20 Moong Dal Recipes For You To Try Out

20 Moong Dal Recipes For You To Try Out
20 Moong Dal Recipes For You To Try Out

Moong Dal is a highly consumed lentil in India and is considered the healthiest one among all the types of different lentils. It is a yellow colour lentil having high nutritional value, which is consumed in India in massive amounts in various ways, such as moong dal with rice, which we usually eat at our home. But, do you know about many other recipes you can prepare using this super Dal? If not, then you must try out a few of the recipes mentioned below, which you can try yourself at home and prepare for breakfast. We have mentioned 20 moong dal recipes so that you can have variations.

1.Moong Dal Khichdi

This moong dal khichdi is a one-pot recipe that uses moong dal and rice for its preparation. It is a healthy and light to digest recipe, which is highly suggested by Ayurveda to consume during any illness. You can even make it more flavourful by adding veggies and spices to it.

moong dal khichdi

2.Moong Dal

This is a cooked lentil prepared in Indian houses, consumed either with rice or roti. It is yellow and can be composed of any consistency as you prefer. You can cook it with cumin, chilli, tomato, and Garam masala.

moong dal

3Moong Dal Cheela

Cheela is a famous snack enjoyed in India, which can also be eaten up along with green chutney and a warm cup of tea. To prepare this recipe, you have to soak moong dal overnight and blend it into a thick batter. You can even add spices and chillies to the batter.

moong dal cheela

4.Moong Dal Payasam

It is a sweet dish consumed in South India and is prepared with moong dal, jaggery, and coconut milk. It is flavourful with a yellow and creamy texture. Probably, now you have a recipe of the sweet dish you can prepare from moong dal.

moong dal payasam 1

5.Moong Dal Dosa

This dosa made with moong dal is a favorite breakfast item of people in Andhra Pradesh. It is a healthy, vegan, and gluten-free dosa variety that you will definitely like. Serve the dosa with coconut and green chutney as it would to taste best with them.

moong dal dosa

6.Ven Pongal

It is a breakfast recipe prepared in South India using rice and yellow moong lentils. It is like porridge in appearance and consists of cumin, Hing, and black pepper. It is prepared in ghee to add taste to it.

ven pongal

7.Punjabi Sabut Moong Dal

You must try this delicious home-cooked sabutmoong dal that goes well with steamed rice or even chappati. If you love to eat Punjabi food having tadka to it, then you must give it a try.

punjabi sabut moong dal

8.Moong Dal Halwa

Sweets are the favourite of almost every Indian; especially Halwa is made of different kinds in every home. One of those Halwa recipes is moong dal halwa, which is usually made during the Diwali festival.

moong dal halwa 1

9.Bengali Khichdi

This khichdi recipe is usually prepared during Durgapooja in West Bengal. This khichdi is designed in the style of Pulav as it contains lots of veggies like potatoes, chillies, green peas, carrots, and many more.

bengali khichdi

10.Moong Dal Ladoo

These delicious ladoos are made of ghee, moong dal, and sugar. They are similar to besan ladoo in appearance and can be replaced for a change. You can make them during any festive season and enjoy with your family.

moong dal ladoo

11Moong Dal Dhokla

It is a dhokla recipe, which uses moong dal as the key ingredient instead of dhokla. To enhance the taste of this dish, you must have it along with chutney. If you don’t want mint chutney, then try out raw papaya chutney.

moong dal dhokla

12Moong Dal Bhajiya

Bhajiya, also called Pakore, are suitable to have at tea time, along with some chutney. They are designed by coating the chopped veggies into the batter of dal, which is prepared in the same way as we prepare for the Cheela.

moong dal bhajiya

13Dal Kachori

Usually, the kachori we get to eat is made of Urad dal and has a lip-smacking taste, but have you tried out the one made using moong dal? They are flaky and deep-fried that goes well with tea.

dal kachori

14.Ram Ladoo

This moong dal savoury ladoo is very famous on the streets of Delhi. These are fried pakoras made with moong dal batter, which are served with chutney and ‘Mooli ka laccha” and taste highly delicious.

ram ladoo

15.Turai Ki Sabzi

It is a very easily accessible, home-cooked recipe. It is made using torai, using it as the main ingredient. It is prepared using Moong dal and is called ‘Dodka’ in Marathi.

turai ki sabzi

16.Suva Bhaji

This recipe is made of Dill leaves, and moong dal cooked together, having a strong aroma and pungent taste. The dish, when prepared, looks tempting and is delicious. It is called ‘ Shepu’ in Marathi.

suva bhaji

17.Trevti Dal

It is a dal recipe, which is made of three dals called chana dal, moong dal, and arhar dal. It is a home-style Gujarati dish, which can be prepared easily at our homes and enjoyed along with chappati.

trevti dal

18Panchmeal Dal

This moong dal is prepared mainly in the regions of Rajasthan, which includes of lots of protein. It contains the nutrition of 5 different dals, and hence called ‘Panchmel’ Dal. The dals present in this recipe are chanafal, urad dal, moong dal, arhar dal, and moth dal.

panchmeal dal

19Moong Sprouts

Sprouts are said to be protein-rich and highly nutritious food. It is a quick recipe that can be prepared when you don’t have much time for cooking. You can add veggies, masala, and lemon to it for some flavour.

moong sprouts


It is a Maharashtrian gravy recipe that uses moong sprouts as a critical ingredient. It also contains bean sprouts and is traditionally eaten with pav, chapatti, or rice. They are prepared using moong sprouts only and cannot be replaced with any other.