20 Food Items You Should Try Out In Majnu Ka Tila

20 Food Items You Should Try Out In Majnu Ka Tila

Majnu Ka Tilla is famous for its Tibetans’ food and clothes. The authentic Tibetan food is found here. Most of the students visit Majnu Ka Tila because of course, it’s close to Delhi University but also because of the affordable clothes and food they discover here.

1.Tenzing Aunty

Tenzing Aunty is a lady selling Laphing in front of the monastery. Her Laphings are most famous in Majnu Ka Tilla Laphings are a must-try if you are coming to Majnu Ka Tilla. There are two kinds of Laphings:- Gravy and Dry. These are super spicy; If your spice level is lower, please let her know. Laphing is inexpensive and economical.

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2.Ama Café

It is the most famous and loving place of Majnu Ka Tilla. Their desserts are the best thing to try, as they will blow your mind. We would recommend you try Pancakes and Banofee Pie. There may be too much waiting time during lunch hour, but the experience and food are excellent. The ambiance is also cute and friendly.

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3.Gangnam Restaurant

They have a unique ambiance; there are small private blocks where you can sit comfortably and spend quality time. They even have a tiny pink tree, making this restaurant more cute. There are many small details that you would love here. We recommend you try Ramen, Tteok-Bokki, and Chicken Cutlets, here. The staff is also pleasant and cooperative.

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4.Tee Dee

Just as cute as the name is, this food outlet is also super cute. They have comfortable seating for you to enjoy your food. The food is also yummy here; we will recommend you try – Shaphaley and Chicken Steam Momos. Their service is a bit slow sometimes, but the food is worth it.

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5.Wongdhen Café

It is the most beautiful and amazing café for all the foodies. Their ambiance is something to fall in love with. They have a very aesthetic and good vibe here. This place is perfect for date night. You should try their Wongdhen Special Vegetarian Pizza and Mango Ice Tea. The presentation of the food is stunning. They even have exclusive pastries.

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6.Big Apple

It is the best place for those who love Juice, Shakes, and Boba Tea. They have different drinks, and Strawberry Boba is a must-try here. It’s a very clean and beautiful place to have drinks. The prices are also very pocket-friendly.

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7.Makya Amay Tibet Kitchen

They have a wonderful ambiance the staff here are well-mannered and super polite. The food is excellent. You should try their drinks – Orange and Grape Fruit Cooler and Oriental Cooler. These drinks cost just 130/-. Except for drinks, you should try Sushi Boat here; it is delicious, and the presentation of sushi is fabulous.

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8.Norwang Café Restaurant

A beautifully created place on the streets of Majnu Ka Tilla. They have both outdoor and indoor seating arrangements. You will love their ambiance as the interior is so beautifully designed. Their food is fantastic, both in terms of quality and quantity. You should try their exceptional Coffee.

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9.Sarang Café

They have a cute, pretty ambiance here. Everything on their menu is excellent. You should try their Korean Corndogs, they are super delicious and mouthwatering. Service is super fast and the staff is very kind. If you’re going to Majnu Ka Tilla, you should visit this cafe.

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10.Rigo Restaurant

A tranquil and peaceful restaurant. They are known for their Devil Momos and Thukpa. The ambiance is simple but friendly, and the service is also fast. The quantity of food is enough for two people to share, and the quality is excellent.

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11.Uncle Wang’s Momos

This little place serves wonderful Momos on the streets of Majnu Ka Tilla. Chicken Momos are a must-try here, and the cost is only 70/-. Momos are juicy and delicious. You should check this place out.

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12.Sumo Restaurant

It is the best Japanese, Chinese, and Tibetan Cuisine in Majnu Ka Tilla. Their ambiance is cozy and satisfying with a view of Signature Bridge. You should try their Veg Mongolian Hot Pot. It serves four people. The service and the staff are outstanding.

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13.Busan Korean Restaurant

Busan restaurant is a fabulous place with an ambiance like an old-style Asian home. The food is loving and tasty. We would recommend you try Bulgogi Kimbap and Samgyeopsal Pork Belly BBQ. If you’re a vegetarian, then the options for you are minimal, otherwise, the food is excellent.

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14.Laphing Express

They sell delicious Laphings with good service and good quality. Their Soupy and Wai-Wai Laphings are amazing. These Laphings are reasonably priced and easy on the wallet. If you enjoy Laphing, you should visit this restaurant.

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15.Boba Burst

They sell amazing and one of the best Boba Tea. Taro Boba is a well-known drink here. The prices are minimal; you will find almost every drink under 100/-.

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16.Dolma Café

The restaurant is famous for its yummy and delicious Momos. The cost of momos might range from 60/- to 100/-. They also have numerous other food items on the menu. The ambiance is average here, but the service is good.

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17.Koko Restaurant

This restaurant is a small and cozy place to try different food items. The service here is average, but the ambiance is perfect. We recommend trying Chilli Momos and Fruit Beer. The price might start from 110/-.

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18.TM Kitchen

They have a chill ambiance and an excellent place to hang out with friends and family. The food here is fabulous and on point. You should try their Kimchi Fried Rice one. The presentation and quantity of the food are lovely, and the cost of food is very economical.

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19.Akhuni Naga Restaurant

This place has an aesthetic ambiance with fast service and good quality food. Chicken Jhol Momos, Chicken Nagar Thali, Fried Chicken, and Kothey Momos are a must-try here. The staff is super chill, and it’s a perfect spot to hang out with your loved ones.

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20.Himalayan Restaurant

This place is for all those who love authentic Tibetan Food. The ambiance is beautiful, and they have IPL/ISL steaming on the screen. The food cost is reasonable, the food is lovely and delicious too. The staff is kind and patient in describing the menu. You would love this place.

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