages are Cafe Latte and Cafe Mocha. Along with these drinks they also serve Indian and American food which is absolutely mouth watering. The best part is that all these dishes are reasonable priced. To find such a reasonably priced place that serves such amazing food is hard to find. One of the places that you must visit in Gurgaon if you are a coffee lover.


3. Hotel Saravana Bhavan

A South Indian chain hotel which is known for their pure vegetarian food located in Chennai. This restaurant serves not only South Indian but also North Indian. Coffee is an integral part of the South Indian cuisine, and the coffee from this place is the best. Filter coffee is served hot in a small steel tumbler and placed inside a tiny vessel where they can chill the coffee and drink it. Though this place has many branches all over India, the coffee tastes best in Chennai. The best time to have it is around the breakfast time and noon time. You cannot miss out on this refreshing coffee.


4. United Coffee House

Located in the busy streets of Delhi, this shop has its decoration in the Victorian style. It is one of the oldest coffee shops in Delhi, and they also serve snacks and other variety dishes that you can have. They serve Kona coffee which is which has been existing since the time this shop opened and is one of the best. This place is a bit small and congested, but the food and the in particular coffee make it worth your time and day.


5. Bizi Bean Coffee

Located at the entrance of the South point Mall in Gurgaon, this shop is quite well known for the coffee that they serve. They know their way around coffees. Their variety of coffees will leave you stumped, and you will feel like craving more of these delicious beverages. You can choose you the type of beans you want and watch them ground and roast it in front of you. This place is a bit on the higher side of the pocket, but it is worth the amount you spend here.


6. Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks is an American shop with branches all over the world. They are incredibly famous for their coffee varieties, which are aromatic and refreshing. They have an Americano coffee which doesn’t make use of milk like the ones in South India do. Their collection is entirely different, and the taste will blow your mind. Though this place is a bit pricey, you should visit it to have a taste of the different coffees served everywhere around the world. They also serve food to go with the coffee. In India, they serve different kinds of Indian food to go with it. This coffee shop cannot be missed in India if you are a coffee lover.


7. Matteo

Located in Bangalore, this shop is one of the hangout spots for the locals of the city. It is popular among many of the youngsters of this day and age.  Their cold coffees are the best, and you can find the prices at a reasonable rate. They also serve a variety of fast food to go with it. The ambiance of this place is beautiful and perfect for chilling out with friends also family.


8. Kunzum Travel

Located in Delhi, this cafe aimed at those people who love traveling and sightseeing. The cafe stands out from the other coffee cafes. The main reason is that this cafe allows you to pay as you like for the beverages that you ordered. They just have to drop the money off before the exit, and then you can leave. you can find only coffee and tea with come biscuits in the place. The coffees are so refreshing that they will help you get through the day. This ambience of this place is lovely, and you can pin up pictures of the place you wish to go.


9. Adyar Ananda Bhavan

Located in Chennai, this store is mainly known for their sweets and snacks. They have a different collection of them and are mouth watering. They also have chaat, breakfast, lunch, and dinner items on the menu. You many think why you would want to go to place in the morning? The reason is that they serve mind blowing filter coffee which is a favourite of many locals of Chennai and Tamil Nadu as a whole. They serve the coffee hot in a small tumbler placed inside a vessel, and you can use it to chill your coffee. Recently this shop has upped their prices by a bit, but you cannot miss out on it.


10. Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee is one of the places that you must visit if you want to have a coffee break. This shop is British company which spread its wings to different locations around the world. The shop stands out for having a different variety of beverages. They have their roastery where they make their coffee powder from the coffee beans. They also serve food here. They have a loyalty card which adds points to it every time you make a purchase at a Costa Coffee branch, and you can redeem this points also. Though this place might be a bit expensive, the coffee made out of the roasted beans is the best, and the aromatic fragrance that you should not miss.


11. Kumbakonam Degree Coffee

Kumbakonam is famed in Tamil Nadu for having one of the filter coffees. This coffee became popular when this district was under the British rule. The reason this coffee is famous is that they use cow’s milk without adulterants of any sort and in its purest form possible. They also make use of chicory, which was pronounced differently by the Tamil people and it finally transformed to be Degree. This coffee is usually very bitter and tastes good when it is bitter, but if you prefer to have it sweet, then you can always add sugar to it. This shop has many outlets in Tamil Nadu, but it will taste best only if you have it in Kumbakonam.


12. Brahmins Coffee Bar

Located in Bangalore, this place is well known for their breakfast and their vegetarian food. If you live in Bangalore and don’t visit this shop, you are clearly missing out on something great. They have mouth-wateringidlis which are so soft that the idliwill disappear the moment you take a bite. They have a variety of South Indian breakfast dishes that you cannot miss out. This place is very cheap, and you can have a filling breakfast with a lot of quantity. The coffee in this shop cannot be forgotten. The coffee served hot in a small glass tumbler which is bitter to the right amounts is refreshing and will snap you out of the early morning blues.


13. Prithvi Cafe

located in the Prithvi Theatre Mumbai, this cafe is known for their coffees. They are frequented by many celebrities as the location is inside the theatre. They have amazing fast food that you can have reasonable prices. The coffees are a delight that you must have when you come here; they provide outdoor seating where you can have the taste of the coffee in the fresh air.


14. Beyond Coffee

Located in the high-end area of Hyderabad, this restaurant is known for their coffees as the name suggests. They also serve food from different cuisines. You can visit this place for a quick snack and coffee break. The ambiance is lovely, and there is a beautiful view that you can look forward to when you visit this place. The prices are very reasonable considering the location where you find this restaurant.


15. Kalmane Coffee

They are famous for their coffees, and they have many branches in Chennai. They have different flavoured coffees, which are tasty and they will blow your mind. They serve not only beverages but also thick shakes which are coffee flavoured. The best hangout spot for those who love coffees. You will have a great time here with the coffees as they will energize you. The prices are quite reasonable for the quantity that they offer.


16. Theobroma

Located in Mumbai, this place is well known for desserts and is frequented by those who have a sweet tooth. What people don’t know about this place is that they have one of the best coffees in the city. They serve different types of beverages that can accompany the dessert. This place gets crowded very fast, but the service takes very little time and you can have your delicious desserts and coffee. This place is one of the few dessert places that offers mind-blowing breakfast options in the morning. Reasonable prices for the quality of food beverages that you get.


17. Heart Cup Coffee

Located in Hyderabad, this restaurant is a bit on the higher side of the pocket, but the food that they serve makes up for it. The coffee in this restaurant will leave you craving for more. They have different varieties that you should try.


18. Cafe Noir

You can find this cafe in the busy streets of Bangalore. The cafe is known to serve to drool worth French food and coffee which you can get any time of the day. The cappuccino of this place is quite good and is a must have if you are a coffee lover. The ambiance and the service of this cafe are lovely and exemplary. Though this place is a bit expensive, the food and coffee in the restaurant make it worthwhile.


19. Kashi Art Cafe

One of the best places to have coffee in Kochi which is in Kerala. The must try coffee in this cafe is the coconut milk cold coffee, which makes use of coconut milk instead of normal milk. You can find many foreigners and youngsters here. They serve European style food which is tasty. the cost is on the lighter side of the pocket, and you will have a good time in this place.


20. Kaficko

Another cafe that you can find in the high-end area of Hyderabad. They serve food from different cuisines, and they will make your mouth water. they interiors of this place are cosy and comfortable. the cold coffees in this restaurant is a must have, and you cannot miss it. The pricing of this cafe might be higher side of the pocket, but the cold coffee and the food will make it worth your time.