Best 20 Places To Taste The Flavor Of Soups In Chennai

Best 20 Places To Taste The Flavor Of Soups In Chennai

1. Benjarong

One who is searching for best soups in Chennai they can land here to taste the real flavor of soups. They should not miss the Tom Yum soup here. The Benjarong is at TTK Road, Alwarpet South, Chennai.


2. Mamee Soups

This is the best place for the vegetarian to taste the soup in Chennai. The stall consists of several varieties of soups. All healthy soups are available here. Tomato soup, vegetable soup, mushroom soup, herbal soup, valaithandu soup, etc. are available in Mamee Soups. The location of the place is Lakeview Road, Ramakraishnapuram, West Mambalam, in Chennai.


3. Cleo’s Grill and Café

This restaurant serves various varieties of lunch. Starters consist of soups, and there are lots of soups available in the restaurant. The most loved soup by the customers is chicken noodle soup in Cleo’s Grill. Those who willing to taste the chicken noodle soup can land here: 115, 4th Avenue, Indra Nagar, Adyar at Chennai.


4. Pasta Bar Veneto

Pasta Bar Veneto is located at Burkit Road, Thiyagraya Nagar, Chennai. It is the place which tempts us to take all the food from the menu of Pasta Bar. It has Italian and Continental cuisines. Anyone who visits this place will visit Pasta Bar again and again to taste the soups in the restaurants.


5. Aruna Soups

It is the manufacturer of vegetable soup, sweet banana soup, and soy soup in Chennai. The soups available here are spicy and lip-smacking. It is present at No.11, Pammal Main Rd, Anakaputhur, in Chennai. One who is searching for yummy vegetarian soups they can visit aruna soups.


6. JR Hot Herbal Soup

This stall is one of the best soup shops in Chennai. It also has several herbal food dishes. The soups provided by the restaurant were healthy and delicious. The Hot herbal shop gives their best in service and quality. The soup shop is at No.238, Rangarajapuram Main Road, Kodambakkam, Chennai.


7. Vallalar Soup Stall

It is said as the best place for healthy and good soups by the customers of the Vallalar Soup stall. There are wide varieties of soups are available at the stall. It is the stall where several vegetarian soups are available. Vegetarian lovers can visit the Vallalar Soup Stall is located at Shop no.7, Srinivasa Rd, Parthasarathy Puram, T.Nagar at Chennai.



Vallalar Soup Stall

It is the best place to taste the authentic soups in Chennai. The hot soup serves here tempts the customer to visit the shop again and again. It has all the traditional soups of Tamilnadu. It is located at No.32, MMDA Colony Main Road, Arumbakam at Chennai. One must try the soup at the Sakthi soup stall.


9. Mughalis Hot Soup

The location of the Mughal Hot Soup, is 67 A, North Park Street, Venkatapuram, Ambattur, Chennai. The soup stall provides the Mughal style soups to the customers. It has mobile food service so one can easily access the Mughal Hot soup stall.


10. Chap Chay

It is the restaurant which serves better lunch, in which the starters like sweet corn soup with chicken and prawn are available. It also serves the vegetarian soups to the customers. They can enjoy both the flavor of soup along with the delicious and yummy lunch at Chap Chay. It is located at the Raintree, 120, St. Mary’s Road, Alwarpet, at Chennai.


11. Sairam Soup Shop

It is the soup shop plus restaurant where we can get spicy soup along with perfect dinner. The Sairam soup shop is at Narayanapuram, Chennai. The sweet corn soup is yummy in this stall. Anyone visiting Chennai should try the flavor of the soup here. It is the best place to spend the evening time for better snack soup.


12. The soup and salad café

It is the restaurant where we can enjoy both the soup and salad. It has several varieties of veg soup in the café. The soups available here is traditional tomato soup, tomato basil, minestrone, Mexican Sunrise, Mexican Gunfight, sweet corn veg, spicy onion, cream of carrot and chili, etc. The café is at TTk Road, Alwarpet, Chennai.


13. Hot Muhil Soup

It is the vegetarian soup stall where we can experience the flavor of veggies in the soup. It is the place where you can taste the yummy soups. Sweet corn soup, vegetable soup, and several light soups are available here. The Hot Muhil is at no-16, Vivekananda Street, Kolathur, Lakshmipuram, Chennai.


14. Tamilnadu Soup

It is a small soup stall which provides famous Tamilnadu soups. It consists of vegetable soup, mushroom soup, and banana flower soup. The service offer by the shop is excellent and it provides the yummy vada along with the soup.


15. AB’s Absolute Barbeques

It is the best place at Chennai to get the nonvegetarian soups. It is at 45, GN Chetty Road, T.Nagar, Chennai. The cuisines available here are North-Indian and European. The soup is served as the starters in the buffet.


16. The Manhattan Fish Market

It is the best restaurant in Chennai for the sea foods. It contains the soups made of sea foods. It is crowded at the weekend, and the seating arrangement and the ambiance of the restaurant were good. Seafood lovers should visit this place once in the lifetime to enjoy the varieties of fish dishes and soups.


17. Mishwar

The soups served during the lunch at this restaurant are yummy. It is the multi cuisine restaurant which provides spicy soups and foods. The restaurant has the variety of soups which are available throughout the world. The restaurant is best in the service and has a lot of flavors in the soups.


18. Daalchini

It is the restaurant where we can get the nonvegetarian dishes and soups. To avoid the normal routine food one can take soups as their dinner since there are several varieties available here and can taste the flavors of soups here.


19. Vasanth Vihar

It is the vegetarian restaurant where you can feel decent lunch, and the starters’ soups are also available here. The service at this restaurant is first-class and the branches are available at many places in Chennai. It has the South-Indian menu.


20. New Star Restaurant

It is the restaurant where sweet corn chicken soup, chicken cream soup, and several new varieties of soups are available. It is at new bell street, Chennai. Chicken soup, tomato soup, egg soup, mutton soup, clear chicken soup, vegetable, sweet corn soup is available here.