20 Must-Try Punjabi Food!

20 must try panjabi food

Starting from the glass full of lassi to mouth-watering tandoori chicken, the delicious food of Punjab indeed is loved by all. The Punjabi cuisine has not only a lot of delectable food for the nonvegetarians but there is also a lot for the vegetarians too… A variety of spices are blended which tickles your taste buds and always leaves you wanting more. Among all those the best are listed below which you would love to try and suggest your friends and family as well.

1.Butter Chicken

The famous butter chicken also known as the murgh makhani lays its roots in the most well-known restaurant of Delhi~ Moti Mahal. Its main ingredients are chicken, butter, yoghurt, spice, green chillies, and corriander. It has a creamy gravy with the pieces of chicken bursting the authentic flavors of Punjab.


2.Sarso da Saag

Most preferred vegetable dish of Punjab is made with mustard leaves, and spices, usually served with make di roti. Its main ingredients are mustard leaves, ghee, and spices. This delicious vegetarian recipe is made with a mix of healthy winter greens that must be cooked till wilted.


3.Chole bhature

Fried bread known as bhature is served with combination of spicy chana masala, chole bhature has always been on everybody’s tip of a tongue. Also, served with green chutney, onions, achaar, and carrot pickle. It is usually eaten in breakfast.


4.Dal Makhni

Prepared with black lentils, kidney beans, butter, and cream has a wholesome of nutrition and taste along with it. Usually, eaten with rice and this main course dish is loved by all.


5.Machli Amritsari

Crispy batter fried fish – popular Amritsar street food…. Sprinkled with a some amount of chaat masala. Machli Amritsari is a tasty starter and must to have in a party.


6.Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori chicken yields spicy chicken drumsticks or kebabs which are tender and tangy having all aromas of spices. Nuggets of Chicken on its bone steeped in yogurt and all Indian spices and grilled to soft and palatable chicken to have. It is a perfect starter for any party.


7.Chana Masala

Chana masala is favorite for anyone as its savour is similar to restaurant style in making gravy. It tickles your taste buds with a sour citrus note. It has a dry texture. Its main ingredient is chickpeas. This is the perfect combination with bhature and a popular dish of Punjab.


8.Murgh Malaiwala

Murgh malaiwala is prepared by cooking chicken comfortably in a Indian style which is tasty, creamy and appetizing. Marinated with ginger garlic, this chicken is cooked without using oil or ghee and with milk, cream, chilies, saffron, and garam masala.


9.Paneer Tikka

With an easy preparation, Tandoori paneer also tops the chart. The sauce is made with onions, tomato puree, yogurt, and cream. Paneer cubes grilled to perfection and then cooked in a spicy gravy, is delicious in every bite.


10.Dhaba Dal

Dals served at dhabas are loved by all. You could make it healthier by adding a variety of pulses. It is best served with tandoori roti and can also be served with rice, parathas, and phulkas.


11.Besan Halwa

The delicious besan halwa requires ghee, gram flour, sugar, and cardamom powder. It can be made on any festive occasion and can be offered to deities or family.


12.Methi Paneer

It is a paneer recipe delicious and easy to make. Paneer gravy with bitter hints of fenugreek leaves into tangy tomato based gravy. Apart from tomatoes, onion, curd, and cream is also added to the gravy.


13.Paneer Kulcha

It is a leavened flat bread stuffed with spicy paneer filling. Paneer kulchas are a bit dry, so they are usually served with chana masala. The curd add a yummy tanginess to the kulcha. They come under the street food category.


14.Atta Ladoo

Atta ladoo is a sugary dessert. They are prepared easily and within a short duration. Delicious atta ladoos are made with wholesome wheat or aata. They are really good for your health when taken during monsoon and winter.


15.Besan Chilla

Quickly made with lots of healthy ingredients, besan chilla brings you to a whole new, different level. Chilla is made with gram flour, spices, and herbs. To make it more nutritious, veggies can also be added. It is generally served with pudina chutney.


16.Kadai Mushroom

It is a variation of the popular kadai paneer recipe. It is an excellent main course dish when coupled with jeera rice or with tandoori rotis, naans, bread, etc. Cooked with button mushrooms in semi-dry gravy it covers your taste and time both.


17.Pudina Paratha

Unleavened flat bread made from whole wheat gives a flavor of mint.  A well stuffed pudina paratha has Whole Wheat Flour, Fresh Mint Leaves as its ingredients, making it more healthy and nutritious for us to have. Mint leaves or pudina has a flavor that goes well with many Indian recipes especially chutney. 


18.Punjabi Kadhai

Onion and fenugreek pakoras in a thick yogurt and gram flour gravy – perfect to eat with hot steamed rice. Deep-fried onions and fresh fenugreek fritters in yogurt and gram flour gravy – this simple ingredients recipe is fit for any day.


19.Fruit Lassi

Lassi is a popular drink made from yogurt. It is prepared by mixing yogurt, spices, water, dry fruits and also some tropical fruits. It is must to have in summer and healthy too.



The most loved weekend Brunch idea, Rajma is a popular and favorite Indian curry for all especially in Punjab. Red kidney beans cooked with onions and tomatoes give up the fantastic gravy.