20 Desserts to Try If You Love Vanilla

20 Desserts to Try If You Love Vanilla

Vanilla may not be exciting enough for some, however, not a single soul can refuse that is by far, the most sought-after flavor of many people all over the world. Be it ice creams, cakes or chocolates- each dessert is found to have experimented with the exquisite vanilla. So, give a break from the usual chocolate, strawberry, butterscotch and pineapple flavors, just sit back and allow yourself to dive into the wide World of Vanilla through the following list!

1.Vanilla Cream Pie

What’s a better end to fulfilling meal than the good-old Vanilla Cream Pie? The simplicity of Vanilla is taken to another level when it is combined with a buttery crust made from cracker crumbs which are baked to perfection. Garnishing it with a generous amount of smooth vanilla whipped cream makes this dessert absolutely smashing!


2.French Vanilla Mousse

Mousse is a dessert which is one of the best for anyone who is keen on consuming relatively nutritious food. Prepared from fat-free milk, egg whites, cream and of course, vanilla extract this delicious dessert is a delight for our taste buds. In addition to this, it is low in fat and high in calcium too!


3.Vanilla Fudge   

Vanilla Fudge resembles a version of the classic Indian sweet– Barfi. However, though they may look like one, they vary greatly in taste. This dessert is prepared using granulated sugar, butter, milk, vegetable oil and vanilla extract and is the perfect gift for a happy occasion. You may even try preparing these at home on Diwali, Eid or Christmas!


4.Vanilla Cream Puffs

One bite of these scrumptious, flavorful cream puffs will make you eat at least three or four more! They not only look appetizing but taste spectacular too. This simple, buttery and creamy goodness, if prepared correctly, will lead to an outburst of your favorite vanilla flavor instantly!


5.Vanilla Ice-Cream

When discussing the greatly admired flavor of Vanilla, one cannot make the grave mistake of excluding Vanilla Ice Cream from the discourse. The best aspect of a Vanilla Ice Cream is its versatility and its ability to go well with any flavor possible. Loved by children, young adults and the elderly alike this ice cream doesn’t need any description.


6.Vanilla Bean Pudding

To experience the true flavor of Vanilla, use the vanilla bean (a moist, plump one if possible) instead of a vanilla paste or vanilla extract. This dessert will satisfy your craving for a dessert which is light yet flavorsome at the same time!  



This originally belonging to the lands of Austria, Germany, Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia, Vanillekipferl are biscuits made from a variety of nuts such as almonds, walnuts or hazelnuts. What distinguishes them from the ordinary cookies or biscuits is its unique crescent shape, it has a tendency to melt in the mouth and is dusted with vanilla sugar. If you think they resemble small bananas, then you’re not the only one!  


8.Vanilla Panna Cotta

This Vanilla Cotta is topped with pomegranate, arils and drizzled honey is easy to make, exceedingly delicious and rich in taste. Panna Cotta is originally an Italian dessert prepared with double cream; the use of vanilla in this one just enhances its beautiful flavors.


9.Raspberry Vanilla Torte

The torte is a sweet cake or cart. Raspberries and Vanilla are always a stunning combination, hence for this Torte multiple layers of raspberry buttercream, vanilla and raspberry are laced together into a wonderful cake. A yummy alternative to the customary Pineapple cakes, don’t you think?!


10.Moist Vanilla Cake

Everyone will unanimously agree that chocolate cakes are the most popular ones amongst the numerous others available. However, the eccentricity of a Vanilla Cake cannot be matched even by a chocolate one. The surprising factor to this recipe is that it’s a non-dairy cake; vanilla soymilk is used instead, thus giving it that extra touch of a moist texture. This non-dairy vanilla cake comes out super moist. The secret is in the vanilla soymilk!


11.Glazed Vanilla Bean Doughnuts

A quick dessert which can be consumed even while on our way to work or college is a Doughnut. Though this delicious delight is available in a variety of choices, but a homely vanilla doughnut is class apart. The very idea of warm, fried dough topped with sweet vanilla glaze is a winner!


12.Vanilla Bean Coconut Cupcakes

Cupcakes are the go-to desserts for a small gathering. Be it a baby shower, your child’s birthday party or grandpa’s retirement party. Cupcakes are quite easy to prepare and significant quantities can be made in a short span of time. These Vanilla Bean Coconut Cupcakes are not only refreshing in taste due to the presence of coconut but are also pretty to look at.


13.Vanilla Bean Bundt Cake

The unique factor of a Bundt Cake is its shape which is borrowed from an authentic European cake, Gugelhupf. It can be served during tea time as it proves to be a great complement to tea or coffee.  


14.Vanilla Cheesecake

The American Cheesecake is unparalleled to any dessert in terms of a creamy, smooth, cheesy texture. Added to this heavenly goodness is a hint of vanilla which elevates its taste from fabulous to Fantabulous!


15.Vanilla Pavlova 

A Pavlova is a meringue-based dessert which is garnished with whipped cream and fresh fruits. Interestingly, this dessert is named in honor of Anna Pavlova who was a Russian ballerina. The Pavlova is mainly prepared with a chocolate or vanilla flavoring. Both are exceptionally good, but the Vanilla Pavlova goes better with whipped cream and whole fruits. If you ever happen to visit New Zealand or Austria, don’t forget to try out this delicacy!


16.Vanilla Bean Sorbet

Sorbet takes no time to cook if compared with other desserts. It is a humble dish and yet caters to our want of something tasty. Fruits such as pineapples or mangoes can also be added in a Vanilla Bean Sorbet.


17.The Triple Vanilla Coffee Cake

The strong essence of the coffee combined with the sweetness of vanilla makes this coffee cake one of a kind. As the name suggests, three types of vanilla are added to this exotic cake namely French Vanilla coffee, vanilla extract and seeds of vanilla bean. This cake will surely become one of your favorites in no time!


18.White Choco Vanilla Candies

These White Chocolate Vanilla Candies are most appropriate to be used during Halloween or Eastern celebrations. Even during our daily lives, we can prepare loads of these and relish one, two or more every day! Just add the vanilla bean or vanilla extract in your candy-making batter and then you’re good to go!


19.Vanilla-Bean Sablé Cookies

Sable originated in France and they are essentially round shortbread cookies. Sprinkled with lots of sugar and made from sea salt, high-fat European style butter and vanilla beans. These cookies must be tried at least once!


20.Vanilla Macaron

The magnificent Vanilla Macarons are so mouthwatering that words cannot do justice to its taste! Macarons consist of two halves in the center of which there is a yummy filling of vanilla. By the mere looks of it, one can guarantee that no one would be able to stop themselves from just eating one of these!