Top 20 Dishes To Try This Christmas

Top 20 Dishes To Try This Christmas


Shahi Tukda

Shahi Tukda also known as the Double Ka Method is one of the famous Desserts in Urdu Hyderabadi cuisine. Many believe that this royal dish is descended from the royal Mughal empire menu. And it really gives a royal touch to our taste buds in every single bite we take. It’s prepared by a bread Pudding which is a savory steamed Dish made with Suet and Flour, also crunchy Bread toasts are topped with yummy condensed milk or you can say Rabdi. It is garnished with aromatic Saffron and Cardamom along with Nuts.


Sweet Vermicelli

A very tasty sweet dish named Sweet Vermicelli is also known as Meethi Semiya in which you find the quantity of Ghee and Sugar is minimal. Also, Food Color is not added in this wonderful sweet dish. It is a very famous north Indian sweet. It is garnished with aromatic Saffron and Cardamom along with Nuts.


Semiya Biryani

It is a simple yet tasty Biryani. It is easy to make and awesome in taste. This amazing, easy Biryani is less spicy and goes well with Mint Raita and with Pyaaz Raita as well.


Indian Style Pasta

It is  also known as Desi Masala Pasta. It is especially prepared for spice-lovers. It is made with Onion-Tomato paste. Boiled soft Pasta is dipped in yummy tango-flavored gravy. Best to have this Christmas.



Yummy Butter Cookies commonly known as Nankhatai are best snacks to have this Christmas. This is good to serve your guests this coming festival.


Baked Lemon Chicken

It is an amazing dish to have this Christmas. It is a sizzling hot spicy Chicken especially for Spice-lovers. An American style dish with Indian tadka is all you need to eat this festival.


Sesame Chicken

It is an Indo-Chinese dish garnished with Sesame and filled with Chili Sauce, Soya Sauce. it is very yummy and best to have this Christmas.


Palak Gosht

This is  yummy dish, especially for those who prefer fewer spices. Roasted Chicken is dipped in delicious Palak Puree and garnished with Mint Leaves. Its Mint flavor is totally amazing. You must try this dish.


Broccoli Manchurian

This dish is totally amazing as it has a Chinese touch with Indian tadka. Goes well with Fried Rice and Roti. Its taste is out of the world. This dish is totally amazing, yes totally.


Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani

It is a scrumptious dish with lots of Spices and some Meat and Vegetables. This dish has crispy soft combination. Crisp roasted Chicken with a tangy flavor is mixed with rice and again cooked and mixed thoroughly to absorb the aroma. It has an amazing taste.


Broccoli Carrot Masala Vada

Masala Vada is very famous in many parts of India. Broccoli Masala Vada is a special category of Masala Vada. This dish is best to have as a snack. It is eEasy to make tasty.


Broccoli Pulao

The aroma of this dish is simply amazing. It has a mouth watering quality. It goes well with Gravy, Chicken or gravy Manchurian. It tastes amazingly well.


Shrimp Biryani

Shrimp Biryani has its own special category as its special touch is its Seafood category. It’s a traditional Indian dish prepared with layers of Spices. It is especially made for Spice lovers.


Crispy Fried Calamari

It is a best evening snack to have and serve to your dear guests. It is deep fried Squid Rings coated with Flour. It can be prepared specially for seafood-lovers.


Keerai Masiyal With Paruppu

A south Indian dish is all you need to have this Christmas to rock your loving festival. This dish can be made with any kind of Green Daal. It is easy to make and has awesome taste.


Mushroom Soya Biryani

Deep fried Mushroom is mixed with Basmati rice and cooked. It is garnished with Veggies and finely chopped Tomato and Coriander. It has an amazing aroma. It goes well with Panneer.


Doodhi Ka Halwa

Tasty Bottle Gourd is made with boiled Bottle Gourd mixed with condensed Milk. It is garnished with Dry Fruits and Nuts.It has a scrumptious taste.


Zarda Rice

Royal looking Zarda rice is a very famous Lucknow dish. It is also known as “Nawabs Zarda Rice”. It has a royal taste. It is  a sweet rice garnished with Nuts.



Akkaravadisal also known as Akkara Adisil is a traditional Iyengar specialty. This recipe uses jaggery. It has its own unique flavor and taste. Its texture is also different.


Ironbark Pumpkin

This amazing dish is ultimate. It’s best to have for this Christmas festive season. It has mouth-watering taste and has modern touch.

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