20 Out Of The Box Chinese Dishes You Didn’t Know About

20 Out Of The Box Chinese Dishes You Didn’t Know About

I have always, always confined myself to noodles, spring rolls (all time favorite), chilly honey potatoes and a few more clichéd dishes that suit my Indian palate. I’m pretty confident that I’m not the only one who is looking out for these popular Chinese dishes in a restaurant. These dishes have made space in our stomach for sure, but it’s high time that we explore our taste buds. We need to go on an adventure with the chilliest fish or the sweetest sauce and travel the roller coaster that has been awaiting us for long.

These are the 20 out of the box Chinese dishes that you didn’t know about and have to try already.

1. Honey Cauliflower

Get rid of the chilly honey potato and go for a more adventurous dish. It’ll break your routine of attacking the potatoes, almost always. Versatile in taste, being an easy dish, you can Google the recipe and make it at home. For a perfect display of this adventure, head off to THE BREW MASTER, Moments Mall, Kirti Nagar.


2. Vegetables In Plum Sauce

Almost an unbelievable combination for me, Plum being a sweet and sour fruit along with independent tastes of the vegetables seems heavenly. This is on top of my TO TRY list and I’ll soon be heading off to CHINA GARDEN in Connaught place to be able to realize that if there is a perfect combination, it has to be this.


3. Surprise Dumplings

As the name suggests, you get an opportunity to stand apart from the basic vegetable dumplings for here, Chinese cuisine offers something more than the routine momos as we call them. There can be a strong intensity of surprise associated because the dumplings can carry anything from chocolate to dry fruits! You can head to SPEZIA BISTRO in Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar.surprise-dumplings

4. Pumpkin And Morning Glory Stir Fry

Pumpkin and morning glory are a tough combination to expertise. This dish has can make your mouth water for its taste. Not only can you find this at the authentic Chinese restaurants but you can also give it a shot by ordering morning glory online from naturesbasket.co.in. So go and awake the Master Chef in you!


5. Jasmine Tea Rice

I was taken by surprise for the combination seemed amazingly strange. For cooking rice in tea is a very out of the box idea indeed which would not only give the fragrance of jasmine which will make it even tastier, but also soak in its flavors.


6. Soya Dumplings In Tomato Sauce

For those who only thought of soya dumplings because their gym trainer had told them to, this is a dish you won’t mind of dreaming. The combination of soya along with tomato sauce not only gives a though that’ll be tummy filling but also the imagery of some experiment done there.


7. Hot And Sour Fish

Hot and sour soup has gone way too out of fashion. It’s time to explore the flavor with a better base. For all those non vegetarians out there, you’re up for a treat here. The only place I could locate this delicacy was in SILK, Sector 31, Faridabad.


8. Pressed Tofu With Vermicilli

For the fan of tofu, how could I have not incorporated a tofu dish? To the combination and the healthy side, this dish makes it into the list and can be prepared at home with the ingredients in your fridge.pressed-tofu-with-vermicilli

9. Chicken Schezwan Rice

The corruption of the schezwan rice for a mind blowing experience is acceptable by a food lover. The chicken enhances the flavors of the dish, and the schezwan dish stands apart in the nonvegetarian menu for being accomplished like none other.chicken-shezwan-rice

10. Wonton Soup

Tomato, sweet corn, man chow, hot and sour soups have served us for years. Take a break, let your palate know the true taste of a Chinese soup and makes you experience all the tastes at once. It includes pork, shrimp, wine, soy sauce. Now this is HEAVEN.


11. Kappa Maki

Traditionally a cucumber sushi, this dish is refreshing and a new invention in the family of sushis. It is one of the most popular sushi rolls and should be tried.


12. Stir Fried Mushrooms

I have been loving mushrooms unconditionally since forever. Although not an unknown dish, it’s still making a way through our stomach for its flavors that stand apart from any other stir fried dish.


13. Baby Corn Manchurian

The new edition in Manchurians, new is always good. We have anyway had too much or cauliflower or the basic Manchurian to be scared of the new taste.


14. Crispy Wispy Shrimp

Shrimps being soft carry a contrast to the crispiness which is what makes this dish a top most out of the box dish. It has to be tried by the non vegetarians for the blast of flavors. You can get a bite at THE GOLDEN DRAGON, Rajouri garden.


15. Shiitake Fried Rice With Water Chestnuts

Fried rice has to be the favorite food of Chinese people. They can eat almost anything with fried rice no matter what. However, water chestnut makes the daily recipe an exclusive one and raises the bar of the staple diet.


16. Arbi Soup With Oriental Spices

Soups have stood out in this article definitely, for they are the starter to any cuisine. The starter has to mark the entry for the rest of the food. This makes the soup the most challenged dish for the right amount of flavor has to get into it, and Arbi soup satisfies that area perfectly.


17. Noodles With Red Chillies And Tamarind

Has to be the never thought of dish for me. For the Indian palate, I have always played with Chinese cuisine in the name of ordering the same old noodles always. But this, this stand out of my imagination and has to be the best out of the box dish.


18. Spicy Sautéed Asparagus

For the people who have a thing for spicy food, anything that has chilly does for them. This stands majorly apart of that family for definitely it is spicy but doesn’t lack flavor at all.


19. Chilly Soya Nuggets

Again, the chilly comes back with nuggets which aren’t thought of as an ingredient to be capable of experiments. However, soya nuggets seem a decent enough dish to be included in this article and to be tried.


20. Duck Spring Rolls

You save the best, for the last. Spring rolls will be a part of me as long as I live but duck spring rolls seem a dish worthy enough to replace my good old rolls. Experiments of such kinds make us believe in the delicacies of Chinese cuisine and not just the Indian version of Chinese dishes.