20 Must Have Nepalese Food


Nestled in the Himalayas is the beautiful country of Nepal that is swarmed by a large number of tourists from around the world every year.  Apart from the view of the majestic mountains, pagoda styled temples and palaces, one thing that makes Nepal a tourists’ paradise is its food; Nepal has a plethora of options when it comes to its delicacies that you will never forget. We give you a list of Nepali cuisines that you must try to enhance your culinary experience.

1. Daal Bhat

One of the staple diets of the people of Nepal, ‘Daal Bhat’ comprises of boiled rice and lentils. This meal of Nepalese households is a must-try when you are in the beautiful Himalayan nation. Even though this may be a simple dish, give it a try for the local flavors.


2. Momo

A dish borrowed from the neighboring country China, Nepal has added its different color to the Momos.  Enjoyed as a snack across Nepal, you will find an abundance of shops which serve this impeccably delicious dish. Fried, steamed, or as soup, do try these exotic dumplings, whenever you are in Nepal.


3. Dhindo

Cooked by continuously mixing maize flour and buckwheat to hot water, Dhindo is mainly savored in rural pockets of this Himalayan nation. High on nutrition and flavors, this exotic dish is served with Gundruk – a green leafy vegetable – lentils or meat soup. If in Nepal, Dhindo is a must try.


4. Selroti

A dish for the sweet tooth, Selroti resembles a doughnut and is usually prepared during festivals. The dish is made by mixing rice flour, sugar and ghee in water and then deep frying the mixture in oil. Sel roti is enjoyed with curry and drinks.


5. Alu Tama

Alu Tama is a curry dish which has potatoes (Alu), and bamboo stems (Tama) as its key ingredients. Both the things are cooked to perfection with a lot of spices. It is usually served with rice or beaten rice.


6. Chatamari

A dish of the ‘Newars’ (an indigenous group), Chatamari is a Nepali version of Pizza dish that is made using rice flour topped with meat, egg, and vegetables.  This delicacy should be on your must-try list if you are in this mountainous country.


7. Juju Dhau

A desert, Juju Dhau is a yoghurt-based dish served in earthen pots or plastic cups. This traditional dish has it all to satiate your taste buds.


8. Yomari

Part of the Newari culinary, Yomari is prepared by filling Chaku or Khuwa in rice flour dough and steaming them. This fig-shaped dish is served mostly in winters.


9. Gundruk 

Gundruk consists of various dried leafy veggies – rayo, mustard leaf, radish leaf and cauliflower leaf. To prepare this dish, the stored leaves are first soaked in water and then squeezed to remove extra water. These are then mixed with oil, salt, green chili, salt, lemon, juice, garlic, and tomato to make an exotic dish.


10. Sikarni

A creamy sweet dish, Sikarni is made using hung yogurt and sugar assorted with saffron and green cardamom. This will take into a different world altogether.


11. Anarsa

Anarsa is a delicious cookie, made using ghee, rice, sugar, white sesame seeds, cashew nuts, almond, cardamom, and lemons. This traditional cookie should be on your must-try list.


12. Koiralo Ko Achar

Koiralo is the Nepalese name for Mountain Ebony flower.  This flower is savored as a vegetable in this Himalayan nation and even used as a pickle. Why not try a flower-vegetable?


13. Bhakka 

Cooked with rice flour, bhakka is mostly consumed during the winter season. The rice flour is put in a bowl and then covered with a muslin cloth and cooked over steam. The gelatinized flour, known as bhakka is then savored with macerated chilly and salt.


14. Kwati

Kwati is a soup prepared using nine varieties of beans, including green gram, black gram, chickpea, garden pea, field pea, field bean, soybean, rice pea, and cowpea. This healthy soup should be on your must-try list for its flavors and nutrient value.


15. Kinema

A delicacy of the soya bean, this dish is mostly eaten in eastern Nepal and is served with rice. You may not want to consume it because of its pungent smell, but do try it as you will not find something like this in any other part of the world.


16. Thukpa

Originally a Tibetan delicacy, Thukpa is also relished in Nepal. Nepalese have not made much addition to this dish, and prepare it in the same way as the Tibetan Thukpa.


17. Sattu

A traditional food made from soya bean, maize, and gram, this dish has traces of the Indian satoo dish in it. A nutritious dish, it is mostly served with Mahi and salt.


18. Chatpate

A snack, chatpate is made by mixing noodles, spicy mixture, onion, cilantro, serrano peppers/green chilies, flattened rice, puffed rice, lime juice, salt, and chili powder. This dish is definitely a treat for all those spicy food lovers.


19. Laakhamari

A kind of bread, Laakhamari is prepared on special occasions, especially wedding. Sweet in taste, this crunchy bread is made with rice, wheat flour, and black gram lentils. When in Nepal, do binge on this one-of-its-kind bread.


20. Kheer

Don’t you just love this rice pudding? Kheer is one of the delicacies of Nepal. Prepared with Rice, Milk, cardamom, cashew, sugar, saffron and almonds, kheer is specially prepared during festivals and prosperous occasions.


Aren’t you excited to try this unexplored cuisine?