Top 20 Dishes Containing Rose Water

Rose Water

Rose is a perennial plant that is grown all over the world. It is known for its beautiful color and exotic fragrance. It has been used by people all over the world for various purposes, including in temples and as food. It has been predominantly used for making perfumes. It has over hundred species and over a thousand cultivars.

Rose water is made by putting rose petals in water. It has also been  a by-product in rose flavored perfumes. It has been used for various purposes like in prayers, cosmetics and food. It has been used by chefs to flavor the dishes as it adds flavor and fragrance to them. It has been used for both sweet and savory dishes but is predominantly used in sweet dishes.


Let’s go!

1.Rose Petal Sherbet

Rose sherbet is the best rosy experience you can get. A sherbet is a flavored drink, made in the Middle Eastern countries using fruits and syrups of various flowers and fruits. Rose sherbet is made by putting rose petals in water along with sugar and lemon juice. It is a refreshing drink and can be drunk either hot or cold. They have this mouth-watering fragrance of rose petals which are delicious.


2.Rose Rooh Afza

Rooh Afza style=”font-weight: 400;”> is a concentrated syrup, invented by an Indian in Ghaziabad. It is popular among people in the Indian subcontinent. It has various ingredients that have cooling properties and the predominant ingredient in this syrup is Rose. It is drunk by Muslims to end their fast, and there are a variety of recipes involving this product. The sherbet made using this product is the most delicious. It cools you down instantly and helps keep you hydrated throughout the day.


3.Rosewater Cupcakes

Cupcakes are everyone’s favorite, which include your favorite rose flavor in the batter and voila! It is your new favorite! Rosy cupcakes have also been topped with rose flavored butter-cream and it also shaped in the design of a rose. They are beautiful to look at and are equally tasty. Cupcakes are leisure food and rose water in the cupcakes adds that extra charm and taste to it. They come in various designs. Be sure to choose your favorite among them!


4.Rosewater Trifle

Trifle is an English dessert made with sponge cake, soaked in wine or sherry and coated with layers of fruit, cream, and jelly. It is luscious the way it is, but the best among the flavors is the Rosewater Trifle. In this recipe, rose water is added to the sponge cake and the cream or the jelly to give it the exhilarating and swooning taste. A trifle has layers and layers of surprise and rose water adds that extra surprise element to the dish. I believe that this dish must come with a ‘Beware- Irresistible Dessert’ warning. It is that good. I love trifles. They are my personal favorite along with chocolates.


5.Chicken and Rose Water Dessert

Biryani is one of the most favored festival and special occasion dishes in the Indian Subcontinent. It is rightly called, An Indian’s Comfort Food. Chicken is a must in the non-vegetarian household of India; this makes chicken biryani irresistible. Rosewater is added at the end to give that intense flavor to the already moist dish. The trick in this dish is the amount of rose water added in the end becomes too much, you will be able to taste the spices used in the gravy. With the right amount of ingredients added it is truly an amazing dish!


6.Rose Water Rice Pilaf

In Pilaf, rice is cooked in a flavored broth and is the national and staple food in various countries including India. Sometimes the rice in a pilaf is brown in color as it is sautéed first in oil before adding the broth. In rosewater pilaf, rosewater has been added while cooking the rice and sometimes various other meats are also added to give extra flavor to the dish.  It depends upon the country as to which meat has been added to the dish. Whatever it may be pilaf, is a heartwarming dish.



It is the drink of India during the summers. Almost everyone can be seen drinking this drink to cool themselves down. Falooda is a cooling drink because of the rose water and syrup added to the drink. Rose is known for its cooling properties. Various other ingredients have also been added to the drink such as tapioca pearls, milk and so on. Falooda is in fact full of flavors and would make you yearn for it.



Gulkand is a sweet preserve made of rose petals and sugar. It is famous in the Indian subcontinent and has been added to various dishes. It is known for its digestive properties and is eaten by people after having heavy meals. It can easily be prepared at home using the rose that grows in your garden. It has medicinal properties and has been eaten by people who suffer from various problems during summer. It has also been used in Paan which gives it the sweet flavor.



I know, I know! You must be thinking that I am out of mind to add Rasmalai in the countdown for rose water dishes. But hear me out. As you know that Rasmalai is a paneer based dish, in which, paneer is cooked and put in sweetened milk. The paneer, before it immersed in milk, is cooked in sugar water containing rose water and some even add rose water to the milk to add extra fragrance and richness to the dish. This makes rose water a main ingredient in the dish. It is responsible for the taste of the dish.


10.Honey and Rose Cooler

Coolers are nothing but drinks that help you chill your body. This cooler is easy to make and is delicious. The honey and rose water in the drink are a heavenly combination. No one would have thought that they would go so well together. Honey gives it the sweetness and rose water the fragrance. It is an Ideal summer cooler.


11.Gulkand Shake

In this shake, Gulkand along with ice cream, milk and rose water are all mixed. This shake gives an awesome taste of rose in it. It is obvious that it taste good.


12.Apple Jalebis

This is another dish in which rose water is not the main ingredient but its taste shines through. Apple Jalebi or Apple fritters are slices of apples dipped in batter, fried and then left to soak in rose water and flavored sugar syrup. Rose water has always been used in cooking as a flavoring agent. Since the apples have been soaked in rose water and sugar syrup, it is mouthwatering!



Malpuas are an Indian version of Pancakes that has varieties to it. It can be both sweet and savory. In the sweet version, the Malpuas have been dipped in a sugar syrup containing rose water. They are fried pancakes and are delicious. They are eaten both as dessert and as a snack. The recipe of this dish is different in every state in India. They are usually paired off with rabri.



Mohanthal is a Gujarati sweet dish made during auspicious occasions. It is made with khoya, milk, nuts, rose water and gram flour mixed and left to set aside. It is later cut into small squares and served with nuts sprinkled on top. It can easily be made at home and is scrumptious.  


15.Apple Halwa

Apple is now being used for various dishes and now another dish that has apple and rose water is the apple halwa. In this dish, apple is cut and cooked to make a delicious and gooey halwa. Oh! Mouth- watering! The rose water in the dish gives relief to the otherwise dominating sweetness in the recipe.


16.Channar Payesh

Channar Payesh is a Bengali dessert and is very famous there. It is similar to rasmalai, and also contains rose water. This dish contains cottage cheese as well. There is some difference between the dishes which, I guess, will be known by the chefs.   It is the most favorite dish of the Bengalis.


17.Shaahi Tukda

Shaahi tukda is a famous dessert from the city of Hyderabad. It is truly ‘shaahi’ in its taste. In this dish, bread is deep fried in ghee and later topped with rabri. This tasty venture has given dishes containing bread a new dimension. In this dish, rose water is used to flavor the rabri and provides it the much-needed fragrance. As sometimes too much milk can also make us gag!  


18.Date and Rice Pilaf

As I already mentioned earlier about Pilaf, here is another one that is also good. In this pilaf dates and rose water are added to make sweet pilaf. Rose water gives the rice a depth similar that of a rose.


19.Fresh Fruit Rice

Fresh fruit rice is delicious and fresh. The freshness of the fruit along with the fragrance of the rose water, which makes this dish irresistible and can be eaten for both lunch and dinner.


20.Lemon Cooler

Lemon juice is the best-known beverage there is. In this cooler, along with lemon, a little amount of rose water is also added, and it makes the cooler different from lemon drink.