20 Places To Get The Best Drinks In Mumbai!

Best Places To Get The Drinks In Mumbai!



Baroke is a fine drinking place which is quite popular in the city. The pub is known for its Bollywood tracks, which are quite frequently played here. The interiors are great, and the food is pretty amazing too. This is a place all Bollywood buffs should visit.




The name is derived from the liveliness of the pub, for  which it is famous. Other than the spectacular lightings here, the pub is frequented by youngsters for the amazing music and food.  You get a few great Signature drinks here, which is indeed amazing. Plus, the food here is a collection of flavours from all over the world.


The Blue Frog

The Blue Frog is in the list of most frequented drinking destinations in the city. Other than the interiors which are unique, the pub is known for hosting live musical gigs often. Other than musical performances, they host stand-up comedy nights too. Some of their best dishes here are the Chicken Wings and the Burnt Garlic Pepper Shrimp.



This place is a total party place for all of you party animals. The coordinated lights and beats will surely uplift your spirits here. The ambiance is even spectacular. If you need a place to dance, then this is a great place to be.


F Lounge

This pub is situated in a great location and has an amazing ambiance, making it a must visit. They are famous for their Veg Cigar Rolls which are served in a shot glass. They are also known to host famous celebrity parties in the city. So visit this pub for some great fun.



As the name suggests, the place is all about giving you the ultimate royal feel. The luxurious decor and furniture along with the lavish VIP sections surely do justice to its name. In fact, you’ll find some popular DJ spinning tracks, for you to groove on.



Trilogy, other than being famous for a lively atmosphere is also known for its spacious interiors which enable huge crowds to party. The pub has multi-level dance floors, which allows a lot of people to dance at the same time. The pub is so popular that is frequented by well-known celebrities too.


Tilt All Day

The bar serves amazing food. They don’t have a certain limitation of the menu to one particular cuisine, as they serve a wide variety of options. You can find Pasta, Burgers, Sizzlers here. The Wine menu is also quite extravagant.


Li Bai

Li Bai is known for the spectacular ambience and the aesthetic of the pub. The impressive decor surely impresses its customers which is why this pub is full most of the times. The pub also is known to provide a spectacular view of the city.


Leopold Cafe

The infamous cafe, without which this list wouldn’t be complete is the Leopold Cafe. It had been popular earlier, but after the 26/11 incident, it has now become a tourist destination in the city. A trip to Mumbai is incomplete until you have visited this cafe. They serve some delicious dishes here. Other than food which is moderately priced.



Boveda, other than serving spirits and wines, is also known for its great music. So if you want a bite of some amazing Pizza and Wine at the same time, then this is just the perfect place to end up at.


Cafe Mondegar

This cafe is popular for the infamous caricatures and graffiti art by famous artist Mario Miranda, which makes this cafe unique. This is the perfect place to visit if you want to enjoy great food with music playing from a vintage jukebox.


The Irish House

The Irish House is a famous chain which is all over the major cities in India. The popularity of this place is owing to its great food menu. Plus, they play some great music.


Hard Rock Cafe

The infamous chain of Hard Rock Cafe could not be just ignored from this list. This is a classic old school place to visit definitely for live gigs and drinks. Hard Rock Cafe is a necessary visit if you are in the city.


Colaba Social

Another usual favourite for all is the Socials in Mumbai. It is a part cafe and a pub also. It is known for its quirky interiors and unique dishes. Also, they serve some of the best cocktails in town. One of their special cocktails is even in fact named after a famous Fink Floyd song. Other than that, the food is quite great too. Try the Laksa and the Pancakes, while you’re here.


H2o Liquid Lounge

The neon lights over here are known to be a great addition to this pub, which is indeed relaxing. There are seven zones in this pub, all of which are different from one another.


Polly Esther’s

This nightclub is a part of the Gordon House Hotel and is popular with people. If you are old school and love John Travolta and the disco legends, then this is where you should be on weekends.


Vie Lounge

If you want to enjoy the sunset view at Juhu beach with a great few drinks, then this is where you should end up.



Poison is known to attract a genuine crowd with its fancy features. You’ll find DJs playing great international music here, perfect for people who love to dance. In fact, this pub is popular with Bollywood celebrities also.



This is a part bar cum restaurant and attracts the kind of crowd who love a drink in their privacy. You’ll find a great stock of spirits and wines. Even the food menu is quite detailed and has dishes from all over Asia with a hint of French influence.