20 Best Snack Corners In Chandigarh

20 Best Snack Corners In Chandigarh

Chandigarh-the fantasy city of India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. Composed by the French designer Le Corbusier, it is renowned as one of the best trials of urban arranging and present-day engineering in India. All things considered, the city is not only acclaimed for its pretty girls. Chandigarh has a stunning number of spots where you get truly modest lip-smacking nourishment. In this way, right away, here are a few places you ought to clearly go when the wallet is empty!

1. Garga Chat

In case you have visited Chandigarh for the first time, unquestionably try this one out. From crunchy golgapaas to fresh tikis, this place has it all. Gracious and not to overlook, the astonishing chutneys and the gol gappe ka paani.

Located at: SCO 34, Sector 23,

Taken a toll For One: Less Than Rs. 100


2. Block Firewood’s Pizza

A filling pizza for just Rs.100? Yes, you heard that privilege. The place cracking serves pizzas for only 100 bucks, and as indicated by a couple – on the off chance that you request additional fixing, “they give you by heart”.

Located at: 1, Sigma City, Zirakpur, Chandigarh

Taken a toll For One: Rs. 100 (without additional fixings)


3. Burger Point, Sector 32

Logo seems to be like Burger King? You won’t not be frustrated with the burgers either. What’s more, well, as per a commentator “their burgers turn out on finish when contrasted and McDonald’s, KFC, and so on.”.

Located at: Shop No. 348, Sector 32 D, Chandigarh

Cost: Rs. 100

burger point

4. The Indian Coffee House

Go to the abode for its feel. Has an inclination that you’ve done a reversal in time. An astounding knowledge in all faculties of the word. South Indian nourishment served on Bone China cutlery-this place is an unquestionable requirement attempt in case you are in Chandigarh.

Located at: SCO 12, Sector 17 C, Chandigarh

Taken a toll For One: Rs. 100

indian coffee

5. Gelato D’Italia, Sector 8

As per a few, the espresso here tastes much superior to CCD. The place is best to have a sandwich and taste on a decent hot espresso.

Located at: Booth 57, Sector 8 B, Chandigarh

Contact: +91 9803861905

Cost: Rs. 100


6. Amritsari Kulcha Hub, Sector 9

Delectable hot kulchas with an astounding sauce and acid onion chutney just valued at Rs. 40/plate. Arrive on time since this person comes up short on his sustenance before the place close between 9AM-4PM.

Located at: Booth 106-107, Sector 9 C, Chandigarh

Taken a toll For One: Rs. 80


7. Bole Di Hatti, Sector 44

What you should try at this place is the Rajma-Chawal, Kadhi-Chawal, Chana-chawal.

Located at: Sector 44 D, Chandigarh

Taken a toll For One: Less Than Rs. 100


8. Classic 44, Sector 37

Pastry shop Time! seating however. What of it?! You could remain outside and eat. Cheddar Patty and the chicken rolls are irresistible. The place is an astonishing alternative to get a snappy nibble.

Located at: 118, Sector 37 C, Chandigarh

Contact: 0172 2626193

Taken a toll For One: Less Than Rs. 100


9. Bawa Juice Corner, Sector 20

The place started as a joint shop that served lemonade also. Even though it’s been ages since the corner began, the lemonade just is by all accounts showing signs of improvement with time. So essentially, you recognize what to try here-The cracking lemon shake

Located at: Sector 20 D, SCO 55, Chandigarh

Cost: Less Than Rs. 100


10. Zaika By Sodhi

Commonplace fast food and road nourishment, the most suggested dish at this place is the Channa- Kulcha that costs around Rs. 50

Located at: Sector 46 C, Chandigarh

Taken a toll For One: Rs. 50


11. Fruit Cocktails

A juice amidst the city where you can appreciate wi-fi also (so they guarantee). The place is quite jammed in the nights. The Soda Lassi here is an unquestionable beverage that you must have.

Located at: Sector 44 C, Chandigarh

Taken a toll For One: Rs. 50


12. Raju Chinese Fast Food, Sector 23

Approve, you probably been believing that I haven’t specified Chinese till now! Ae Lo-Ji, Chinese hai. Make a beeline for Raju Chinese fast food in case you’re searching for one of the best road Chinese sustenance encounters of your life. Try not to pass by the span of this place. They have some ace culinary specialists whipping dishes that’ll take you back to this place over and over and once more.

