20 Craziest Food Combo Which You Never Knew

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When we talk about food, different kind of cuisines come to our mind. The aroma of Indian, Italian, Mexican, and much more dishes are not only delicious but also their imagination leaves us mouth-watering. Have you ever imagined some food combos that would leave you confused? I’m here with some craziest combos of food that you have never tried before. So, let’s get started.


Jamun Pizza

Jamun Pizza is a combination of Indian and Italian food. Deliciously baked pizza with a topping of Gulab jamun had the honor of being one of the most viral foods of 2020.

Jamun pizza2.

Oreo Maggi

This food combo has the blessing of the sweetness of Oreo during a masala, tangy flavor of Maggi. This combo is one of the craziest foods, which I guess you must have tried, maybe not heard of too.


3.Popcorn With Sauce

Imagining crispy, salty popcorn and your favorite show gives a feeling of excitement but have you ever heard of popcorn sizzled with sauce. It’s really weird to believe that people try this food combo which sounds crazy. You may have a try, too.

Hot-Sauce-Popcorn-Clean-Vegan…And-A-Dash-of-Cinnamon4.Burger With Peanut Butter

You may have heard of aloo Tikki burger, hamburger, cheeseburger but burger with peanut butter can be considered as mind-boggling dish still people dare to try this crazy combo. This combo gives a new definition to the world of burgers, leaving people in splits.

burger5.Pineapple Pizza

Pizza is an Italian dish that commonly consists of jalapeno toppings, cheese, oregano, chicken or veggies, but pineapple topping is not crazy but also seems weird.



Sesame Chocolate

Chocolate seasoned with sesame seeds is new to taste and enlisted as one of the craziest food combos.

sesame chocolate


Chocolate Pizza

Pizza with chocolate topping is one of the craziest foods because I’m sure you may have never tried it before.


8.Avacado And Chocolate

The combo of avocado with olive oil is one of the unique yet craziest combos you will ever hear.



Banana Fritters And Beef Curry

People of Kerala consider this combo to be heaven but have never heard of this food combo in any other state. It consists of deeply fried slices of raw banana and beef gravy.

banana and beef


Chilli Sizzled Mango

This combo may sound crazy but tastes heavenly. Nicely cubed mangoes and chili powdered sizzled over it is worth considering.

chilli sizzle mango


Chocolate Maggi

It is another version of Maggi, made of chocolate sauce instead of tomato. Well, people have tried it for real and shared their opinion about this crazy combo.

chocolate-maggi-recipe-main-photo12.Olive Oil Ice Cream

As the name suggests, the dish is a combination of ice cream topped with olive oil. Imagining an ice cream with oil is a real job. So, keep envisaging.

olive oil icecream13.

Noodle Samosa

We have heard of samosas stuffed with aloo and veggies, paneer, but this dish is a way advanced state of a common samosa. It is an Indo-Chinese combo that has a stuffing of noodles in it.

noodle samosa


Strawberry With Basil

This combo may sound weird, but in reality, it has a delicious taste. Here, we are talking about strawberry yoghurt topped with basil leaves. One should try this recipe and enjoy it as a tasty dessert.

strawberry basil


Green Apple With Salsa

Have you ever wondered how a combination of an apple with salsa tastes? Do try it once; the sweet and tangy combo of green apple and salsa would give you an aesthetic feeling.

green apple


Ice Cream With Pickle

The combo of ice cream and pickle has a trust issue in taste. It sounds crazy and weird on imagining the taste but do try this recipe at your own risk.

pickle ice cream


Watermelon With Salt

Watermelon with salt sizzling gives you a sweet and salty taste altogether. This combo is for those who enjoy the sweet and salty flavor.



Spaghetti With Banana

Spaghetti topped with slices of banana is a must-try combination for people on the way to excavate crazy recipes.

banana spaghetti


French Fries And Maple Syrup

This food combination consists of French fries, which are topped with a layer of maple syrup. Suppose trying, why not to try a recipe of sweet, salt, and chili.



Chocolate Shake With Salt

It is the craziest combination of recipes one must have heard of all. A chocolate milkshake with salt sprinkled over it is what makes it sound weird and crazy. Surely, you must have never heard of it before.