20 Lip-Smacking Nepali Dishes That Will Give You A Food Coma For Sure

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Nepal is one of the countries considered as less polluted nations on the earth. It has numerous scenic temples and monasteries. The country shares its border with five Indian states such as Uttarakhand (in the west), Uttar Pradesh (in the south), West Bengal, and Sikkim (in the east).

Speaking about the food of Nepal, It enriched with lots of exotic herbs and spices. The cuisine chiefly consists of rice, dal, corn, wheat, etc., and involves lots of cooking techniques such as boiling, fermenting, roasting, stewing, steaming, and a lot more. Dal Bhat and roti tarkari is the staple meal for the people living there but along with that Nepal, has a lot more dishes to offer. Today we will take you on the delectable journey of 20 Nepalese dishes that you should try before you die.

1.Sel Roti

The first item on our list is Sel roti, a fragrant Nepalese donut bread made with rice flour, sugar, and butter/ghee. The dough seasoned with spices such as cardamom, cloves, and sometimes bananas are added to give them a firm, bread-like texture. It is baked on both sides traditionally. Sel roti paired with tea and similar hot drinks usually. Especially it is popular during the Tihar (Diwali) and Dashain (Durga Puja) in Nepal.


2. Gundruk

Gundruk is a dish commonly prepared in Nepal by fermenting various vegetables like mustard greens, radish leaves, and cauliflower and producing an acidic product that is dark brownish. Usually, this dish serves with steamed rice. It is a versatile food that can use as a snack or a side dish, and not only can this make it into a soup. As the people in rural areas will eat corn and tubers, it is essential for them as it is rich in sources of minerals.



Sukuti prepares from the dried meat of lamb, chicken, mutton, and also it is a unique Nepalese dish. The meat portions are thinly sliced ​​and marinated with cumin, turmeric, black pepper, coriander, chili, ginger, garlic, and onion sauce. It can be eaten as is, but can also be grilled and seasoned, then served as an aperitif or snack. Many locals like to mix it with pickles, korma, and noodles.


4. Gorkhali Lamb

Next to our list is Gorkhali Lamb. Essentially it is a curry dish prepared by sliding the curry lamb with potatoes and onions. Further, Separate it from the curry, grill it, and cover with a layer of oven pepper that gives it an intense kick. It is kept in the curry to heat a little more. This lamb curry is a favorite for people of Nepal, and this dish will surely be worth trying.

Gorkhali Lamb

5. Thukpa

It is a thick soup made with vegetables, meat, or egg. Usually, It pairs with a dish of momo. This dish is a favorite in the mountains mainly, for the shapereds of Nepal. It seasons with rich meat and broth of soup as same as Tibetan and Chinese cuisine. That made from different variety of meat like goat, lamb, chicken, and sometimes Buffaloes.


6. Yomari

Yomari is a kind of Nepal rice flour dumpling filled with molasses. Usually, it is triangularly, made by steaming and serving. Dessert eats during the Poush season (mid-December and January). The name of Ya-words derived bowls, and Mari means sensitive. The main components of Yomari are rice flour, milk, honey, coconut, sesame seeds, sugar, and ghee.


7. Tongba

Tongba, popularly known as “Tibet’s Hot Beer”. It is a popular homegrown beer that people can find sipping using a bamboo straw from a pear-like cast. It is millet-based alcohol and prepared by the process of fermentation. Commonly, it is served piping hot.


8. Chatamari

Commonly, chatamari refers to Nepalese pizza, but these four Newari (an indigenous caste) snacks do not come too close to pizza when it comes to taste. Rice flour crepe topped with cilantro, minced beef, egg, chopped onion, red pepper, and spices. The round appearance makes it look like pizza. It is different from other Nepalese food, but this is one of those must-try dishes that one should have while visiting Nepal.


9. Samay Baji

Speaking about gourmet dishes, the Samay Baji is a slightly gourmet dish. It has passed on peer groups of people in Nepal. It is a tray that consists of barbecued buffalo meat, yolk, beaten rice, and flavorful potato salad. It is a long-established dish that serves on a favorable moment in the Newari culture. This dish is a must-try in Nepal if you are a fan of spicy cuisines.

