20 Best Restaurants On The Hills Of Parasnath, Jharkhand

20 Best Restaurants on the Hills of Parasnath Jharkhand
20 Best Restaurants on the Hills of Parasnath Jharkhand

Located in the Giridih district of the Indian state of Jharkhand, India, Parasnath is the highest mountain point in Jharkhand in the Parasnath range. But it’s not is one of the most revered and holy sites for the giant community. It is a major crusade site. The place offers a very peaceful and religious atmosphere. It is one of the best scenic beauties that the state of Jharkhand has to offer. But it’s not who reflects the Santhali and Jain cultural heritage. The peaceful hills, beautiful temples surrounding, and a large number of colourful items being sold on the street stalls makes Parasnath a very enjoyable and beautiful place to visit. A trip to this fascinating place calls for a delicious and appetite-filling meal as well. Here is a list of the top 20 restaurants that you can enjoy on the hills of Parasnath.

1.Hotel Mahaveer

While on the mountain expedition one of the budget-friendly restaurants you can stop by is Hotel Mahaveer. Their food is super delicious, hygienic and most importantly friendly to your pocket. This serves the best Indian dishes and snacks in the locality. Their thalis start from as low as Rs. 70 only, but the quality and quantity are not at all compromised. They are a family restaurant that offered a very friendly ambience to enjoy your meal.

Location- Madhuban – Chirki Rd, Madhuban, Jharkhand 825108


2.Parasnath Bhojanalay

Parasnath Bhojanalay offers the best vegetarian food in the locality. The food tastes awesome and delicious at a very pocket-friendly price. The staff abides by all professional norms. They serve a wide variety of Indian breakfast and lunch meals like- dal, chutney, rice, curry vegetable of your choice and many more. You can also ask for refills without any restrictions. Their meals start from as low as Rs. 60.

Location- Shikharji, Parasnath, Madhuban, Jharkhand 825329


3.Prasad Hotel and Family Restaurant

This place is a Dhaba-cum-restaurant where you can stop by on your way to Parasnath or Topchachi. They offer a very friendly ambience where you can sit and enjoy your meals. They have some of the best fish dishes along with other Indian dishes. All of their meals are very delicious prepared in healthy, clean and hygienic conditions and the staff is very polite as well. They also provide very clean restrooms. The prices on their menu are very reasonable as well.

Location- NH19, Khairatura, Jharkhand 825167


4.Yadav Hotel

The aroma of the delicious Curry and chicken prepared inside the hotel lures in the air of the surrounding atmosphere of this restaurant. They serve authentic Indian cuisine, and their cooking methods are influenced by local tastes. They offer some of the best chicken and Curry dishes along with rice or roti and other accompaniments.

Location- X2JP+G5C, Isri Bazar, Dumri, Jharkhand 825167


5.RSR Fast and Fresh

The restaurant stands true to its name, fast and fresh. All their meals have fresh ingredients that are quickly prepared in a hygienic and clean kitchen. All of the food is flavourful, spicy and delicious at a pocket-friendly price.

Location- Sadanand Jha Railway market, Loco Bazar, Gomoh, Jharkhand 828401


6.Gaon Family Restaurant

This is one of the best family restaurants in the locality, serving delicious and authentic Indian meals at a very reasonable price. Their food quality is very superior and prepared in a very hygienic and clean kitchen. One of their special dishes is the scallops dish which is widely loved. The staff is very professional and knowledgeable and well behaved. The restaurant has a very modern, nice and peaceful ambience with a very gratifying seating facility.

Location- Old, Grand Trunk Rd, Chiraiya more, Dumri, Jharkhand 825106


7.Manpasand Restaurant

Built-in a very favourable location, Manpasand Restaurant is synonymous to cater to your delicious food cravings. It is the most trusted place, known to serve some of the best cuisines. Foodies in and around the restaurant’s location get to devour some of the most finger-licking dishes, at a very reasonable expense. It is one of the most renowned food places in Gomoh, Dhanbad.

Location- Naya Bazar, Khesmi, Gomoh, Jharkhand 828401


8.Shaan-E-Punjab Hotel

Located just beside the hills, Shaan-E-Punjab Hotel is built on a large area, serving you with hotel rooms, a restaurant as well as a big campus with a garden children’s park and parking space. The restaurant is built within nature and the ambience truly reflects the natural beauty of Parasnath. Their food is delirious, and the staff maintains a standard level of cleanliness and hygiene. The management at the restaurant is quite nice. The ambience offers you a perfect spot to get a lot of pictures clicked and have a wonderful time with your friends and family.

