20 Types Of Achaar, You Must Try Now!

20 Types Of Achaar, You Must Try Now


Kachhe Aam Ka Achaar

Probably the most common and favourite Achaar of all time is the raw Mango Pickle. You can use the core, or the peel to make a Pickle. This is a regular in most houses and commonly seen in all households.



Lasoon Ka Achaar

We all love the flavour of Garlic in our dishes, so why not make an entire dish out of just Garlic. Lasoon ka Achaar is precisely just that dish. It is prepared using cut pieces of Garlic. One may use a Garlic Paste too. This is a very common type of Achaar in North India.


Nimboo Ka Achaar

Who doesn’t love a little tanginess in their Achaar? So what if the Achaar could be a whole lot tangier? Nimboo ka Achaar is made from Lemons and is quite the tangy dish. It is prepared by first cutting the Lemons and separating the seeds before making the Pickle.


Mirch Ka Achaar

Another common form of Achaar is the Mirchi ka Achaar. This sort of a Pickle is prepared using Green Chillies as the main element. Mustard seeds are used along with Green Chillies in the preparation of this dish. It may seem that it is too spicy for taste, but the sourness of the dish reduces the heat of the chillies. Also, most of the seeds are taken out before preparation of the Pickle. You can even use Red Chillies to make this pickle.



Adrak Ka Achaar

This has a sweet and spicy taste and is a common part of the South Indian cuisine. You can enjoy it with a variety of items, especially snacks.


Pyaaz Ka Achaar

Onions are an important and irreplaceable part of the Indian cuisine. So we have the very special and loved Pyaaz ka Achaar which is prepared using Onions as the main ingredient. The onions used for this are quite small, and the Pickle is finally stored in glass jars.


Gajar Ka Achaar

For this dish, Carrots are finely chopped into rectangular and longitudinal pieces and then picked with raw Mangoes. It is a dry sort of an Achaar and very much liked with Paratha.


Sabzi Ka Achaar

This is known to be a Pickle which is prepared using a mix of vegetables such as Raw Mango, Carrots, Tomato and even Cauliflower. It is an extremely delectable Pickle which is a total Powerhouse of flavours.


Tamatar Ka Achaar

There are several varieties of pickles with tomatoes. You can have the most amazing sun dried Tomato Pickles or even cooked in an oven. Usually, the ones which are cooked in the oven are to be consumed within a period.


Mithey Aam Kaachaar

This is a similar kind of pickle as that of raw mango pickle. Except, the mango used in this preparation is the sweet Mango, thus this pickle is a quite sweet Pickle. The pickle has sort of a sweet and salty taste, which is a delightful combination.


Imli Ka Achaar

This delectable pickle is prepared from the extremely sour Tamarind, which is known to be the mother of all sour fruits. Although it is a little difficult to prepare this kind of Pickle, all that hard work is worth it. The end results are beyond expectations for this one.


Aamle Ka Achaar

This is a type of pickle where Amla otherwise commonly known as Gooseberry is used in the preparation. It is a common item in North Indian households and is best served with Parathas.


Sukhi Dal Ka Achaar

This is a wonderful and unique category of pickle, which is prepared with Lentils only. The Lentils are roasted and pickled and sun-dried for this ultimate flavoursome preparation. There isn’t anything else like this dish, and it will surely impress you with an attack of flavours inside your mouth.


Nariyal Ka Achaar

It is known to everyone who has lived even for a little bit of time in South India or belongs from there. Grated coconut is used along with Red Chillies and Jeera for the best combination of flavours. It is mostly served as a side against most South Indian meals.


Sajan Ka Achaar

This is another unusual type of Pickle which is prepared with Drumsticks. As different it may sound, it tastes nothing like anything you’d ever expect it to taste like. Surprise yourself with this. Also, Drumsticks are known to be very healthy for you.


Kheere Ka Achaar

Cucumber is known to be a vegetable which helps in cooling down the human body and helps to fight indigestion. The Kheere ka Achaar is made using pickled Cucumber slices which are not only tasty but very healthy too. So, for dual benefits, try this out.


Bhindi Ka Achaar

Okra or Ladyfinger is known to everyone as a common vegetable which is often cooked for dinner. But did you know that it makes for a great element for a really tasty Achaar? Try it, if you haven’t tasted it already.


Khajur Ka Achaar

Khajur or Date Palm is a common Achaar element that you’ll find in common Indian households. It has a dual taste- spicy and sweet, at the same time. It is majorly prepared in the western parts of the country. It can be served with Roti and makes for a great change in taste from the regular tangy Pickles.


Kathal Ka Achaar

Jackfruit is an uncommon vegetable, which has found its way into the kitchen and made everyone very happy. Not only can you make a wonderful dish out of Jackfruit, but also an amazing pickle. Although it uses a little labour intensive methods of preparation, the final product is exceptional.


Aloo Ka Achaar

Potatoes are a crucial part of most dishes in the Indian cuisine. So, how can something so vibrant and tasty not have a variety with potatoes in it? Which is why the Aloo ka achaar exists. And it is just as tasty and fabulous as it sounds.