Top 20 Food Outlets in Kothrud, Pune


Kothrud, Pune the place where you find calmness. This place has almost everything that a city would need, every branded shop you could think of, be it of food or sports accessories or some clothes. It is a perfect blend of all these places. Here, there are tons of food outlets, every alternate shop has to do something with food. There are places like KFC, McDonalds, Subway, Cafe Coffee Day and many more. It even has many small outlets, some of which are old and famous and some are new but good enough to compete with others.

I would now guide you to the Top 20 Food outlets in Kothrud which will tangle your taste buds.

1 Cafe Durga

The most famous place in Pune. This cafe has been running since a long time and is famous for its cold coffee. It tastes nothing like any other ordinary cold coffee. It tastes like heaven and nobody wants to have just one cup of that coffee. The best part is it is quite pocket friendly. Other major dishes are pohe, vadapav, misal pav, upma. These four dishes are people’s favourite dishes in Durga.


2 Iddos

Just neighbouring Cafe Durga is this place called Iddos. It is very famous restaurant for having authentic south indian food. The dosa there is soo tasty that it melts in your mouth as soon as you put it inside. Sambhar is way too good. If anyone wants to have some good south indian food then i would sugget them to go there. It is a bit costly but its worth the price. Uttappam is another delicacy provided by Iddos.


3 Richie Rich

Actually this place is famous for its shakes. It basically has a lot of options of juices or milkshakes or shakes of different flavours. This place is very famous among youngsters and teenagers. It has now become a landmark to guide people. The  must try’s are- Butterscotch shake. A perfect blend of sweetness and smoothness is acheived. It is enough to make your stress go away after work. Iced tea is among one of the must try. They even provide CAD B which is very famous these days.


4 Cad B Cad M

The name contains the name of two very famous shakes.

Cad B– contains thick shake of chilled chocolate with choco-chips as a topping. It is soo thick that you can’t drink it like water, you need a spoon to have it. It is a pure chocolate based thick.

Cad M– contains same thick shake as Cad B but the difference comes in the chocolate content. This is actually a mix of milk and chocolate. So people who can’t stand much of chocolate should go for this.

This place also has snacks to eat such as pizza, burger, sandwhich etc. But the must try is Cad B and Cad M.


5. Dil Maange More

A restaurant come cafe. Here you can get food on a thali basis. It has Veg thali and Non-Veg thali. A thali contains roti, salad, Veg plate/Non-Veg plate, Rice, dal. The taste is unbelievable and cost efficient too. Other than this one can get fantastic Manchurian, Noodles and some Chinese Fried rice, burgers, pizzas, sandwhiches, rolls etc. It is very delicious. I would recommend the Thali and also chinese fried rice. Dont worry the place is very clean.


6. Pink Turban

It is pretty much like any other restaurant, but the catch comes with the quality and the taste of food which tickles your taste buds in a very unsual way. The name suggests that this outlet is run by Punjabi people, and surely no one would want to miss the makke di roti and sarso ka saag!


7. Cafe Katta

The name pretty much says it all. It consists of coffees, thicks, shakes, iced teas, ice creams and hot beverages. This place has its own small hall for gathering of a small party of 15-20 people. The must try are Chocolate shake with ice cream, katta coffee with ice cream, hot coffee, butterscotch shake.


8. Owl Day Cafe

A cafe with excellent food and drinks. It provides sandwhiches, dishes made of eggs, Pasta, Maggi,also cakes, coffees and teas. This place has got many good reviews form people. “Probably one of the best cafes I’ve ever been to.” A review from a customer. Not fake actors okay! I would suggest you to eat coleslaw sandwhich. Its among the best dishes served there. Also the cold coffee and the hot coffee are the two most ordered and loved beverages of this place.


