20 Preparations With Dal, You Must Try Today!

Best Preparations With Dal, Try out Today!

1.Dhaba Dal

The extremely popular dhaba dal has raw flavours straight out of rural India. The dhabas outside the city’s boundaries started selling this dal to truck drivers who would often have a meal while traveling across states. It is a simple lentil dish, usually urad dal cooked in a mixture of spices and tempered with butter and a tadka, before being served hot. There is barely anything like the flavours of this dish in any other recipe you’ve ever tasted.


Dal Tempered With Clay

This delicacy is cooked with an infusion of clay, to give it an aroma of earthiness. The special ingredient to cook this dish is the Kasoora Clay, which is cooked with masoor dal and rich spices. The dish is colloquially known as Marut Sikka.


Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani is another classic dhaba dish which has emerged to be a top quality dish in speciality restaurants. It is an all time- favourite dish, made by cooking urad dal in masala, cream and tomato puree. The dish is best served alongside butter naan and kebab.



Chole is also a type of dal since dal primarily means lentil. Chole is an important component of the Punjabi cuisine. Be it a side dish in Chole Bhature, or a regular curry to be alongside roti, a good plate of chole can make one craving for more. In Delhi, the popular street food Chole- Kulche bears true testimony of the love for Chole.


Maa Ki Dal

As lovely as it sounds, this is dal made by the mother. A recipe inspired by the Punjabi kitchen, it has similar flavours as that of other dishes of the same cuisine. The dish is made with black dal, yoghurt, butter, cream and mom’s love!



Rajma is a preparation made with kidney beans. The infamous dish Rajma Chawal is a household favourite and a vibrant dish with extraordinary flavours, yet easy to make.


Gujarati Dal

The Gujarati Dal is a yellow dal made with a certain blend of vegetables, spices peanuts. It is an everyday affair in Gujarati households. The type of dal usually used is the tur dal. The dish is best served hot, with rice and desi ghee on top.


Moong Dal With Fish Head

This Bengali dish is a beloved dish by many who love fish. The unique dish has the element of an entire fish head cooked with dal. The head is cut into two halves and cooked with the dal, giving the dal the juicy fishy flavours. This has a considerate amount of garlic in it, which is what is different about the dish than other preparations of dal in the Bengali cuisine.


Tadka Dal

Tadka dal is a simple dish, originating from Bengal. In this dish, channa daal is prepared with spices, vegetables, and coconut. The dish is necessarily cooked in mustard oil which gives the dal a unique fragrance and taste.


Panchratan Dal

There are a variety of lentils we love! So, if you are fighting over to decide which dal to prepare today, then the best of dals up to 5 types of lentils are cooked together to make this star of a dish. The lentils are seared in spices before being cooked and have the best of not both but all five worlds.


Chironji Ki Dal

Chironji ki dal is usually consumed during festivals, especially after long fasting schedules. This simple yet remarkable dish is prepared with chironji, which is spiced up with lavish Indian flavours! Try this now!



Aamti is an authentic yellow dal dish, straight from Maharashtra. It is prepared with yellow gram, kokkam, spices and mustard seeds and is an incredibly popular Marathi dish.


Panchmel Dal

This dish, from the land of Rajputs, is a blend of lentils with spices, cooked with generous amounts of desi ghee.


Dal Pakori

Here, in this dish, lentils are ground together in a mortar and pestle. A batter is prepared with chickpea flour, spices, and ground lentil mixture and is mixed well. Small balls are made from the batter and deep fried in oil. Perfect for evening, dal pakori and garam chai are a wonderful evening combination.


Moong Dal With Coconut And Bitter Gourd

This Bengali delicacy is a hit with mothers who want to feed their children bitter gourd. The dish involves cooking regular dal with coconut, mustard oil, panch phoron and bitter gourd. The flavour of the paanch phoron makes it a delectable item on the lunch menu. Children love to have it even if they dislike the bitter gourd. The bitter yet savoury curry is best served with steamed rice.


Dal Bati Churma

Rajasthan and Dal Bati Churma are synonymous. In this dish, dal and bati is served to the guest, and the bati is crushed to get to a rocky powder-like texture and eaten with dal topped with desi ghee.


Dal Khichdi

The easiest of them all, dal khichdi is prepared by cooking rice and dal instead of separately in a pressure cooker! Yes, it is that simple. You can occasionally throw in different spices other than the general salt and sugar. You can in fact even add vegetables. This dish is a very common dish served during festivals as it is an easy to make yet healthy and fulfilling dish for masses.


Dal Fry

Dal Fry is the first item on any Indian menu card. A simple dal dish is tempered with a variety of masalas and onion and garlic, giving the dish an extra edge and this dish its popularity.


Dal Ki Achaar

Dal ki achaar is a kind of pickle made with dal as the main component. Here, the moong dal is boiled, dried and then fried. It is then marinated with masalas and syrups and set in the sun. The final product is then poured into jars. It can be served with roti, which will make you not want any other dish to be served.


Dal Kachori

Dal Kachori is a kachori which has a dal batter filling inside. Each bite gives you a mouthful of lentils and various textures and flavours.