20 Must Try Street Foods If You Are In Surat


If you are a street food lover and you are, by any chance, in Surat, then my friend, you have landed yourself in heaven! Here are 20 must try street food in Surat:

1. Locha

In Hindi, “Locha” means some trouble or some problem. This dish got such a name due to the story of its origin. It is said that this dish got made when someone made a mistake and wretched up a recipe that he was intending to make. But contradicting to what they expected, what got made instead tasted so good that it surpassed the original dish. Nowadays it is one of the most popular street food in Surat, and no “locha” by any chance. A must-have street food from Surat!


2. Undhiyu

Undhiyu is something that may be the most Surat-rooted dish among all mentioned on this list. It uses 8 vegetables that are completely cultivated in Surat itself from start to end. This one takes a spicy turn in its flavor and is the favorite dish of spice lovers. It is a generation-old recipe but only a selected few can pull it off properly.


3. Ghari

The first entry of a sweet delight on the list and a well deserved one too! Ghari is arguably the most popular and most loved sweet dish in Surat. Although very heavy and calorie-overdose, no one can resist not having one.


4. Ponk Vadas

The first seasonal dish on the list! This one is the reason many people in Surat wait for winters, because they can enjoy Ponk Vadas in winters! This one is a snack time delight and is usually served with some tangy sauce or green chutney.


5. Sev Khamani

This is the dish that you should thank for Lochu. It was this popular dish that went wrong which gave birth to Lochu. The dish that was mistaken here was already a very popular one due to its one-of-a-kind flavor and still enjoys a cult following in Surat.


6. Collegian

The name comes from the fact that every college student there has it on its list. It is a kind of chaat with peanuts in the central role.


7. Ice Dish

We all have eaten an ice-gola in our childhood and for a long time have even saved money just to buy one in summers after school. Well, consider this one to be an upgrade on that classic ice-gola, as this one gets curd, dry fruits, fancy syrups and what not added on top of it to make it even tastier than that old food item.


8. Bhajiya

Now Bhajiya is something which is available in most parts in India, but in Surat it has quite a lot of fan following that most parts of India do not have. It is one of the most popular snack time street food in Surat and is enjoyed by one and all!


9. Ice Paan

If you are from Surat, then you saw it coming. The default after-refreshment for every Surati is nothing but Paan, more popularly the ice paan. It is as refreshing as it is beautiful to look at, and is a total blast of refreshing flavors in your mouth.


10. Cold Coco Drink

A very popular liquid delight in Surat! It is a chilled sweet drink which is very popular in Surat. One cannot usually resist himself after only one glass of this heavenly drink and have at least two in one sitting.


11. Aloo Puri Chaat

We have all eaten Aloo Puri many-a-times in our lives. We all have eaten chaat a lot. But have you ever eaten Aloo Puri Chaat? I bet not! This is one of the most unique items that Surati street food has to offer and is mouth-watering to look at!


12. Mewa Kulfi

This one is as popular in other parts of the country as it is in Surat. Surat also offers a very rich blend of tastes in Mewa kulfi and is easily available on the streets of Surat due to its popularity.


13. Fafda

Second in line to the cult following of Dhokla in Gujrat is fafda. It is also a light snack that people love to eat with tea or coffee and is very popular in Surat streets.


14. Surati Khaja

Another intersection of the categories of snack and street food for this dish is on the list. It is also a tea-time street food that people love to have in Surat. It is a lightly salted snack and a must eat for food lovers.


15. Tomato Bhajiya

We have already included Bhajiya on the list. But this one is Bhajiya with a twist. Although less popular than bhajiya in Surat, this one is also very popular and is loved by health fanatics and tangy food lovers a lot in Surat.


16. Kutchi Dabeli

Last one in the list is an oil-fried fast food street item. The looks of it is mouth watering and the taste is also as good to the taste buds as one expects it to be. A very popular street food among people of Surat and a must have for anyone!


17. Thepla

Chances are that you would have heard about this one too. A snack time delight form Surat and a complete treat to the taste buds. It is one of the most popular food items among people of Surat.


18. Kadhi

Salted butter milk is something no one can say no to. Here in Surat style it is mixed with a rich variety of spices like black pepper, green chilli etc. to make it a must try street food from Surat.


19. Rotlo

A common food item in Gujrat, and specifically very popular in the city of Surat, this dish is a must try one for the lovers of simple food that taste very rooted.


20. Sev Usal

This one right here, is a very tempting combination of peas and spices and can be found on almost every other street in Surat. Spicy food lovers, this one is for you!