Samay Baji

10. Dhido

It is a heated paste of galette flour, rather like a thick porridge or polenta. We need to mix it with butter or ghee while eating.


11. Momo

While Momos are often called Tibetan dumplings, the truth is that they are often better in Nepal. We can call it Nepalese food, as it has its origin in Tibetian but is a favorite for Nepalis. Rice dough stuffed with minced meat vegetables, chopped buffalo, or chicken. It is damped, deep-contained or a spicy soup added. Also, they serve with the great help of spicy pickles.


12. Juju Dhau

Juju Dhau is called the ‘king curd,’ Juju Dhau is a kind of Newari yogurt. It is a creamy, thick, and sweet dish, usually used as a dessert. This dish is made of buffalo milk and is very popular among the new arias. If you visit Bhaktapur (in Nepal), then you must try it.

Juju Dhau

13. Wo

‘Wo’ is often known as Newari griddlecake, is typically made with ground Lens culinaris or Lens esculenta batter, usually green and black. During the Newari festival of ‘Siti Nakha,’ they will prepare a delicious pancake known as Baara by the locals of Nepal. The lentil patties are so light and spongy and are ideal for snack or lunch sides. Also, we can add Minced chicken and battered egg to create a non-vegetarian version of the pancakes.


14. Dal Bhat

The delicious lentil curry, served with white rice, is a staple for lunch and dinner in the country. After experiencing a taste of Nepal Dal, you will be shocked at how a simple dish can give as soulful of feeling and Pleasant. Pickles, meat, and yogurt sauces serve as a side dish. There are different variations of Dal Bhat in disparate parts of the country, giving you an authentic experience of tribes and cultures.

Dal Bhat

15. Kwati

Kwati is a conventional Nepalese slow-cooked stew consisting of various beans like white peas, chickpeas, soya beans, mung beans, kidney beans, and black-eyed peas. It comes with the taste of dried red chili, turmeric, seeds of ajwain lovage, ginger, and salt. It is consumed on Janai Purnima and pick to distribute with a species of chapati on the side.


16. Sekuwa

Sekuwas is a masterpiece of Nepal made of baked and pierce meat of lamb, goat, chicken, or pork. Before grilling, combine meat with fresh herbs and spices, then it is grilled on red burning coals. It is one of the famous street snacks. The dish serves with chiura, baji, and local tomato sauce.


17. Chiura/Baji

Baji is a Nepalese dish that includes pounded rice. It is consumed as a bite, matched with curry, meat, cream cheese, or tea. Baji is particularly famous amongst laborers, even though it is also a base of conventional wedding ceremonies. Ceremonies withinside the country. There are many styles of baji, such as red and white the red one is a lot crunchier than the white ones.

Chiura Baji

18. Churpi

Chhurpi is a cream-colored cheese made from cow milk (which is soft) or yak milk (which is hard), produced in the Himalayan regions. Often, In place of vegetables like Indian Cottage cheese (Paneer), we can use Soft variety. So, it is usually used in curries and consumed with rice or flatbread. Another type can last up to 20 years properly if stored in yak skin, and a small cube of churpi will give you the nutritional properties of a glass of milk.


19. Chhaang

Chhaang is a fermented drink. Majorly, in Nepal and Tibet, it is enjoyed. They use barley, millet, or rice to make it. The combination is then slowly cooked for some time. After that, the base grain is chilled and mixed with yeast. Usually, The mixture needs to ferment for several days, and then the fermented liquid is then diluted with water. This free alcoholic is smooth white and cloudy with a slightly powdery taste. Depending on the length of fermentation, it can be a bit fizzy. The after-taste will give you a sweet-tart-like taste.


20. Mayasura

Masyaura is a Conventional food in Nepal that consists of vegetable balls dehydrated under the daylight. Commonly, the main component is the balls from the black lenses, mixed with ribbon, black matpe beans, colocasia leaves, potatoes, cauliflower, spinach, or potatoes. According to the picture, Under the sun, the balls need to be dried for about three days, and then they are stored in air towing containers. If desired, we can remove Masyaura from the container and soups in oil fried or soups. The names of the court come from Maas, which means black lenses.