Top 20 Restaurants In Bangalore For A Romantic Dinner


The definition of a perfect date varies from person to person and thus cannot be wholly understood. Keeping in mind the different personality types, here is a list of top 20 restaurants in Bangalore ideal for a romantic dinner.

1. Om made Cafe

A rooftop set amidst the hub of the city, this place is perfect for the couple who enjoy their wine and food away from the crowd, talking to each other. Candles lit on every table and the mellow lighting create a peaceful environment for a quiet yet memorable date. Hummus and wine are a must try.

Om made Café

2. High Ultra Lounge

Situated on the 30th floor of the Wall Street building, High will just blow away your mind (literally). From the breathtaking view to the sumptuous food to the light jazz music, everything does justice to this place. There are two seating arrangements, indoor and outdoor although I would personally suggest the outdoor one.  This date night should definitely be on your to-do list.

High Ultra Lounge

3. Cup’O Joe

Situated in kormangala, this place is easy to miss. But once you’ve been there it’s hard not to like it. Rustic chairs, dim lights and tasty food, this place is for the couples who don’t want to go out of their comfort zone. The best part about it, a wonderful man who sings romantic songs for your beloved while playing his guitar, type you usually find on beaches. What more can you ask for?

cup 0 joe

4. Tao Terrace

The place screams Asian once you enter it. From Thai decor to a Buddha statue, the interiors do justification to the cuisine served. If you are fond of house music, Sunday is the day to go but don’t forget to reserve a table for you and your loved one.

tao terrace

5. Bricklane grill

Guys if your girlfriend is fond of “pretty” places, brick lane is the place where you should reserve a table. The white tables and chairs with beautiful climbers along the edges adds to decor giving it an elegant finish. The food is mouth watering with equally good presentation.


6. Olive beach

A perfect beach dinner feel in the city is something hard to find specially in Bangalore, but olive beach makes the impossible possible. As you walk in, you see the floor covered in tiny stones, ivory coloured kabanas and white and blue painted houses, which leaves you mesmerised.

olive beach

7. Toscano

A lovely dinner experience awaits all the Italian lovers. You are greeted with soft, foot tapping music which complements the food. A private layout accompanied by soft breezes makes the experience more enjoyable. A glass of wine and pizza and you are good to go.`


8. 13th Floor

Bangalore is known for its windy weather and is absolutely suitable for spending a quiet night at the 13th floor. The interiors are simple yet pleasing to the eye providing you with a fine dining yet cosy experience. The tables are generally booked so don’t go in without a reservation specially on weekends. The food is bang on the money you spend, specially the crispy beef and mushroom. The service is a little slow but the food and ambience makes up for it.

13th floor

9. Vapour

Food. check. Music. Check. Ambience. Check. There is nothing not to like about vapour. It has indoor and outdoor seating, both recommendable. There is also a dance door in the indoor seating area which allows the couples to shake a leg or two. Extra points to the staff who are very polite and prompt in their approach.


10. Barleyz

The first thing you notice when you enter barleyz is the spread out bar chairs and the quirky ambience, both of which work in their favour. Though food is much expensive but the experience makes it all worthwhile.


11. Windmill Craftwork

If you like the combination of gigs and a date, this is the place to be. The food is a total knockout and will leave you wanting for more. The ambience is very classy and you will generally find a hind of foreigner crowd here. Try asking for a place in the balcony, it will just take everything up a notch.


12. Shiros

Shout out to all the Japanese food lovers in the city. Majestic Buddha statue greets you as you step inside this place. A perfect mix of cuisine and drinks, it does not disappoint in food or service. If you like to party go there on a Friday night, where the DJ will make you sway but if you are interested in a one on one conversation, Sundays are the best. Additional points for serving vegan food.


13. Grasshopper

This place has “date night” written all over it. Surrounded by flowers, candles and nature, grasshopper can turn any person into a romantic. The notable feature is that you don’t have to ponder over what to order, it has a fixed menu and that too for a seven course meal! And if that wasn’t enough, you are welcomed inside by two Labradors.


14. The Glass House

The first thing that you notice is the eye widening interiors of this place. It will just transport you to another world. Next comes the desserts which are showcased in the front which makes you stay in that alternate world created. The food is laudable, the ravioli and pizza are a must try. The umber romantic ambience will definitely put a smile on your couples.

the glass

15. Big Brewsky

Dainty, innumerable fairy lights adorn the walls of this breathtakingly beautiful place along with tables near the pool, which totally sets the mood for the candle light dinner. Their menu has a game to decide on which drink to choose for the night and the soothing music makes it all fit together perfectly.  There are no second guesses to this place.


16. Rim Naam

The name means ‘by the water’ and does justice to the place. Located between the garden of the Oberai, it shuts you out from the outside world. A cave like pathway leads to the main dine-in where the tables are laid out in the most spectacular way. The Thai food served leaves you craving for more and finally the dessert satiates it for the time being, but you cannot not come back the next time.

rim naam

17. The Rogue Elephant

We have all grown up hearing the phrase “old is gold”, so this old-gold restaurant provides us with 90’s look where everyone feels at home and makes the candle light dinner look cliche. The cuisine served is Italian and their pasta is really praiseworthy. The waiters are well aware of the menu and polite enough to explain it if need be.


18. Blue Ginger

The colossal trees with the Vietnam inspired architecture and the sky touching ceilings makes you enjoy Vietnamese food, sitting in a miniature version of the country itself. The food is very simple in terms of ingredients but packed full of flavor which leaves a smile on the diners. Crispy lotus stem should be on your must have list. All in all, the name does justification to the food and the decor.

blue ginger

19. Three dots and a dash

A personal favourite, this place has the appeal of an authentic tike-bar. Located in Indiranagar, it’s for the couples who enjoy good music and are on the adventurous side. A date night here would include food and cocktails, lots of it as the they have an extensive list to choose from, each of them worth a try.


20. Portland Steak house

What is better than a steak dinner date? Nothing. This is the best idea for a simple yet impressive date where the two of you can sit and talk your heart out while enjoying a good steak and a drink. The steaks here are the best in the city and the sweet fragrance of the candles lit at each table makes it an ideal date restaurant.