9. Eatsome

Probably the best place to have some fantastic and delicious rolls on the go. It has a lot of variety of rolls including veg and non veg rolls. It is a bit costly but surely worth the price. Also it has variety of rice dishes. For people who eat non veg i would like to recommend the chicken bhuna wrap and boti chicken wrap. It will turn up your senses for sure. For my vegetarian friends i would suggest paneer tikka wrap.


10. Rolls Mania

Yet again another Roll outlet for roll lovers. A cheap place to get good quality and tasty rolls. Eggs rolls are what i like the best there. Double omlet roll is the best. Also Aloo Chilly roll and Allo fry roll are good for vegetarians. It is a bit of a small place with few tables to sit but definitly a cheap and good outlet.


11. Rolls club

A small Shop by the roadside just beside a signal. Doesn’t attract much of a crowd but believe me that place is lit with taste. The rolls provided by them are tempting and irresistible. The taste is not like any other ordinary rolls shop, it is pure magic, a tingling effect on your tongue is assured. Paneer rolls, Aloo rolls and egg rolls are the must try if you ever visit this place.


12. Ecstasy

Excellent place for hangout with friends with a couple of drinks. This place even provides Hookah for the hookah lovers. Their food is great also the cost is not too high, it is more of a average price. The must try’s are murg mussallam, chicken angara, chicken tikka.


13. Woodfire Grill

A place meant for friends to hangout. Great Ambience and good quality food. It is known for its cocktails which are quite amazing. A bit costly place but it wouldnt matter to you once you get the taste of it. One should definitely try fish or prawns as they are mouth watering and delicious. Veg live grill is good but nothing can beat biryani.


14. Cliche

A very famous place for Irani chai and bun maska on MIT college road. This place is small but the food here is brilliant. This place is actually for having a nice cup of Irani chai. Bun maska is another dish which is quite impressive. Garlic bread and Garlic bread toast are the two most ordered dishes by teenagers. Maggi is also served. The chai has a taste which is not like any ordinary chai and is brilliant.


15. Bistro Basillico

A small palce by the roadside of MIT college, filled with delicious food and drinks and time spent with friends you cannot forget. The palce is small but nicely decorated. An average cost place with dishes like burgers, pastas, pizzas, sandwiches, coffees etc. You ought to try the burgers and pizzas here. They are just out of the world dishes ever to be tasted. Also there are complimentary fries with burgers, who would not want that. Cold coffee is another delicacy that should be tried once you go there.


16. Bourn Village

A place where you find heavenly sodas. This place has a lot of flavours of sodas which tickles your taste buds. It is very very cheap, for just 15 rs you get a big soda of 750 ml quantity. Besides soda, other dishes like pizzas, burgers, sandwhiches etc are aslo available. Ice cream, shakes with ice cream is another attraction in this place.


17. Goli

This is a very very compact food outlet exclusively serves vadapav. It is on the MIT college road and is not easy to spot due to the heavy crowd all the times. It has vadapav of various kinds starting from normal vadapav to cheese vadapav to even chocolate vadapav. Quite cheap and reasonable and worth a try.


18. Kinara Hotel

A very famous landmark in kothrud ares. Many inter-state buses have their stop here. This hotel is on the main Paud road. Amazing hotel since a long period of time. It is good to go with family. They serve almost everything with awesome taste and reasonable prices. Punjabi dishes and dal tadka is a must try over here. Panner Tikka Masala is outstanding here.


19. Hyderabad House

The most amazing place to have some nice Hyderabadi biryani, be it no veg or veg. There is no other biryani better than this. Sensational taste with awesome ambience. The price is worth it. These biryani’s are as said that is spicy and hot as hell. Chicken Biryani is a must try as it tickles your taste buds. Ambience is good and can go with a family. I would suggest to definitely to there if in kothrud.


20. Sumitra Restaurant

A pure veg retaurant serving Chinese, fast food, North Indian, South Indian etc. This place is absolute delight for all the vegetarians. Idli Vada smbhar is something you must try in South Indai cuisine. Ambience is good. Paneer Pasanda and Dal Tadka are peoples favourite in punjabi.