20 Kebabs For Vegetarians

20 Kebabs For Vegetarians

Kebab is one of the famous dishes around the globe. Along with its appetizing nature it is also said to be the most delectable category of food. Origin of Kebab is middle-east and i also seems to be the term for collection of foods. Kebab has a different definitions, but people generally have one expression after having it “mind-blowing”. It is praised around the globe because of its delectable and spicy nature.


Hara Bhara Kabab

Hara Bhara Kabab is a delicious vegetarian dish full of spices and tart taste. It is found that this Kebab is named as a symbol of green health and is also famous in India. Not only Indians but also the tourist who come from different have their strong desire to taste this appetizer. It doesn’t take more than 20 minutes to get this mouth-watering Kebab cooked.


Paneer Kurkure Kabab

Paneer Kurkure Kabab is said to be the most dominating vegetarian recipe and a great attraction even for those who are not vegetarian. It has a combination of Paneer, Potato, Cornflakes and Spinach. This Kebab is all the way famous as light dulcified meal for the evening. Healthy ingredient in it makes it even more demanding.


Veg-seekh Kabab

This palatable dish makes all vegetarian people lucky to have this recipe around. It is one of the famous Kabab in Punjab, India. It contains delicious ingredients which is the reason why it is so aired. It has Green Peas, Carrot, Potato and Cabbage with all its streaming.


Mushroom Tikka

It is said that it contains least ingredients and also the easiest recipe to cook. Surprisingly all you need to prepare this nectarous dish is Besan, Spinach and Mushroom. Delicious, piquant and may be a perfect starter. If you ever find yourself stuck in a sort of meal selection at the hotel then straight away go for Mushroom Tikka which would definitely set your tongue on fire.


Corn Kabab

Corn Kabab is one of the snackers and also seems very healthy. It is found that it is grilled and less oily. People of Punjab are very fond of this dish. Ingredients in it are Potato and Sweetcorn. It is also said that it is the easiest meal to cook at home.


Chilly Milly Seekh Kabab

Chilly Milly Kabab is also one of the famous Kebabs in Punjab. It is cooked in Indian marinating cottage; it contains Onion, Capsicum, Tomatoes, Cornflour, Spinach and Spices. It is one of the famous brackish Kabab which is served almost in every restaurant of India.


Paneer Hariyali Kabab

Paneer Hariyali Kabab is said to be the tasty and quickest recipe. Name of this dish is due to its green color. Sizzling Paneer and Chutney is a rocking meal of Mumbai, India. People cannot resist their temptation when it comes to Paneer Kabab. They already have their mind set to this salty item when they go to restaurant. Green Paneer always succeed in bringing waters to people’s mouth.


Mila Jula Kabab

Mila Jula Kabab is a mixture of healthy ingredients and said to be the most demanding meal in northern Bihar. This Kabab has gained a great attention all over the country. Paneer, Spices, and cold flour are the requirements and it takes no more than 30 minutes to get cooked. It is famous for its richness and salty flavor.


Veg Pudina Kabab

Veg Pudina Kabab could be the perfect snack to serve in any occasion. It contains Pudina,Cheese and Spice. It is presumed as a healthy starter and is easily found all over the country. It is a delicious snack and also a low pocket meal.


Paneer Hyderabadi Kabab

Hyderabadi Paneer Kabab is a delicious preparation of Hyderabad. You will find Cheese, Paneer, Spice and Spinach. All the different Kabab have own ingredients and criteria. But this dish has a touch of uniqueness in it. People who have this dish will never prefer a non-veg Kabab. And it is very famous in Hyderabad.


Shammi Kabab

Shammi Kabab is a tasty variety of Kababs And has a demand in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It is one of the delicious appetizers and contains Potato, Curd, Besan and Paneer. It is served widely in the regions of Punjab, Hyderabad, Kashmir and Uttar Pradesh. It is often found as a matter of attraction in the hotel. It is especially served with Lemon and Tomato Gravies. This dish puts market on fire during the time of EID.


Bhutteyan Da Kabab

Bhutteyan de Kabab is a yummy and greasy preparation of Punjab.It is an excellent dish largely served all over India containing the following ingredients;Bhuttey,Butter,Cheese, Onion, Ginger and Green Peas. It is found grilled and will never fail to satisfy your taste buds. Once you have this meal you will never stop searching for this delicious food where ever you go.



Dahi Ke Kabab

This crunchy meal is been in the list of Indian recipe since 1980s and still found to be the most famous dish in India. Never ever tried to disappoint the people by its taste and always remained demanding. The key ingredients are Hung Yogurt, Cornflour and Cheese. It is also found to be the religious food of India. It is said that it is tasty as well as healthy.


Veg Burra Kabab

Veg Burra Kabab is another variety of Kebab and is very delicious. It attracts the people of Mumbai and also is famous for its spicy nature. It is easy to cook and take no more than 20 minutes to get prepared. You only need Curd, onion, Besan and Cornflour. It is a good appetizer.


Paneer Kabab

Paneer Kabab is a popular dish and can be easily prepared just in 20-30 minutes. People say it could be a great starter and is very tasty. Also known as Cottage Cheese Kabab it contains ingredients as Paneer,Cheese and Milk. When it is served with its mint chutney it makes people get immersed in its taste. It is a great appetizer and is highly demanded food of Mumbai, India.


Shikampur Kabab

Shikampur Kabab is a very famous dish of Hyderabad. Delicious and exotic in taste it is served in the restaurants of Hyderabad. It is also known as “belly-full” dish. It has perfect level of healthful ingredients and people gets attracted towards it. It contains Green Chillies,Cheese, Lime Juice and Ghee.


Veggie Kebab

It is known for its sweetness and almost each type of healthy vegetables is cooked in this dish. This dish is basically served in summer season. For vegetarian it is found to be the best variety of Kabab. A mind-blowing starter and a spicy snacker, people go crazy about it. Ingredients like Tomatoes, Onion, Lemon, Cherry, Fruits and Trimmed Mushrooms always put this starter at the first in the list of being attractive.


Veggie Souvlaki Kebab

It is the most special meal of Greece and maintained its popularity all over the Europe. People of Europe like vegetables cooked on skewers. This delicious dish is also known as “Souvlaki Veggie Skewers”. It contains Vegetables, Lemon juice, Fruits and Cheese.


Potato Mushroom Kabab

It is also known as “Mixed Kebab”. It is very popular in India and in Dubai. No one can speak anything against this delectable dish. Though it is found a bit costly in India it will definitely fill the gap. It contains Potato, Mushrooms, Paneer and Besan and has a great demand all over Asia.


Halloumi Kebab

Halloumi Kebab,similar to Souvlaki Kebabs, seems to be the perfect option for the vegetarians. It has Grilled Cheese which makes it dulcified. It has healthful ingredients including Fruits, Cheese, Vegetables and Paneer. It is again one of the famous Dish of Greece and also holds attraction in Asia. It takes not more than 20 minutes to get cooked. It is served with Mint Chutney.