20 Must Have Bihari Dishes To Try!

20 Must Have Bihari Dishes To Try



The dish Bihar is known for;LittiChokha is an irreplaceable part of the Bihari cuisine. The littiisa baked round wheat dough which has a stuffing made up of a mixture of avariety of elements like roasted Gram flour, Lemon juice and Spices. It is served with a side dish known as Chokha which is prepared with boiled and mashed potatoes and vegetables. No festival or special occasion misses this dish in Bihar!



This is one of the commonest sweet made in all Bihari households during most festivals. Also known as Khajuria, it is prepared by mixing Jaggery and wheat flour together. It is then moulded in shape and deep fried in oil. This one is a total sweet overload!



Khaja is a common wafer-like snack which is common in many states including Bihar. It is prepared from sugar and flour, which is firs, mixed and then deep fried. In the end, it is dipped and soaked in a hotSugar syrup to infuse the sweetness into the Khaja.



Most of the sweets in Bihar are made up of simple components like Flour and Sugar, but each of them is so unique and different in taste from one another that it is a surprise to many that they were made using the same ingredients. This snack is made from flour and salt, primarily. It is then deep fried and dipped in sugar syrup. The sugar ends up crystallizing once it cools down. It is known to be a special snack reserved for occasions only.



Malpua another common sweetmeat in India, which is even popular in Bihar! It is a dish which is prepared for most occasions and festivals. The batter for Malpua is prepared with a mix of Flour, Sugar, Mashed Bananas and Milk. The batter is then deep-fried to make it really crispy, which a soft core which is sugary.


Kadhi Badi

Kadhi Badi is a common savoury dish, made in most households of Bihar. It is almost prepared everyday and is part of the staple diet of the majority of the state. It is also prepared especially during the auspicious festival of Holi. Gram flour is the hero of this dish as it used to make the Badi or the Pakodas, along with the Kadhi or the Curry in which the Badis are cooked.


Dal Puri

Dal Puri is a special kind of Puri which has a dal stuffing and is amajor source of happiness for most of us. Unlike the normal puri, the Dal Puri uses a special Bengal Gram stuffing. It is not only tastier but also more filling. This dish is especially prepared during the festival of Dussehra.



Balushahi is a common Indian sweet prepared from Buttermilk and Flour. It is a delectable Bihari dish and a wonderful dish to try.


Kheer makhana

Makhana might be unknown to a lot of people, but it sure is a delight. It is also known as Fox Nut. Makhana can be eaten as a snack by simply roasting them in a pan. Otherwise, you have this beautiful dish which is a Kheer recipe. In this recipe,Kheer is prepared in a similar process as that of normal Kheer but is slightly less sweet due to the addition of Makhana in it.



Another of the most famous sweets of the state, Pedakiya is prepared with flour with stuffing inside it. The flour is stuffed with a mixture of Suji, Sugar, and Khoya. This is popularly prepared during the festival of Teej in Bihar.


Parwal Ki Mithai

Who knew this unlikable vegetable could turn into a lip-smacking sweetmeat? Yes, the Biharis have done it. The pointed Gourd is peeled off and stuffed with Khoya. This produces the sweet and salty ParwalkiMithai.



A common snack in every household in Bihar, Lakhto is commonly seen during the festival of Dussehra. To make this dish, a RiceFlour dough is first kneaded. Then, it is deep fried and further soaked in a thick and sweet jaggery syrup, so that the sweet absorbs the sweetness.


Dal Pitha

Dal Pitha is the Bihari alternative to Momos. It is prepared in a similar way as that of Momos. A rice flour dumpling batter is prepared within which a mix of Bengal Gram paste is stuffed. The dumpling is steamed to make this amazing dish.



ChanaGhugni is a spicy mix of Bengal gram which is prepared with Onion, Tomatoes, Green chillies, and Spices. This tasty dish is a Sunday special.


Kala Jamun

Kala Jamun is a sweet much like the GulabJamun, except it has a blackish tinge to it, which is how it gets its name. It is prepared from Paneer, Khoya, Sugar and Milk, and is one of the most delicious sweets ever!


Bihari Kebab

Bihari Kebabs are kebabs prepared with chicken strips which are marinated in a mixture. The mixture is prepared in Yoghurt, Ginger, Chilli powder, Cardamom, Mustard powder, Papaya, and Pepper. It makes for a delectable Kebab, unlike anything you’ve ever had before.


Sattu paratha

Biharis love their dishes with Sattu. Like the Titti, this paratha also uses Sattu. Sattu is made by dry roasting Bengal Gram and then grinding it to Pake a flour-like consistency. It has a coarser texture than Besan. The paratha uses a sattu filling and is prepared especially during Navratri. It is a little dry, so it is served with a mixed vegetable dish, Pickle, and Yoghurt.


Bhang Ki Pakodi

Just like Thandai which is laced with Bhang, they have a Pakori which is prepared with Bhang in the batter, especially during holi.



Launglata is a Bihari dessert, of which clove is an integral part. It is made with Flour, Milk, Oil. It is then stuffed with a filling that is made up of Sugar, Khoya, and Cardamom. This is then fried and soaked in a Sugar syrup.



Taash is a famous Bihari mutton dish, inspired primarily from Nepal. The Nepalese version is known as Taas. It is a dish which is prepared from grilling a marinated Mutton.