20 Momo Outlets That You Should Try Out Near North Campus

20 Momo Outlets That You Should Try Out Near North Campus

In 1994, Dolma Tsering opened the first Momos stand in Delhi. Gradually, Delhi started to be known for its tasty spicy momos. It is one of the most loved and everyone’s favorite fast food. Here is the list of the top 20 momos spot which you should try out and is also affordable for the students of North Campus.

1.Dolma Aunty Momos

Dolma Aunty was established by a woman in 1994 who wanted to introduce a fresh concept to Delhi’s marketplace. It began on the streets of Lajpat Nagar, but now has a branch in Kamla Nagar as well. The momos here are fantastic. These momos have to be tried at least once in one’s life.

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2.Momos Point

It is one of the oldest food outlets in Kamla Nagar. They began by offering solely momos, but now they also serve pizza, beverages, noodles, and various other meals. It is a well-known spot for momos. This restaurant is solely renowned for its momos. Afghani momos are a must-try in this city. The whole vibe and ambiance are fantastic here, and the staff is exceptionally kind. You should go here if you want some delicious momos.

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3.Chalta Firte Momos

This store specializes in momos, as the name implies. They provide a variety of momos, including Tandoori Gravy Momos, Tandoori Afghani Gravy Momos, Wheat Momos, and CFM Special Momos. You may get both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes here. They also provide other food items like Noodles. The atmosphere is lovely, with comfy seats.

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4.DU Momos Wala

This food outlet is most famous among DU students. The momos are lovely here. The prices are super affordable, and Paneer Steam Momos and Kurkure Momos are a must-try here. Their momos have a unique taste and are super delicious.

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5.Gupta Momos

Vijay Nagar is the location of this stall. The flavor here is one that you won’t find anywhere else. We recommend Paneer Steam and Fried Momos and Steam Chicken Momos. The stores open at 5 p.m. and they even sell spring rolls and other cuisine, but momos are the best item to try here. Prices might start as low as 40/-.

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6.Tom Uncle

Tom Uncle is the oldest yet the best food outlet situated in North Campus. Even though this location is known for Maggi, the momos here are delicious. We recommend the Paneer Kurkure Momos, which are delicious. The prices might start from 60/-

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7.The PD Momos

You’ll find the best Chicken momos here at just 40/- only. Not just Chicken but vegetarian momos are also delicious and lovely here. The sauce they give with their momos is really different and super yummy. You will fall in love once you try their momos.

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8.Wow Momos

If you’re a momo lover, then you must have heard of Wow Momos. They have several branches in different places and one of the most famous Momos outlets in Delhi. They serve some delicious momos with a wide variety of different kinds of moms. They have Stream, Friend, Tandoori, and even Thukpa with them.

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They are well-known for their momos, and students check this place out for their special Tandoori and Steamed momos at a very reasonable price. They even have Thukpa on their menu. The ambiance is very loving. You can sit comfortably and enjoy your momos. The prices here might start from 110/-

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10.Stack 9

They serve excellent momos and are located on Hudson Lane. They have some highly delicious and pocket-friendly momos with them. The prices might range from 70/-. They have different varieties like Chillin Paneer Momos and Makhni Malai Momos, and they are best known for their Tandoori Momos.

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They are well-known for their famous and delicious dim sum. People love their dim sums as they sell premium quality dim sums with great ambiance. They have Szechuan, Pan Fried, Sui Mai, and Whole Wheat Dimsums. The price might start from 170/-. The food’s quality is unquestionable, and the service is excellent.

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12.Woodbox Café

This café has very different kinds of food items on its menu, but their momos are full of flavors. They sell Wheat momos and their momos platter is very famous and yummy. Their ambiance is lovely, and you’ll fall in love with their café. The price might start from 180/-.

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13.Ashu Da Adda

A fantastic spot to get high-quality, tasty momos in Mukherjee Nagar. Their Paneer Kurkure momos are the most popular. Their meal quality and quantity are sufficient to satisfy your hunger desires. They’re inexpensive and excellent; you should certainly check them out.

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As the name suggests, this outlet sells exclusive momos in Kamla Nagar. They have different varieties of momos like Veggie Honey Chilli Toss Momos, Veggie Sesame Pan Fried Momos, Veggie Hot Garlic Toss Momos, and many more. The price of moms may start from 149/-.

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15.Dragon Dumplings

This street stall is established near Hansraj College. Students visit them frequently for their tasty, affordable momos. They are known for the quality they provide at such an affordable price. These momos are super rich in taste and quality and will make you crave even more momos. The price may start from 70/-.

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16.Housefull Café Lounge

With all the other food items that they sell, one of the best dishes served here is momos. Their momos are mouth-watering and will fulfill all your cravings. The ambiance is super friendly, and there is also an open terrace where you can enjoy the open air. The evening time is the best time to visit here. The quality of the food is a 10 out of 10. The price might start from 219/-.

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17.Hong’s Kitchen

They have some of the yummiest momos and their service is super nice. The staff here is polite, and you’ll enjoy the ambiance here. They have a variety of momos, including Peri-Peri momos, Soya Keema Momos, Classic Chicken Momos, and many more. The price might start from 139/-.

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18.Noodle Nirvana

It’s a small space with great flavors. They are also known for their excellent quality, and the quantity is also great as per the prices. Their Dimsums are worth a try, and you should check them out if you are a big Dimsums lover. The prices may start from 119/-.

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19.Spezia Bistro

They have the most amazing ambiance with a beautiful wing inside. We would recommend trying Zesty Chilli Chicken Momos here. They have a variety of momos – Veg Schezwan, Chicken Dimsum Sampler, Veg Momo Sizzler. The price may start from 189/-.

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20.Hudson Chopsticks

They serve some outstanding momos in Kamla Nagar. They have different types of momos – Chilli Cheese Momos, Oriental Veg Momos With Red Thai Curry Sauce, Chicken Wheat Momos, and the list goes on. The prices might start from 169/-. If you enjoy trying new and unique things, you can go here for various types of momos.

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