20 Desserts And Snacks Made From Gram Flour


1.Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak is one of the famous desserts in India. It originates from Mysore city in Karnataka, thus the name Mysore Pak. Its ingredients include Gram Flour(besan in Hindi), pure desi ghee, and sugar. They make it so soft that it just melts in the mouth. It is so delicious.


2.Besan Ladoo

Besan Ladoo is one of the sweet dishes which is prepared at every home during occasions and festivals. It is simple to make and delicious to eat. Its ingredients include Gram flour or besan, cardamom powder, Kesar or saffron if needed, sugar, desi ghee, dry fruits like almonds, cashew nuts, and raisins. Ladoo is always in circular form.


3.Besan Halwa

Besan Halwa is one of the simplest recipes to make. Its ingredients include pure ghee, gram flour, cardamom powder, saffron, sugar, and dry fruits. Prepared at home during festivals and occasions. It originates from the state of Punjab. It is delicious to taste. They stir all the ingredients in the frying pan for about 15-20 minutes and the halwa is served hot or cold as per your choice.


4.Besan Kheer

Besan Kheer is a remarkable dessert which people make during the festivals and occasions. People can cook this dish easily. It has very low fat and sugar content. One can make it at any point in time. Its ingredients include gram flour, sugar, milk, and dry fruits. Children and adults both love this delectable sweet dish.


5.Besan Barfi

Besan Barfi is one among the delicious Barfi’s available in the market. It can also be made easily at home. The ingredients include besan powder, sugar, desi ghee, and dry fruits. It is delicious. It marks the festive season with joy and happiness. Small children, as well as adults, love eating this dessert.


6.Besan Prasad

Besan Prasad is a semi-liquid form of dessert. It is not made much of sweet and is also healthy. People offer Besan Prasad during Poojas at home or in temples. Its ingredients include gram flour, sugar, milk, and ghee. Adults and children both like the Besan Prasad. It is a simple way to make the delicacy yet very delicious.


7.Besan Butterscotch Barfi

Besan Butterscotch Barfi is a variation in the plain Barfi. It has a flavor of butterscotch to add richness to its taste. Its ingredients include Besan Powder, Pure Ghee, Milk Solids, Sugar, Butterscotch essence, and chips. The total time required to make this recipe is around 20 minutes and is easy to make at home.


8.Sweet Boondi

Sweet Boondi is a delicacy which people make during occasions and festivals. It is a must in every Pooja that occurs. Its ingredients include Besan powder, cardamom powder, ghee, sugar, and oil. They add miniatures of gram flour to the oil for deep frying and then immersed in the sugar syrup. It absorbs all the sweetness and is delicious to eat.


9.Besan Jaggery Ladoo

Besan Jaggery Ladoo is very similar to the plain Besan Ladoo. The difference is that, here Jaggery is added instead of sugar which contributes to the change in the taste of Ladoo. One can also add grated coconut and other dry fruits into the mixture while making small balls for the Ladoo. It tastes delectable.


10.Besan Mawa Ladoo

Besan Mawa Ladoo is another version of the Besan Ladoo. The ingredients include Besan powder, Mawa or the milk solids, Sugar, and pure ghee. People mix these ingredients in the proper ratio and form the Ladoo. Besan Mawa Ladoo is soft and tastes good. It is little costlier than the plain Besan Ladoo.



Dhokla is one of the several Gujarati snacks made from Besan or the gram flour. It is soft on texture and tastes delicious. It is served with green mint chutney or red chutney or with any sauce. Its ingredients include Rice, besan powder, salt, and mustard seeds. They make it by fermenting the Rice and Gram flour. It is healthy too.



Khandvi is a famous snack made from Gram flour. It originates from the state of Gujarat. It tastes delicious. Khandvi is also known as Dahiwadi. Its ingredients include Gram flour, sesame seeds, yogurt, and other spices. The mixture is flattened out and cut into the shape of rolls. It is a traditional delicacy of people in Gujarat. People serve it with chutney or sauce.


13.Kaju Kothimbir Vadi

Kaju Kothimbir Vadi is a traditional snack for the people of Maharashtra. The ingredients of this dish include gram flour, chili powder, turmeric powder, coriander leaves, cashew nuts, tamarind pulp, salt, and oil. They chop the coriander leaves finely. The entire mixture is spread evenly on a tray and cut into small square pieces. They fry these pieces in oil. It is a mouth-watering delicacy.



Chakli is a traditional snack item. People make it during every festival and occasions. There can be a variety of Chakli’s prepared and come in different sizes and taste. Besan chaklis are delicious to taste. It can be served with other snack items while having a cup of tea or coffee. Both adults as well as children like Chakli.


15.Cheese bread pakora

The Break Pakora is a famous recipe of North-India. People love eating it especially the teenagers. People make Cheese Bread Pakora from Bread stuffed with the Aloo sabzi and loads of cheese. They dip this into the batter of gram flour or besan and deep fry in oil. The outer cover of the bread pakora becomes crispy with the inner cheesy soft bread. It tastes delectable.



Omapodi is a famous snack specially prepared during the festive season of Diwali. People make it at their home or can buy from the market. They share this with their neighbors, friends, and family members and celebrate. It is tasty to eat, and people serve it with tea or coffee.


17.Besan toast

Besant toast is served in breakfast as well as evening like snacks. People prepare the Besan toast from Bread, Besan, Chilli powder, garam masala is needed, salt, chopped onion, tomato, green chilli, and oil. They make the batter by mixing all the ingredients and dip the bread into it. They fry the bread in the pan. It tastes delicious.


18.Besan Cheela

Besan Cheela is like besan omelette which people prepare at home. The ingredients include Gram flour, spices, masala, and herbs. It makes the best combination with Roti, chapati, rice or even with bread. Besan Cheela is very delicious to eat and they make it spicy according to the taste of the person.


19.Besan Kadhi

People make Besan Kadhi from gram flour, garam masala, salt, chili powder, cumin seeds, butter, oil, and yogurt. They simmer the ingredients in a pan under low flame. Then prepare vegetable Pakoras and put it in the gravy and keep it for about 10-15 minutes until they become fluffy. They serve this dish hot with Rice or Roti.



Ganthia is a snack which originates from Gujarat. People make it easily at home. It is also available in markets. Its ingredients include gram flour, papad khar, pepper, salt, ajwain, and spices. One can serve Ganthia at any time. Kids, as well as adults, enjoy eating it at leisure time.