Location- Wild Life Sanctuary, Shaan e Punjab hotel, near Topchanchi, Topchanchi, Jharkhand 828402


9.Santosh Fast Food & Egg Centre

If you want to grab a quick san tasty snack on your way to the hills of Parasnath, Santosh Fast Food & Egg Centre is your spot. They serve some of the best delicious and spicy fast food items at a very pocket-friendly price. They prepare your ordered item very quickly and do not make you wait for too much to fill your appetite. The food is prepared in very hygienic conditions, serving you with taste as well as nourishment.

Location- 25V5+6V5, Chirki, Jharkhand 825108


10.Zaika Restaurant

They serve some of the best authentic North Indian dishes, with a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. All of their meals are quite tasty and you can enjoy them with your family at the place. The staff is very professional and warm. The ambience is quite friendly and the aroma of the delicious food will make you hungry and devour your dishes. Taste some amazing food at the pocket-friendly price!

Location- Plot no. 106, Old grand trunk road, Dumri, Jharkhand 825106


11.Rajasthani Hotel

Located conveniently on the NH- 2, Rajasthani Hotel serves you the best snacks and appetize-filling dishes on your way to the beautiful hills of Parasnath. The place serves some of the best vegetarian single looking dishes and the service and hospitality are quite nice. They maintain proper standards of hygiene and cleanliness, you can enjoy quality time with your friends and family at this place.

Location- Na, Sahubahiar, Jharkhand 828402


12.Hotel Johar Jharkhand

Located conveniently in the Topchanchi-Gomo area, Hotel Johar Jharkhand knows how to serve their customers with a tummy-filling delicious meal. The food here is very affordably priced, made in clean and hygienic conditions. The staff is also very friendly and the whole environment is quite homely.

Location- NH19, Montand, Jharkhand 828402


13.Hot Tandoori

As the name suggests, Hot Tandoori is a fast food joint that serves luscious tandoor items on the go. If you want to have some delicious kebabs, tandoori, chilli and rice items, Hot Tandoori is your spot. They are conveniently a stall, which serve your ordered items quite quickly. The spicy and aromatic dishes served here will surely lure you to try them once and come back for a second time!

Location- Near Kaveri Hotel, Isri Bazar, Isri, Jharkhand 825167


14.Red Chilli Restaurant

One of the best restaurants to serve vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals on Madhuban More, en route Parasnath. They are an open cafe-cum-restaurant whose service is quite commendable. Their food is also very delicious and clean. While on your way to Parasnath, you can enjoy your meals here with your family or friends.

Location- Khapebera, Chirki, Jharkhand 825108


15.Wasim Fast Food & Restaurant

This place serves many delicious fast food and quick meals to fill in your appetite on your way. The restaurant is not very fancy, but you will find the best and warm services from the staff.

Location- 825167, Sankardih, Jharkhand 825167


16.Ganinath Hotel

This hotel serves pure vegetarian and nutritionist food. The infrastructure is not very elaborate or fancy, but the owner and staff members are very friendly and professional. The food is prepared in hygienic conditions and follow nutritional values. The restaurant is located on Jharia road, on the way to Parasnath.

Location- Laxminia More jharia, Jharia Main Rd, Dhanbad, Jharkhand 828111


17.The Ashoka Resort

This please provide you with a restaurant facility, along with a huge garden and play area for children. The restaurant serves delicious north Indian cuisine. It has a large parking space available as well.

Location- Tirla more, near Toll-Tax, Bagodar


18.The Swad Restaurant

This is a local restaurant that has grown manifolds in recent years. The place is very nature-centred, having a beautiful open restaurant. The food here is amazing and delicious and the service is quite professional as well this place is a good photography spot for all the picture lovers!

Location- V5HC+33, Bhuianchitro, Jharkhand 828401


19.Hotel Nikhar

Built conveniently on the way to Parasnath, Hotel Nikhar offers premium quality lodging and fooding facilities. The food here is awesome and the staff service is very polite and professional. They have free parking, are centrally air-conditioned and are child friendly. A wide variety of cuisines are available at the restaurant at a very fair and reasonable price.

Location- Court Rd, New Barganda, Giridih, Jharkhand 815301


20.The Orbit Retreat

Located in Giridih, en route Parasnath, The Orbit Retreat is a great place for delicious food and luxury stay rooms. The service is quite premium. The ambience is very exorbitant, but the food is quite pocket-friendly. It is a very cosy and nice place for parties, dinners and corporate meetings as well.

Location- IMS Rd, near Kutiya Mandir, Paratdih, Giridih, Jharkhand 815301