Located at: Chandigarh, Sector 23

Taken a toll For One: This one may go a touch soak in case you’re going extravagant. Be that as it may, under 200!


13. Umeed, Sector Sitara(17)

Not the greatest of foundations, but rather appears like Chandigarh individuals adore this place. A little tuck-shop in area 17, the corner acts as a checkpoint for pedestrians for the chilled beverages and desserts.

Located at: Sector 17 Market, Chandigarh

Taken a toll For One: Less Than Rs. 100


14. Sindhi desserts

Chandigarh needing for good chhole bhature was outperformed here. Morning breakfast happened in here with chhole bhature and badami poori. If I discuss cleanliness, mood, taste, friendliness. This place nails it all. Would have wanted to eat and supper here however time crunch denied us of the open door.

Located at: SCO 108 and 109, Sector 17-C, Sector 17, Chandigarh

Contact: 0172 4667827

Known For

A sweet shop having numerous outlets in the tri-city, additionally known for their fast food


15. Bollywood Bites, Sector 32

If you are looking for a speedy dinner it’s your best choice. Another pocket-accommodating spot. They have the best burgers nearby and shakes are great as well. The pasta is likewise heavenly. They likewise have wraps and sandwiches. The cordiality is stunning.

Located at: 380, Sector 32, Chandigarh

Opening hours

Today 11 AM to 11 PM

Contact : 0172 6671015


16. Bikanervala, Sector 26, Chandigarh

The place to visit for Delhi style chhole bhature. Benefit has truly enhanced, and the place scores well for a speedy stop for desi khana. Loved their new combo gains although the glass of coke presented with the combos is a joke…being the serving size of the South Indian channel kapi dabra…enuff said! The pav bhaji was normal, yet kulfi Saluda n bhel were marvellous. Not awful for an under 250bux for every head lunch.

Contact :0172 6670925

Located at: SCO 60, Madhya Marg, Sector 26, Chandigarh


17. Anupam Sweets Sector 11, Panchkula

One fortunate thing about this place is that the taste has been consistent since last 20 odd years. Be it south Indian, north Indian or mainland, the taste has not changed much. The desserts are clearly one of the best in the town. Sustenance is likewise better than average. If you are looking for an atmosphere, this is not the place, but rather for sustenance, yes this is the perfect and most gone to put.

Located at: SCO 25, Sector 11, Panchkula

Contact :0172 2564641

0172 2585141

Opening hours

Today 7 AM to 10 PM

anupam sweets

18. Wah Ji Wah Sector 34

Wah Ji Wah is known for the assortment of soya chaps that they offer.

We requested an Afghani roll and Wah Ji Wah platter. The roll was delicate and contained chaps inside as filling. The platter was an amalgamation of various sorts of chips that they have. Although the assortment and taste savvy it’s great, there is just so much chap a man can have and in the wake of swallowing 2 – 3 piece, it sorts of stops to tangle your taste buds and begins resembling a staid dish.

The conveyance was on time however the things could be smidgen hotter

Located at: Shop 245, Sector 34 C, Sector 34, Chandigarh

waji wah

19. Gazab India, Sector 14, Panchkula

Take cordial family eatery, which serves great quality sustenance with great amount. Totally paisa wasool. Easily overlooked details like music, children zone, just adds to it. I like their Indian, Thali, biryani, kulcha n stuff. Visit for family suppers, or month-end feasting when you are left with a minor portion of your pay. No failure.

Located at: SCO 218 and 219, Sector 14, Panchkula

Contact 0172 2571333


20. Uttam Sweets And Bakers

Uttam desserts offers an assortment of Sweets, sandwiches, snacks, cakes and what not at truly sensible costs. In desserts, the rasmalai, Gulab jamun, rasgullas merit giving a shot. Aside from that, it additionally has slows down outside offering chow mein, gol gappas, talks and even faloodas. The Chow Mein offered is useful at the cost it comes-70 bucks for a full plate which effectively suffices for two individuals. General, it has parcel to offer with respect to amount, however the same can’t be said regarding the quality which better than expected.

Located at: SCO 65, Sector 46 C, Sector 46, Chandigarh

Opening hours

Today 6 AM to 11 PM

Contact 0172 5019007

0172 2632485