20 Lip-Smacking Dishes You Can Make With Cheese

20 Lip Smacking Dishes You Can Make With Cheese
20 Lip Smacking Dishes You Can Make With Cheese

Cheese is a very famous dairy product, which is high in protein and highly nutritious. It is produced in various ranges of textures and forms by coagulation of milk protein casein. The style, texture, and flavour of cheese depend upon the origin of cheese, including a diet of animals. It is a white colour, smooth texture, ingredient which is highly consumed nowadays. You can prepare many recipes using this ingredient, adding a smooth and creamy texture to the recipe. There are many unique recipes made with cheese available, which you can prepare at home and enjoy. So, let us some of them using cheese.

1.Cheesy Pizza

Everyone of us likes to eat pizza, isn’t it true? Yes, we all have always enjoyed tasting delicious pizza with unique toppings and cheese on it. The addition of lots of cheese to the pizza makes it even more delicious.

cheesy pizza

2.Cheese Poppers

You will find this dish available on the menu of every restaurant as it is one of the most famous and favourite starters loaded with cheese. They consist of cheese sliced mixed with herbs that are coated with bread crumbs, which makes them highly crunchy.

cheese poppers

3.Nachos With Cheese

Nachos are considered to be the favourite of every other person nowadays, and are made with simple and essential ingredients available at home. The nachos are crispy and have a spicy flavour, but when they are loaded with cheese, they become creamy and more flavourful.

nachos with cheese

4.Potato Cheese Croquettes

They are so soft and adequately loaded with the cheese that they melt in your mouth and give a burst of flavour of cheese. This recipe is made with the batter or stuffing of potatoes and cheese, which are deep-fried and then served hot with sauce or chutney.

potato cheese croquettes

5.Cheese Sandwich

Sandwiches are the ultimate breakfast recipe; we all eat whenever we don’t understand what to prepare or are in a hurry. So, now you can make your sandwich, even more, tastier by addition of melted cheese to it. You can pack it into the lunch box of your kids so that they can enjoy its delicious taste.

cheese sandwich

6.Cheesy Fondue

Cheese fondues are a blessing, to cheese lovers as they can now enjoy lots of cheese with their favourite dishes. This cheese fondue best tastes with breadsticks and toasted bread. There are various types of cheese used to make fondue so that you can choose your favourite ones.

cheese fondue

7.Mac And Cheese

It is one of the most prominent cheese recipes made using macaroni. This is loved by kids the most as every bite of it is a burst of flavours the in mouth. You can prepare it with any kind of cheese like yellow cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, and parmesan cheese.

mac and cheese

8.Baked Cheese Spaghetti

After pasta, you can even enjoy this delicious recipe of cheesy flavour, which is made by adding spaghetti in cheese, and then baking them together to give it a nice flavour and texture.

baked cheese spaghetti

9.Baked Vegetable Risotto

It is one such dish that you will find at almost every other party, where you can enjoy the flavour of your favourite cheese with some vegetables. It is usually prepared by baking some veggies, rice, cream and cheese together.

cheese vegetable risotto

10.Cheese Paratha

Parathas are the favourite breakfast of India, and they enjoy having varieties of them like aloo paratha, paneer paratha, and gobi paratha. But that one type, which is filling and tasty with a burst of cheese, is cheese paratha. So, if you are a cheese lover, then you should not miss this out this recipe of cheese paratha.

cheese paratha

11.Cheese And Herb Potato Fries

Children love both potato fries and cheese, so why don’t we make a recipe for them, consisting of both. It is an ideal snack to prepare for your kids in the evening when they feel hungry; they will surely love it and will be pleased.

cheese and herb potato fries

12.Palak Cheese Dosa

This dosa recipe is so tasty that if you taste it once, then you might not want to taste the other kinds of dosas. It is a unique and creative recipe that involves a paste of palak spread on the dosa along with cheese, onions, and dosa. They are incredibly delicious and can be prepared for a change.

cheese palak paratha

13Fried Cheese Toast

This recipe is similar to the sandwiches, but is crisper in texture. It is prepared by sandwiching cheese between the bread and then deep-frying them until they turn golden-brown. They are crispy from the outside and cheesy from within that can be relished with sauce or chutney.

fried cheese toast

14Cottage Cheese Tortilla

In this creative recipe, you have to top the homemade tortillas with a mixture of cooked veggies like onions, capsicums, tomatoes, and lots of paneer cubes. To add flavour to it, sprinkle herbs and spices; they are of small size and can be served to guests as a starter.

cottage cheese tortilla

15.Mexican Stuffed Cheese Potato

It is a Mexican dish made by stuffing the potatoes with cheesy stuffing and then baking them. You can even add green chillies, herbs, and spices to the cheese before baking. You will surely enjoy the taste of these baked potatoes.

mexican stuffed cheese potato

16Veg Cream Cheese Dip

This creamy and cheesy dip is excellent and can be served along with various kinds of dishes. To prepare it, you have to grind cottage cheese, tangy curd, crispy veggies, and red chilli flakes together in a grinder. You can even enjoy this dip with chips.

veg creamy cheese dip

17Vegetable Rice With Cheese Sauce

It is a kids-friendly recipe that is healthy and flavourful with their favourite ingredient, cheese, present in it. The cheese sauce is topped on the rice, followed by garnishing it with stir-fried veggies like carrots, capsicums, and many other ingredients of your choice.

vegetable rice with cheese sauce

18.Broccoli Cheese Balls

To prepare this recipe, you have to collect a few veggies along with broccoli and stir-fry them. After cooling them add cornflour, potatoes, cheese, and salt. After the batter is ready, deep-fry the broccoli cheese balls into the pan, and then serve them hot to the guests.

broccoli cheese balls

19.Cauliflower Cheese

It is probably a filling and delicious dinner recipe that you can prepare to please your taste buds. It is cauliflowers and cheese baked together to make a delightful baked recipe, which is healthy and nutritious.

cauliflower cheese

20.Melting Cheese And Onion Pie

It is a vegetarian cheese pie, the perfect winter comfort recipe to make for the whole family. You have to use onions and cheese as the crucial ingredients and then prepare it in the same way as a pie.

melted cheese and onion pie