Top 20 Food Items That Punjabis Are Crazy For!


The only thing next to God for the people in Punjab is food. They make up for the ultimate food lovers. But which dish makes them go crazy? Here is a list of top 20 food items that Punjabis are crazy for:

1Sarson Ka Saag

You saw this coming if you live in Punjab. It is the 24/7 available dish in any Punjabi home irrespective of any season, month, or year. We Punjabis live by this.


2Butter Chicken

In a Punjabi family, Butter Chicken is the ultimate Sunday meal. It is loved by one and all.


3Makki Ki Roti

Yes of course! Sarson ka Saag is powerless without its perfect companion, right? And the only companion that we Punjabis know is Makki ki Roti.



From solid food items to the staple drink to complement every meal in Punjab, Lassi is the go-to drink for every Punjabi when it comes to having some complementary drink with Butter Chicken or Saag or anything else in this list.



What do people have for breakfast in Punjab? Yes, you guessed it right. It is always one or the other type of parantha, may it be stuffed with potato or cheese or onion or anything else, but parantha is a must in breakfast for us!


6Pakora Kadhi

Next in line is the famous Pakora Kadhi. This Punjabi delight is mostly preferred at lunch time, with rice or chapatti, but for a Kadhi lover, there is no such thing as the “right time” to eat Kadhi. The chances are that you’ll find at least one Pakora Kadhi fanatic in each household in Punjab.


7Rajma Chawal

A common phrase used in Punjab is, “I cannot make everyone happy. I’m a human being, I’m not Rajma Chawal.” And could the phrase be any truer? You can have a very, very hard time finding someone in Punjab who is not fond of Rajma Chawal because apparently people in Punjab can never hate Rajma Chawal, no matter what!



Now, coming to something we use as a sweetener after the meal. This sweet dish is very popular in Punjab and is mostly eaten in its hot form. However, the choice of eating it hot or cold is highly subjective as it gives two different types of flavors in both the cases.


9Dal Makhani

The most complementary dish with each and everything in a family meal is Dal. And the most popular Dal among all those available in Punjab is Dal Makhani. Punjabis go bananas over it!


10Chole Bature

Now this dish is not only popular in Punjab, but is perhaps one of the most popular food items in all of North India. Those who worry about oily food generally keep away from it as there is too much oil involved in making it. But usually the typical Punjabi does not care for oil, but crave its great taste, making it so popular!


11Palak Paneer

You can call it a close relative of Sarson ka Saag, but just thinner in texture and having a lot of cut pieces of cheese in it to make it taste even more delicious. Some prefer it over sarson ka saag.



From the cousin of Saag, we have come to the cousin of Lassi. It may be called “salted Lassi,” and is preferred by many in Punjab over the traditional Lassi and is almost as popular as Lassi.


13Shakkar Para

The 2nd entry of a sweet item in this list makes for a great partner during tea time. These little pinkish sweet delights are light and not overly sweet. It is not necessary to have them at tea time only, and can also be had whenever one craves something sweet to eat.


14Amritsari Fish

The next entry in the list is for the non-vegetarians. It is named after a city in Punjab from where it originated: Amritsar. It is dry fish which is battered and fried and then spiced up with real good spices. A great contribution of Punjab to the rest of India, it can be had with some roti or naan or can be had by itself; that is a subjective choice.


15Paneer Tikka

Paneer also called the “chicken of the vegetarians,” is as popular among the vegetarians as the chicken is among the non-vegetarians in Punjab. Even the non-vegetarians have it with great joy! Paneer Tikka is grilled paneer which is a little smoky on the outside and really soft on the inside along with some spices to spice it up!


16Gobhi-Shalgam-Gajar Achar

This is the only entry of a pickle in the list, and a well-deserved one. This specific type of pickle is very popular in Punjab only, and is always available in Punjabi households as well as Punjabi Dhabas.  It is a combination of cauliflower, turnip, and carrot pickle, and adds a tangy flavor to our food.



Now you must be expecting this anytime soon if you were in Punjab. Halwa is another sweet dish that the Punjabis have with complete joy! It is made in their holy festivals and is had after prayers in Punjab.



The next entry in the list is something that a particular fraction of people in Punjab will go bananas over! Some people in Punjab like it very much; others like it very, very much! That’s it, no other option! You either like Bhindi or you are crazy for it. Still, it is something to be loved by all.


19Punjabi Samosa

This next entry in the list is categorized as junk food, but little do Punjabis care about it. This fried potato pocket is something that we, at Punjab, have in weddings, and with our monsoon tea with great pleasure!


20Egg Curry

The final entry on the list is the only egg product here but is almost as popular as the chicken dishes among non-vegetarians. We love to have it once a week. This can be accompanied by simple roti or like most Punjabis love it, with tandoori naan.