Top 20 Most Mouth-Watering Indian Sweet Dishes That You Should Try Right Away

Top 20 Most Mouth-Watering Indian Sweet Dishes That You Should Try Right Away

1.Elaneer Payasam

An exceptionally simple and brisk to-make variety of the conventional kheer, Elaneer Payasam is a well-known sweet in Kerala and southern Tamil Nadu. Produced using delicate coconut mash and dense drain, this remarkable readiness is an amazingly wonderful for a creation.



Bengali desserts are well known for their exceptional taste and Sarbhaja is a little known diamond in this amazing rundown. Indeed, even in Kolkata, there are only a modest bunch of shops that make this uncommon delicacy amid the Durga Puja celebration. Made totally from consolidated drain that has been pan fried, the super scrumptious Sarbhaja is unquestionably not for the calorie-cognizant.



This is a Marathi sweet pudding produced using the colostrum drain of a dairy animal. Steam cooked in a water shower, Kharwas basically softens in the principal nibble. Otherwise called Posu and Ginnu, this exceptional treat packs in a considerable measure of sustenance.


4.Gokak Karadantu

Karadantu, which means ‘browned consumable gum’ is one of a kind from the Gokak area of Karnataka. Fricasseed in ghee, karadantu is an exceptional and flavourful invention made of different dry fruits.


5.Parwal Mithai

A scrumptious sweet made of delicate cooked pointed gourds with a lusciously delicate khoya stuffing. Parwal Ki Mithai is a much cherished delicacy in Bihar. It is tastier than it appears.


6.Chena Poda

A quintessential cheddar dessert from Odisha, Chena Poda truly implies consumed cheddar – chena implies curds and poda implies consumed. Home-made curds stirred well along with dry fruits, at that point it is gradually heated till its turns to a wonderful brilliant dark colored shading. This sweet dish is just mesmerizing!


7.Ada Pradhaman

Kerala’s Onam festivities are incomplete without the inspiringly rich Ada Pradhaman. It is made with natively developed rice pieces (ada) and custard pearls (sago) cooked in a delectable blend of jaggery syrup and coconut drain. This is one customary sweet you just ought not miss.



Bebinca may not be the snappiest pastry to make but rather it’s completely lip-smacking. Carefully arranged with each layer being prepared independently, this customary Goan sweet is a cut of delicate, yummy goodness. Warm Bebinca with frozen yogurt is a blend hard to stand up to!



When one layer of a Bengali sweet is regularly enough to send you into foodie paradise, Raskadam is a sweet dish made of two wanton layers. The outside layer is made of delicate brittle khoya and powdered sugar while the internal layer is comprised of minor rasgullas. Go figure!



A wafer-like sweet made in Atreyapuram town. This dish is made with rice paper made in ghee and sugar. Loaded with jaggery and nuts in the centre, the numerous surfaces and heavenly flavors make this sweet as outwardly pacifying as delightful it is to eat.



This dish can probably make your mouth water in a jiffy. This sweet is best consumed along with a glass of buttermilk and is known to control body temperatures in the dry weathers.  Best consumed during summers.


12.Maa Vilakku

Maa vilakku is basically a rice flour light! It can be expended simply after an offering is made to the Gods. Comprised of a smooth, delicate batter of rice flour blended with jaggery and seasoned with cardamom powder.


13.Khas Khas Halwa

Khas Halwa is the cousin of customary suji ka halwa, just substantially more intriguing as far as flavour and texture is concerned. The brilliant shades of this rich, warm and nutritious dish produced using poppy seeds, will make your heart liquefy. Khas Halwa is generally made and eaten amid winter in North India.



A frothing and bubbling regular sweet that pleasures every eater with its flavour. It is famous in Varansi and other cities. Sweetmakers in Varanasi are truly able and sufficiently experienced to utilize crude drain, dew drops and a dash of cardamom flavoring to make these delicate, breezy desserts the best than the rest.



Deceptively delightful, Pitha is one of Assam’s most adored sweetmeats. An indispensable piece of Bihu festivities. It mainly contains rice, carrot, potato and green peas. This is one of the most mouth-watering dish that will make you crave for it.


16.Purnam burelu

Purnam Burelu are sweet dumplings made particularly amid Sankranti, Ganesh Chaturthi and Dusshera celebration in the Andhra regions. Cooked as an offering to gods, it is made by forming stuffing with the help of chana dal and jaggery that is plunged in the dosa and rotisserie to a brilliant dark colored shading. A bubbly liberality not to be missed!


17.Naap Naang

Naap Naang is an extremely special and delightful sweet dish made in Nagaland. A pudding produced using dark sticky rice. It is loaded with fiber and can be devoured even by diabetics. This is on the grounds that dark sticky rice is an intricate starch that gradually discharges sugar on absorption.



Patoleo is a remarkable, fragrant, steamed sweet made by spreading rice glue over a turmeric leaf and new ground coconut. A much-relished conventional delicacy, this solid treat is made amid the rainstorm months in Goa.


19.Madhurjaan Thongba

Madhurjan Thonbga is a Manipuri Athoomba or sweet. Sweet besan dumplings are dropped in thickened sweetened drain that has been enhanced with inlet leaves and cardamom. Served warm with an enhancement of ground coconut, this Manipuri delicacy is a must try.


20.Sel Roti

Sikkim’s Sel Rotis are firm rice doughnuts that can satiate even the sweetest tooth. The delicate surface of the inside supplements and the crunchiness on the outside is indication flawlessly to make a treat which is totally delightful. This customary sweet is additionally broadly eaten in Nepal.