20 Dishes Of Bread Famous In Banasthali

20 Dishes Of Bread Famous In Banasthali

Bread dishes are the all time favourite food of all. In every state or every house the bread is a compulsory substance. It is the stuff which can be made instantly and can be served hot without any tension. The dishes of bread are very easy to make and are quick to serve the guests. The main advantage of bread dishes is that it is loved by the kids most. They like every dish made up of bread. It is the savior of time for mothers. The dishes of bread are eaten all over the world. Bread is is available everywhere.


Veg. Sandwich

Veg. Sandwich is the dish which is eaten a lot. It is also very well known street food. It is made up of the ingredients like tomato, cucumber, carrot and onion. It is the combination of health and taste. The Sandwich can be made at home also. And it is not compulsory that the sandwich should be cooked in microwave. It can be in the tava also. Then it  is served hot with the tomato catch-up to make it more tasty and delicious. Generally the veg. sandwich in Banasthali is treated like light and street food. Girls sitting on the footpath enjoy it with friends.


Cheese Sandwich

As the name of the dish sounds it is the sandwich which consists of the ingredient cheese. The cheesy Sandwich is also like the Veg. Sandwich the only difference is that it consist of the cheese and the fresh cream. The sandwich is loved by all for the cheesiness. The sandwich is served with the tomato catch-up and some salt. It is also the famous street food. Generally it is  baked or can be cooked on tava.


Cheese Grilled Sandwich

The cheese grilled sandwich is very famous sandwich which is almost love by all. And in Banasthali University it is the most eaten sandwich. It is grilled with the cheese and fresh cream. The Sandwich is available at every canteen of the campus. It is made up of the ingredients as same as the veg. Sandwich. But the difference is that it is grilled in the microwave with the butter. Then it is served with the packet of tomato catch-up which increases the taste of Sandwich. The Sandwich is available in each and every canteens of Banasthali.


Russian Sandwich

The Sandwich is made in Russian style; the spices and the sauce which is used in the Sandwich is somewhat different from the spices of India. The spices used in Russia are used in the Sandwich. The sandwich is available in some canteens. It is rare and eaten by some of the students. The Sandwich is served hot with the same tomato catch-up. The ingredients are somewhat different like the spices and seasonal vegetables.


Bread Jam

The favourite and the fastest dish for the kids. This all time favourite Tiffin dish is given by all the mothers and eaten by all the kids. In Banasthali also the bread jam is given one day in a week. It is served like the jam layer between two breads. The dish is available in different flavors; the jam is easily available in different flavours like mango, mix fruit, apple etc. The instant dish takes 5 minutes to get ready. Generally it is loved by the kids because it is served quickly when it is demanded. The dish is served cool at room temperature.


Bread Butter

Bread Butter is also a famous bread dish of bread which is made instantly. It is generally eaten in the breakfast. And in Banasthali also it is served as a breakfast. The melted butter is spread over the bread and the corners of the bread is removed so that the bread becomes soft. Ii is also very famous among the kids. They love to eat it because it is very simple and sober dish that anybody can eat. Even the kids can also make this by their own, that is why all the working mothers keeps the bread in their fridge always.



Pizza is the well-known recipe for bread. There is a different type of bread but the material and the texture is same. The base of Pizza bread is also made up of the meda. The simple regular Pizza is made up of the ingredients like tomato, capsicum, onion etc. The toppings are very simple and available easily. In Banasthali the pizza is available at every canteen. It is very famous among the students. The Pizza is a very common dish and parties are given to friends with Pizza. The cold drink increases the taste of the Pizza very much. The chilli flakes and oregano is sprinkled on it and served hot. It is also a famous street food in Banasthali.


Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji is the famous Indian bread recipe. The bread used in the dish is known as Pav in India. The well-known street food is very famous in Banasthali also. The Pav is fried in the butter and served with the Bhaji which is made up of the mix vegetables and blended together. The famous street food which is available in every canteen of Banasthali is served with the slice of butter, sliced onion and the slice of lemon. The Pav Bhaji is served in the plate which is divided into slots so that it gets easy to eat.


Chola Kulcha

Chola Kulcha is the typical Indian recipe in which the Kulcha is the kind of bread. The Kulcha is served with the Chola. The dish is very famous on the street and it is served with salad. The Banasthali is the place where the special Chutney is served which is made by the ingredients like carrot and tomato. It is also loved by the student because this is affordable dish. Two Kulchas are served with one bowl of Chole and Chutney.


