20 Famous Desserts of Orrisa

20 Famous Desserts of Orrisa

1.Chenna Poda

In Orrisa,Chenna Poda is among most famous desserts.This is made out of dried cottage cheese and is baked until the colour of the surface becomes brown. It has proven to be one of the lovable sweet treats from Orrisa. This definitely calls for a one time try at least.


2.Chenna Gaja

Yet another sweet dish made out of cottage cheese, though this contains jaggery and some other condiments to add a sweet flavor to the dessert. This is usually available on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar, in a panel of famous sweet shops known as “PAHALA”. A must try!




This does not need any introduction as it is quite famous. Rasgulla has been and is still loved by the people of Orrisa. It tastes best when served hot Yum!



In Hindi, we call this as Kheer, in Bengali as Payesh and in Odia, we remark this dessert as Kheeri. In Orrisa, this sweet dish can be made using vermicelli or grained rice,whereas milk remains as the main ingredient.


5.Kheera Sagara

Kheera Sagara, which we call as Kheersagar in Hindi. This is one of the mouthwatering sweet dishes of Orrisa. Kheera Sagara is usually prepared during some festivals on in some auspicious occasions in Orrisa. Must try this.

15-Channar Payesh


Coming to Pithas, one of an essential desserts of Orrisa. Pitha is usually prepared during some occasion such as Rajo, Karthik Purnima, Kumar Purnima etc. Parijata is the tastiest of all the pithas.



  Manda Pitha

It is another type of Pitha that is again prepared during some auspicious occasion. The taste gets better with the inside sweet stuffing that is prepared out of coconut, jaggery, and sugar. This is a must try!



This is a termed as one of the sacred sweet of Orrisa. It gets included as the favourite Prasad of Lord Jagannath and is served him at first. This sweet is loved by his devotees as well and is found abundantly in the streets of Puri.



It is prepared during a specific occasion in Orrisa, known as Kumar Purnima. This sweet dish, as one of the famous pitha tastes delightful when added with the stuffing.



This is very famous in Orrisa and is found easily but tastes better when prepared with extra ghee. Homemade Malpua is more delicious than any other thing!


11.Gulab Jamun

Favourite of all, Gulab Jamun can simply  relax your mind and bring back the smile on your face. The sweetness of this dessert simply cheers up the mood. Let’s gulp one soon!



It is a sweet dish usually added to the Mahaprasad of Lord Jagannath.


13.Kakera Pitha

It is one of the tastiest pithas of all. This pitha contains grained rice, jaggery, some condiments and is baked for a longer period of time to pop out the crispiness.

Kakera Pitha

14.Arisa Pitha

Yet another pitha, prepared especially during some sacred occasions. This is a must try as it tastes exquisite.


15.Chenna Jalebi

Jalebi made out of dried cottage cheese is what Chenna Jalebi is meant for. A very tasty dessert with an extra pinch of sweetness.

16.Chenna Kheeri

Scrambled Cottage cheese is dipped in the thick milk and is garnished with some dry fruits and condiments. This tastes bests when served chilled.


17.Chenna Jhili

This consists of the sweet syrup that adds to its taste. A must try!



These are the spongy cottage cheese balls that are soaked in the thickened and sweetened milk. The dessert tastes best when served chilled.



This dessert is somewhat similar to the previous one. But it tastes different and heavenly. This is available on the streets of Orrisa abundantly.



It is a thickened sweetened milk with layers of cream garnished with some dry fruits. This tastes heavenly and is a must try.

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