Top 20 Dishes To Try At Patrkar Puram Lucknow

Top 20 Dishes To Try At Patrkar Puram Lucknow

Patrakar Puram is in Gomti Nagar Lucknow. It is a famous marketplace in Lucknow. Students love to hang out here. It is the one-stop spot for shopping and eating.

1. Momos

If you are ever at Patrakar Puram, Gomti Nagar then you should, without any doubt or confusion, have momos. The momo stall outside the yellow bakery is famous. They have a variety of Momos. The Momo chutney is spicy and savory. You can also get fried momos. The steamed momos have an authentic taste.  Paneer Momos sell at Rs 60 per plate. Vegetable momos cost Rs 50 per plate. Chicken dumplings come at a meager rate of Rs 70 per plate. The food is always fresh. The service is quick. The prices are reasonable. The stand is a popular hangout place for youngsters.


2. Basket Chaat

Basket Chaat is very delicious. You can get basket chat for Rs 150 at Royal Cafe Restaurant. Grated potato is fried and molded to resemble a basket. The stuffing consists of sweetened and watered yogurt, boiled whole moong dal, urad dal vada, pudina chutney, green chili chutney, sweet tomato chutney, potato cubes, Aloo Tikki, ginger juliennes, Anardana, and Namkeen. The staff is friendly.


3. Pani Ke Batashe

Panipuri is known as Pani Ke Batashe in Lucknow. Panipuri, Golgappa, Puchka, or Puchki. In the state of Uttar Pradesh, this famous delicacy goes by the name of Pani Ke Batashe. The Pani Ke Batashe in this region is vastly known for using 56 spices. The dish has a plethora of flavors. It can be savory or sweet, tangy or spicy, and so on. The possibilities are endless. You can have them for 20Rs per plate. Each plate consists of six to eight Pani Ke Batashe.


4. Bhel Puri

Bhel Puri is a snack of Mumbai. The dry puffed rice when mixed with spices, Namkeen, raw onion and tomatoes, peanuts, dried peas, salt, corn flakes, with a sprinkling of fresh lemon juice on top gives a perfect evening snack. You can have one small paper cone full of Bhel Puri for 10-20Rs.


5. Roasted Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato is healthy. It is a healthier option to give in to your sweet cravings. Roasted Sweet Potatoes are available in winter season.  The chutney served with the dish is fresh. The chutney is a paste of coriander leaves and green chilly. It is available for 40 Rs per serving.


6. Aam Ka Panna

Aam Ka Panna is available in the summer season. It is a refreshing drink. This beverage is a concoction from raw mangoes. It is mildly spiced. It is a healthier option to Frooti. It contains no harmful additives, preservatives or food coloring agents. It is 100 percent organic. The spices in this drink help in aiding digestion. The mint adds a vibrant feel to the dish.


7. Paneer Ke Batashe

The stall behind Vishal Mega Mart Gomti Nagar sells Jhansi Ki Mashhoor Pani Ke Batashe. These Golgappas are tasty. Their stuffing comprises of cottage cheese. The Cottage Cheese adds a royal taste to this humble dish. The shop is small but carries a huge reputation.


8. Thanda Dahi Bada

Dahi Vada is a famous snack in North India. Soaking Vada (fried urad flour balls) in thick curd (yogurt), is the procedure for making this dish.  The yogurt is cold, thick, and creamy. It comes with a topping of tamarind chutney. The tamarind chutney has myriad tastes. It is sweet and sour. The final touch to the dish is a sprinkling of Chaat Masala, Red Chilli Powder, and Roasted Cumin seeds Powder.


9. Shawarma

Shawarma is street food. It is usually available in 3 categories- plain chicken, spicy chicken, and lamb. It is filling. Shwarma is originally a Lebanese dish. The Shwarma on Patrakar Puram is available only in Evenings. The customers line up in large numbers for this snack. As an accompaniment of this delightful delicacy, green chutney, and mayonnaise pair along.


10. Aloo Ki Tikki

Aloo ki Tikki is not only the cheapest snack option but is also the most loved one. It is a very simple dish and can even be whipped up at home. Boiled potatoes are first mashed. Similar to a burger patty, discs of mashed potato make up the core of this dish. After shallow frying this dish, it is given a sprinkling of masala. The crispy exterior and soft interior taste fabulous.


11. Tandoori Momos

Tandoori Momos are game-changers for all Momo lovers. Regular Momos gain even more flavors and texture when coated in the tandoori mix. When roasted over the barbecue grill, the Momos have a smoky taste. They are a great companion of Schezwan chutney, mayonnaise, and Green Chutney. The tri-color chutney is pleasing to the eye.


12. Frozen Yoghurt

Frozen Yogurt is the new trend in town. It is a low-fat option to Ice Cream. There are a variety of Yogurt flavors available. They could be fruity flavors like blackberry, strawberry, mango and litchi. They could also be classic flavors like Chocolate and Butterscotch. These Frozen Yogurt cups come with toppings of chocolate pieces, chocolate shavings, nuts, gummy bears, gems, and coconut. Even syrups like Chocolate, Caramel, fruit syrups and fruit chunks adorn this dessert.


13. Bulls Eye

Bull’s Eye is a famous dessert of Aryan’s Restaurant. It is a hot cake with a topping of Vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. The cake has a hollow center to absorb the goodness of the ice cream.


14. Mini Alu Samosa

Mini Aloo Samosa comes for as low as Rs. 10 for two pieces. They are a nice savory snack. When eaten with green chutney, it fills the soul. The vendors sit with hot, boiling oil and freshly fry these Samosas when the customer arrives.


15. Bun Maska

Bun Maska and Cutting Chai is the gift of Mumbai to the world. The fluffy and soft bun with a generous helping of sweet Maska makes it a great companion of tea. The freshly baked buns soaked in butter and whipped cream is a delight for the tastebuds.


16. Matar Chaat

Matar Chaat is seasonally available. The peas are spicy, tangy, and crunchy. Raw Onion slices and spices top this tasty preparation. A squeeze of lemon brings this dish to life.


17. Raj Kachori

Raj Kachori is similar to Basket Chaat. The Kachori has a rich and royal filling of potatoes, Moong Dal, Papdi, Vada, Namkeen. It also contains a dense dressing of thick yogurt and various chutneys. The Anardana gives a hint of sweetness.raj-kachori

18. Tandoori Chicken At Moti Mahal

Tandoori food has always been a specialty of Moti Mahal. The Chicken Tandoori is a dish containing smoked chicken that gets heavily marinated. The barbecue and the grill add tons of flavor to the meat. The charred taste is unforgettable.


19. Rolls

Rolls have a special place in Indian eating habits. Rolls are popular because they bear a close resemblance to regular Roti and Sabzi. Egg Roll, Chicken Roll, and Mutton roll have also become fairly common. They are filling and affordable.


20. Hazelnut Karat Cake

Hazelnut Karat Cake is a special Hazelnut cake available at Café Coffee Day outlet at Patrakar Puram. The cake is primarily a carrot cake with toasted Hazelnuts on the sides. The topping of jelly and the filling of cream cheese adds remarkable texture to the cake. The cake will leave you speechless.