20 Best Restaurants To Hangout In Indore


1. Kebabsville- Sayaji Hotel

Kebabsville in Vijay Nagar is a prosperous restaurant. The place offers live music, buffet, barbecue, outdoor seating. Their menu consists of starters, soups, salads, exotic Meat, Dal, Biryani, Rice, Chinese, Indian Desserts and baked Desserts. It is the best place in the town for Sunday Brunch. It is a clean place.


2. The Cube- Hotel Effotel

The Cube is a part of Hotel Effotel in Vijay Nagar. It is a modern European restaurant. It is a well-lit and well-ventilated place. The decor is very sophisticated. They give a free Cake on birthdays.


3. Waffle House

Waffle House in Vijay Nagar is a cafe that serves fast food. The place has amazing indoor games. The best thing about the place is the quirky kinds of Waffles they offer. They have cheese burst Waffles, barbecue cottage cheese Waffles, crepe Waffles, Asian prawn Waffles, blueberry roasted chicken Waffles and so on. It is a big place that has a variety of games likes Jenga, chess, carrom. It also has books.

Waffle House

4. Mama Loca

Mama Loca is in Princess Centre, New Palasia. The place offers Greek and Lebanese cuisine. The interior is breathtakingly beautiful. Their sizzlers especially Pimento Fish Sizzler is tasty. Their Almond Shake is creamy and nutty. The place is a little over-priced.


5. Mocha

Mocha is in Prakari Corporate Building, Race Course Area. Mocha is a cafe best known for its food and lives music sessions. They also screen live sports matches on their big screen. Mocha serves Indian, Continental, and Italian food. Their Mocha Brownie shake and thin crust Pizza are a must have.


6. Noor’s Kitchen

Noor’s Kitchen in Vijay Nagar is a small restaurant. The menu consists of Mughlai and North Indian dishes. The Mughlai food is authentic and full of taste. Their rolls are pretty famous. They accept orders at late nights. Their Murg Malai Makhanwala is a must have.


7. Mangosteen Café

Mangosteen Cafe is in Puspratna Solitaire, New Palasia. It offers only vegetarian food. The place gives free Wi-Fi, rooftop seating, and home delivery. It is a themed restaurant. The ambiance is very charming. The presentation of the food is top notch. Their menu consists of Italian, Mexican, and fast food items.


8. Gordhan Thal

Gordhan Thal is on the ground floor of Tulsi Tower, Geeta Bhawan. It is a Gujarati restaurant. The place offers vegetarian thalis. The service is quick. The staff is courteous.  Their thalis consist of Farsan, vegetables, Kadhi, Daal, Buttermilk, Roti, and desserts

gordhan thal

9. Square- Sayaji Hotel

Square is a part of Sayaji hotel in Vijay Nagar. The place has an elaborate buffet. Their menu consists of many exotic dishes. The ambiance is good. The staff is polite. It serves North Indian, Chinese and Italian food.


10. Panchvati Gaurav

Panchvati Gaurav has two outlets in Indore. They are in Malhar Mega Mall and Madhumilan Square. The place offers vegetarian Rajasthani and Gujarati food. Their ambiance is traditional. They have a thali system. The thali consists of Buttermilk, Sandwich Dhokla, Mutter pack, Seviya kheer, Mawa Coconut Halwa, Balor Muthiya, Methi Matar Malai, Aloo Rasewala, Gujarati kadhi, Moong Dal Khichdi, Methi Thepla, etc.


11. Mr. Beans

Mr. Beans is in Saket Old Palasia. It is a themed restaurant. It is a cafe which is known for great coffee. Its menu consists of French, Italian, and Fast Food items. It is very spacious and well lit. The cost for two is 800Rs. The place has a variety of Shakes and Waffles.

mr bean

12. Where’s My Burger

Where’s my Burger is in Sukh Shanti Nagar Bengali Square. It is a small place. It does not compromise on taste. It is cheap. The food is great. They serve Mexican, Chinese and Texan food. It is a fast food joint. Students hang out here because it is pocket-friendly. The Burger patty is crunchy. The Bun is soft and fresh. The Sauces used are flavorful.


13. Cafe Palette

Cafe Palette is in Saket Old Palasia. It has valet parking. It serves non vegetarian food. The place is known for its coffee. It has French, Chinese, Mexican, and Continental food. The staff is very amicable. The ambiance is refreshing. The place is very artistic.


14. Kyro

Kyro is in Gurmeet Nagar Bhawar Kuan. It serves North Indian, American, Continental, Chinese, Oriental, Thai, Mexican, Italian, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern dishes. Book a table in advance on weekends. It has WIFI, valet parking, nightlife, live music, live entertainment, separate smoking area, sports screening. The average cost for two is 1400Rs.


15. Vidorra

Vidorra is in Shekhar Center Palasia Square. It serves North Indian and Chinese cuisine. It has nightlife, and rooftop dining. The average cost for two is Rs 1200.


16. Lean Indulgence

Lean Indulgence is in Western Business Centre New Palasia. It serves Continental, Asian, North Indian, Fast Food, Health Food and French items. It has home delivery, smoking area, valet parking, and wifi. It has remarkable seafood. The prawns are tasty. The average cost for one person is 800Rs. The ambiance is good.


17. Nafees Restaurant

Nafees is in Apollo Avenue Old Palasia. It serves North Indian and Mughlai food. It is known for its Kebabs and Rice Biryanis. The ambiance is very pleasing.  They have the best Kulfi Falooda in town.


18. JAL- A Jungle Restaurant

Jal is in Khanda Road Bhanwar Kuan. It has home delivery, open seating, live sports screening, and a smoking area. It is very green and natural. The average cost for one is 400Rs. The quality of the food is good. The food tastes delicious.


19. Critical Mass- Sayaji Hotel

Critical Mass is a part of Sayaji Hotel. It is a fun place that you can visit with friends. The average cost for two is 1500 Rs. The place is good for music lovers.


20. Level 3

Level 3 is in Mangal City Mall Vijay Nagar. The place has North Indian, Chinese, Continental and Mughlai cuisine. The ambiance is good. It is very comfortable. The place has a good ambiance. The staff is polite.