20 Items Prepared With Boiled Leftover Rice


1. Capsicum Rice

The Capsicum Rice is made from left-over rice. The rice which is left over at night is then is reused in the morning as the breakfast dish. The item is made up of ingredients like the rice which is already ready, capsicum and tomato. The ingredients are mixed and cooked then it is served with yoghurt, papad or salad. The dish can also be made from the freshly cooked rice but the taste of leftover rice increases by the day.


2. Maggi Masala Rice

The Maggi Masala rice is cooked with Maggi masala which is easily available in the market. The masala is put into the left-over rice, then it is cooked. The rice becomes flavourful overnight. The dish is served with a chatpatta achaar (pickles).


3. Pav Bhaji Pulao

The Pav Bhaji Pulao is like Maggi Masala Pulao. The only difference in both the dishes is that, in one the flavour is of Maggi and in another one the flavour is of Pav Bhaji. The rice is normally made, only the pav bhaji masala is added into it to give it a unique flavour.


4. Rice Manchurian

We all have tried the vegetable Manchurian, a Chinese dish. Another dish of Manchurian is Rice Manchurian. The Manchurian balls are made up with the leftover rice. The veggies are also included in it. Then the same gravy is made of Manchurian and it is served hot.


5. Capsicum Stuffed Rice

The Capsicum Stuffed Rice is an Indian special dish in which the rice is stuffed in different bell peppers. The ingredients which are used in the dish are cheese, rice and capsicum. All the ingredients are stuffed in the capsicum and baked in a microwave. Then it is served hot with salad.


6. Cheese Rice

The Cheese is loved by all, be it adults or children. Cheese Rice is a very simple dish, made up of only two ingredients which are cheese and rice. Both the ingredients are mixed and baked till the cheese melts. When the cheese melts, the dish is ready and served with different types of sauces.


7. Rice Pudding

Rice Pudding is the famous Indian dessert which is creamy and delicious. The dish is instant and is made up of ingredients like coconut milk, cream, leftover rice and cinnamon powder. These ingredients are cooked and then it is chilled. The dish is very much loved by the people residing in South India as they like dishes made up of rice.


8. Fried Rice

This Chinese dish is liked by all. Mainly, fried rice is served with Manchurian or Chilli Paneer. The dish is made up of ingredients like carrot, capsicum, tomato, onion, etc. The dish contains many protein and vitamins. It is served hot.


9. Rice Rolls

The simple rice roll is made by left-over rice. The heart of the dish is rice. The ingredients that are used to make the rice balls are only rice and some masalas. The rice is mashed in a bowl and to that, the masalas are added. Then the balls are deep fried and served.


10. Rice Kofta

The Rice Kofta is like Malai kofta, but the only difference in that is stuffing. The stuffing in rice ball is mashed boiled rice, onion, paneer and cream. The balls of this ingredients are made and served with gravy.


11. Egg Curry Fried Rice

Egg contains proteins and minerals. Egg curry is normally cooked and with that the rice is added. The flavour of the egg is mixed with the rice and served hot.


12. Three Layered Rice

The leftover rice is divided in three parts and then the food colours are added in it like red green and yellow. They are mixed and cooked with onion. After that the rice is served with raita.


13. Khichdi

The tasty Khichdi can be made with leftover rice. The tomato puree is made and mixed with the rice or onion can be fried and mixed with the rice or Indian masalas can be mixed with some veggies and served as khichdi.


14. Schezwan Pulao

The Schezwan chutney, desi Chinese is very famous in India. The special rice is made by mixing the schezwan chutney. The dish can be served for breakfast.


15. Masala Pulao

Masala Pulao is a type of veg. biryani which is healthy as well as tasty. The dish is made up of seasonable vegetables. Garam masala is added into it to give a desi flavour to the dish. The dish is served with raita to balance the taste.


16. Chawal Ka Paratha

This Paratha is famous everywhere. The Chawal ka Paratha is quite unique. The paratha is made by the stuffing masaledar chawal. The chawal stuffing is made up of rice and Indian spices. The dish is served with achaar and butter.


17. Corn Pulao

Corn Pulao is a type of Biryani which is made with leftover rice. The dish is instant and can be served as breakfast also. The dish is very healthy as well. The pulao includes two main ingredients: rice and corn. The pulao is served with raita or achaar or papad.


18. Rice Cheese Balls

Cheese is the delicious ingredient that is loved by almost all. The balls are made up of the ingredients like leftover rice, cheese and Indian spices. The balls are made with all these ingredients and then they are deep or shallow fried. The cheese ball is so tasty that no one can resist from eating it.


19. Chawal Ka Pakora

Chawal Ka Pakora is a snack which is very popular in India. The dish is made up with leftover rice. The core of the dish is the rice which is coated in besan and deep fried like the other pakoras. Then the balls which are pakora is served hot with the chutney.


20. Rice Vegetable Cutlet

The leftover rice converted into a soft batter from which the cutlet is made. In that batter, finely chopped vegetable is added. The cutlets are deep fried in oil. Then they are cut from between to make it more tempting and are served with chutneys.