Paneer Tikka Pizza

The regular Pizza in which the Paneer is added to its toppings is Paneer Tikka pizza. The Pizza consists of the ingredients same as the regular pizza but the taste is totally different. Due to the Paneer when the pizza is cooked the base of pizza (which is again bread) starts getting softer and softer. That is why it is loved by all. The main reason that it is eaten most is that the creaminess of the pizza is because of its bread which is the base.


Garlic Bread

Garlic Bread is a dish which is very simple and very tasty. It is the dish can be prepared by the Brown or White Bread. The ingredients which is used in this dish is the simple bread and the garlic, and some other Indian spices are added and baked in the oven. The Garlic Bread is eaten by the people who love the taste of garlic very much. The dish is available in all the canteens of the Banasthali. But the taste of the dish is not loved by all. The reason is that the texture of the bread is hard and not able to eat by all.


Chocolate Bread

The Chocolate Bread is the favourite dish of all in the world. The chocolate is the thing which relaxes your body and your mind. It generates the feeling of love in one self. And the Chocolate Bread is the perfect dish which should be eaten by the chocolate lovers. The bread is cut in shapes and dipped in the melted chocolate and freeze. Then it is served chilled with a cup of coffee. The dish is also the type of street food. When the chocolate melts in the mouth then the feeling is just out of the world. The Chocolate Bread is just loved by all especially the girls residing in Banasthali campus.


Bread Pakora

Bread Pakora is the well-known street food which is made with the bread. The ingredients used in the Bread Pakora is bread, paneer, besan, green chutney etc. The dish is served with the bread, is dipped in the Besan with the stuffing of paneer and green chutney. Then it is deep fried in the olive oil and served hot with the chutney and catch-up. The Bread Pakora is available easily in all the canteens. The dish is sometimes presented or served in the form of Bread Pakora chaat. And then it is served with curd and sev.


Bread Roll

Bread Roll is the roll which is made with the ingredients like bread and mashed potato. The bread is stuffed with the mashed potato. Then the bread ball is deep-fried in the olive oil. The dish is very famous on the street of Banasthali, it is served with different types of chutney and also available in every canteen. Girls like the bread roll because its stuffing is very masaledar and tasty.


Bread Suji Toast

Bread Suji Toast is very common recipe which is made in almost all the houses. So to make the girls feel like home the dish bread Suji Toast is also available on the campus of Banasthali. The dish is made up of the ingredients like bread, the liquid suji and the curd. All the three ingredients are mixed. Then they are shallow fried on the non-stick pan till it becomes crispy and brownie. Then it is served with the chutney spread over it and the sev sprinkled.


Bread Veg. Omelet

The name of the dish sounds like it is a egg dish but the non. veg. food is not allowed in the Banasthali. That is why the dish is pure vegetarian. The Bread Veg. Omelet is made up of the veggies and the Suji mix with curd. The vegetables are fine chopped and mixed in the mixture of Suji and curd. Then the mixture is applied on the bread’s both sides, then it is shallow fried in the olive oil in non-stick pan. Then it is fried till its color changes to brown and all the veggies are cooked properly. Then the dish Bread Veg. Omelet is served hot.


Bread Dahi Wala

Bread Dahi Wala is the famous street food dish. The dish is made up of the ingredients like bread, curd and Indian spices. The dish is just like chat. It is also served with the cChutney and sev and only available on the stoles not on canteens. The dish is reasonable to have when you are hungry and have to eat something which is tasty.


Stuffed Vegetable Bread

Stuffed Vegetable Bread dish is very rare recipe eaten by very less people. The dish is somewhat like veg. bread but the difference is that the Stuffed Vegetable Bread does not contain curd and suji. It is made up of besan flour. And it also includes the ingredients like green veggies and served with different types of Chutneys.


Bread Bhel

Bread Bhel is the easiest recipe of all time. It can be made at home, hostel and can be eaten in canteens. The dish consists the salad like tomato, potato, cucumber, onion, corn, green chillies, Indian spices and bread or white bread small pieces. All the vegetables are finely chopped and are mixed with bread crums. Then the lemon juice is added to it and mixed. Then it is served with the cold drink.



Everybody knows about Burger. The bread of Burger is known as Buns. The shape of the Buns is different from the other bread. But the texture and the taste are almost similar. The Burger is loved by all the students/youngster. And when the Cheese is added to the Burger the taste increases automatically.