20 Famous, Affordable & Good Restaurants In Kolkata


If you are a food adventurer and presently in Kolkata fetching for some yummy satisfaction for your taste buds without getting a pocket pinch, head to these places. The list below is a paradise for food fanatics. So, here you go with your days settled with good food.

 1.Allen Kitchen

The drooling den for foodies. They are famous for their fries. If you have been in Kolkata and never soothed your tongue with their prawn cutlets, you have missed a great hit. Allen Kitchen is a very old place near Shobha Bazaar, which is almost 130 years old; so, one knows, that experience yields great foods.



If one is stuck on Elgin Road and in search of some spicy chaats, there is no better place than Annapurna. Here you will find chaats that are finger-licking good. The varieties of chaats served here are enough for food lovers to fall for the place. Kachori Chaat is one among their many great preparations.


 3.Anadi Cabin

Fish Kabiraji and Mutton Kosha are something that we are all fond of. The busy center i.e. Esplanade has Anadi Cabin which is the best place if you are up for some lip-smacking cutlets, Kabiraji, and much more. Fish Kabiraji is their most famous dish that retains the caliber to make any food fanatic drool uncontrollably.


 4.Bon Appetit

This place offers a cozy and soothing ambiance to the food lovers. It is located in the bylanes of Hazra road and is difficult to find but once you have reached here, this place will not only fill your appetite with lovely food but also would provoke your heart for a revisit to the place soon. The restaurant is decorated with dim lights, hanging chairs, and tables. Their Cheese Parathas, Pancakes, and chocolate Avalanche are a few dishes to die for.


 5. Campari

If you are up for tasty and delicious rolls, then this restaurant demands a promising visit. Campari, a restaurant very popular for its rolls especially, offers succulent mutton and paneer rolls which won’t only make your appetite happy but also your pockets. This restaurant is near Rash Behari Avenue.


 6.Denzong Kitchen

The best place for momos. This restaurant serves great Chinese food, and their momo dumplings are something that is pocket-friendly and yields immense pleasure. Denzong Kitchen is situated in Golf Green. So, if you are going to Golf Green, this place needs an immediate visit.


 7.Desi Belly

It becomes unfair if we only talk about non-veg restaurants. So we have this amazing restaurant which is a food paradise for the vegetarians. Desi Belly, situated in Bhawanipur, is a beautiful place serving excellent Vada Pav, Plain Vada Pav. They have a unique menu which includes their famous Kurkure Kebabs.


 8.The Indian Coffee House

This Students’ den has lovely dishes, offered at very cheap rates. Chicken Afghani, crispy fries, and their cutlets add up spice and thrill to this timeless adda of the college goers. Students love this place in College Street for serving cheap and great food.


 9.Jyoti Vihar

The famous South Indian joint in Camac Street Area is heavenly good for a bon vivant. Who doesn’t love to have idlis & masala dosas? This restaurant attracts a huge crowd for its yummy dosas, sambar vada, etc. It is pocket-friendly and gives your tongue immense pleasure.


 10.The Kalika

Sometimes what will soothe our stomach and pocket together, confuses us. So, when in such a dilemma, The Kalika is the ultimate solution. Located in Bow Bazar, this place offers awesome Kebabs which is a treat for your taste buds.



Maharani is the best food joint in Southern Avenue if you are up for great and delicious street food. Their Jalebis and Kachoris are precious gems for food lovers. Maharani is a must visit place as their food list won’t even leave a burning hole in your pocket.


 12.Old Novelty Eating House

This is a place near Hazra where you won’t find a great décor, but their cheap North Indian food is definitely the best. This is an old place which serves very tasty veg tarka, Dal Fry, egg curry among various delicacies.


 13. Raj’s Spanish Cafe

There are times we are bored with the monotonous Indian and Chinese preparations and crave something new. For a change, Raj’s Spanish Cafe demands a visit. It serves tasty Spanish, Mexican, and Italian dishes and is famous for its sandwiches and muffins which will make you yell “YUMMY” in pleasure. It is located in Sudder Street, New Market.


 14.Saima’s Restaurant

If you are hungry and stuck near the busy Park Street area, Saima’s Restaurant is your rescue. Saima’s restaurant serves delicious pocket-friendly Kebabs, and its famous Mutton Korma is simply a ‘Paisa Wasool’ thing.


 15.Tandoori Darbar

Located in Hazra, it is yet another excellent place for all food fantasizers. Once have their chicken tandoori, you become a fan of their food for life. Chicken Nurani kebabs, Tangri kebabs, and their Paneer preparations are equally good.


 16.The Hungry Tide

Myriad preparations of pork with amazing taste and extremely low prices are only found in The Hungry Tide. The Hungry Tide, which can now be found near Hindustan Park and Dhakuria, is a place for the hardcore non-veg lovers. The Chilli Pork recipe of theirs makes everyone a pork lover.


 17.Tibetan Delight

This place doesn’t offer much on décor and ambiance, but their food is awesome. This is the best joint in Rabindra Sadan for the real momo and Chinese lovers. The Tibetan Delight is an old place where the veg momo dumplings are as tasty as its chicken momos. If one is eager to try various soups, this is the ultimate place for it.


 18.Tung Nam

The place near Poddar Court, Bara Bazaar is famous for its chowmein and cheap pork recipes. They also make lovely momos. Visit this place to have the best chowmein ever.


 19. Utsav

Utsav, near the Hazra More, is famous for the very known and loved recipe of Chicken i.e. Chilli Chicken. Utsav restaurant has also got a beautiful and appealing ambiance. Their paneer recipes are equally tasty, and a must have for everyone.


 20. Zam Zam

The last but not the least, this place serves the best biryani in entire Kolkata. Zam Zam is located in Park Circus, and they make mouth watering biryani which will leave you wanting for more. Their veg biryani is as delicious as their chicken biryani.