20 Must Have Sweets This Diwali

20 Must Have Sweets This Diwali


Kala Jamun

Kala Jamun is the younger sibling of our traditional Gulab Jamun. The black colour is achieved by frying the Jamuns at low flame for some time. It is easy to prepare using traditional khoya or mawa.  Deep frying khoya gives it a divine texture that nobody can resist.


Fresh Coconut Halwa

Coconut Halwa is popular, easy and healthy sweet. Out of all the varieties of Halwa Coconut Halwa is absolute classic when it comes to taste. Its jelly surface when sprinkled with nuts and kesar make this sweet look dulcified. You better get ready for some compliments after serving this appealing sweet to your loved and dear ones.


Kaju Katli

Kaju Katli which literally means cashew slice also known as Kaju Katari or Kaju Barfi is a childhood favourite for many. So easy and yet so divine. With the most simple looking and smothered texture, you just can’t have one. This sweet is especially a blessing for Kaju lovers who like it keep it simple yet exotic. This personally is my favourite sweet. It can be served for any occasion and easily available everywhere.


Malai Chom Chom

Malai Chom Chom is one of the all time stunners of Bengal. The sandwiched chilled cream between the soft lovely Rasgullas coated with silky fragment saffron cream tenderly wrapped up with love and sweetness makes it irresistible. Your guests and friends are not going to stop just after having one so make sure you don’t run out of these.


Kheer Kadam

Kheer Kadam is one of the pleasing Bengali sweets which are typically small Rasgullas. The grated Khoya and powdered sugar is just going to grace your taste buds. The idea is to first bite on the outer layer and then let your palates thank the Rasgullas.


Rava Kesari

Much like Sooji ka Halwa, Rava Kesari is a south Indian sweet which is an absolute treat with its roasty and creamy aftertaste. Addition of kesari gives it a bright orange colour, hence known as Rava Kesari. Addition of fruits or dry fruits will make it even more appetizing.


Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak is a historic and established south Indian sweet that originated in Mysore. It is a lavish sugary sweet prepared in ample amount of ghee. Its texture is often similar to Fudge. You can just keep a piece on your tongue and you can sense your taste buds observing the sugary flavour as the Mysore pak melts on your tongue. You just can’t have enough of it.


Banana Hazel Nut Laddus

Banana Hazel Nut Laddus is the blend of banana and hazel nuts. This is a type of laddu your taste buds are going to desire for, not only because of its unusual velvety yet crackling texture but also its deep rich fruity flavour which all your loved ones are going to praising you for.  They are delicious as they sound.



Mohanthal is a popular Guajarati sweet made up of gram flour, khoya, milk and nuts mixed together and cut in square shapes to form barfis. The name is bit weird but the sweet is great.


Chocolate Gujjiya

As fusion is the talk of the town this little thing can be the best example for it.  Just add chocolate syrup or choco chips and treat your chocolate obsessed friends with your new generation Chocolate Gujjiya. Your friends are just going to admire your choice.


 Motichoor Laddu

Motichoor is one of the must have sweets for any occasion especially Diwali. Small gram flour balls (boondi) are used for making this laddu, which are soaked in sugar syrup and then are shaped into balls. The bright colour, crumbly and soft texture and the sweetness is enough to make you droll. Don’t miss them.


Shankar Pali

Shankar pali is a sweet cum snack popular in Gujarat and Maharashtra. It is rich source of carbohydrates which is an instant source of energy which is going to help you keep energetic this Diwali. It is made from dough of milk sugar maida and salt.  It can be easily prepared at home or you can buy it as it is widely available these days.


 Anjeer Barfi

Anjeer Barfi is a fantastic Indian sweet sculpted from dried figs, mava and dry fruits. This sweet is going to add variety to your Diwali sweets. What makes this Anjeer Barfi different is that it is almost sugarless and can be refrigerated and enjoyed for a long time compared to other sweets.


Dharwad Pedha

Dharwad Pedha is a unique sweet which gets its name from the city named Dharwad in Karnataka state. This is one of the simplest varieties of pedha with an elegant smack. These oval shaped beauties are made using sugar, and thickened milk splashed with sugary powder will definitely be an appreciated Diwali treat.


Lobong Lotika

Lobong lotika is usually savored during special occasions and as it is Diwali you can definitely add this to your Diwali sweets. This resembles tiny envelopes which are sealed with a clove. Made with refined fine pastry stuffed with khoya, grated coconuts, raisins, nuts, cardamom, they are folded to form tiny envelopes. The last step is frying it in ghee and allowing it to soak in thick sugar syrup to make it taste as sweet as it looks.



This is a traditional sweet which is especially made for Maker Sankranti. This looks similar to stuffed pancake roll stuffed with coconut and jaggery mixture. The pancake batter is made with maida, a tad amount of semolina and rice flour, and is mixed with milk.  A drizzle of thickened milk at the top before serving will make it extra eccentric.


Chhanar Jilipi

Plump, gentle and exceptionally pleasing – the Chhanar jilipi is prepared using channa, khoya and maida.  It is then fried for some time until a rich colour is formed and soaked in sugar syrup just like Gulab Jamuns. Rather than the same old sweets go for some divergent Chhanar jilipi this Diwali.


Shor Bhaja

Originally from Krishna Nagar in Nadia district of West Bengal Shor Bhajas are one of the most loved sweets due to its rich appearance and grand taste. Shor Bhaja is definitely not the easiest sweet to make but it’s worth spending some time on it. Typically it involves multiple coats of milk cream, deep fried and drenched in sugar syrup. You can try making different varieties that include adding cardamom and rose water for some added flavour.


Joynogorer Moa

Made with date palm jaggery, puffed rice from special aromatic rice called kanakchur, pure ghee, cardamom and poppy seeds, it is particularly available in winter as both the puffed rice and jaggery belong to this season. It is shaped to form round balls and topped with raisins. The jaggery delicately holds the puffed rice in its place which doesn’t allow it to crumble once you take a bite.



These Mithais are the result of blending sesame and jaggery. Once you take a bite, its texture is such that it just melts in your mouth, taking over your taste bulbs with these elementary yet healthy ingredients. Gajaks must definitely be in your list of Diwali sweets this year as it is simple yet lavishing and your loved ones who don’t have much of a sweet tooth will thank you for making Gajaks.The best part of this is that you can make them in any shapes of your choice.