Top 20 Theme Based Restaurants Of India

Top 20 Theme Based Restaurants Of India

Isn’t it a fantastic experience once to escape from your daily boring lifestyle into a world of fantasy and fiction? Just imagine you are sitting on a table and Captain Jack Sparrow is serving you your meal, or you are having your dinner behind the bars(jail) and the jailers are taking your order! Really it sounds amazing but it not just only sound it is really fantastic and an awesome experience. Various food joints across the India are tapping on these fantasies. We all have been introducing the concept of “theme based restaurants”. These restaurant owners have worked hard to give every foodie a new experience of eating.

Let’s take a look at these top 20 theme based restaurants of India which have managed to get on this list due to their uniqueness.



Moist clay media started this mobile restaurant where the customers of the restaurant are taken for a tour of Ahmedabad city and also to enjoy fabulous food whiles the trip. The restaurant serves Indian and Chinese cuisine as main course.


The Black Pearl

If the tales of Pirate’s World fascinate you or the famous movie series “Pirates of Caribbean” there is no chance for you to miss going to this restaurant. Black pearl has everything to give you the feel of a pirate ship-from wooden flooring to rope draped chairs, from sight of skulls to one eyed mannequin pirate.It’s enough to give you a feel that you are captive at the ship. What’s more interesting? The ship serves continental and Caribbean cuisine as main course. Aye aye captain!!!!


Kaidi Kitchen

The very thought of being put behind bars would send shivers to any person. However, There’s a restaurant looks like a jail. A cell is to be allotted to each bunch of guests and one even gets a chance to try the famous “Kaidi” (prisoner’s attire). The food here is served by waiters dressed like jailers and prisoners. The theme of the restaurant is so pretty that people came to visit it from other towns.


Nature’s Toilet Café

It is obvious that every restaurant has a restroom, but what if the restaurant is in the restroom? Yes guys a toilet theme restaurant, the difference that we can see here is that instead of seats, sofas and chairs there are toilet seats that look a little weird and some people also find the theme ridiculous. This restaurant has a garden of toilets or toilet seats around it which is a collection of about twenty lavatories and urinals in which the oldest one dates back to the 1950s.


The Taste Of Darkness

Have you ever experienced dinning with dim light or a Candle light dinner? Doesn’t it sound quite romantic? But this restaurant is slightly different guys. From the entrance you can experience the unique theme of the restaurant; any gadget in your pocket that emits light is not allowed inside the restaurant even your cell phone. WHAT?? Yes, you heard that right. Then a guide takes you inside this unusual spooky place, for which may require a walking stick. You could then order your food and have to taste it in the company of other people in complete darkness. Spooky isn’t it? Well how much spooky the theme be you will be lost in the taste of their mouth-watering treats.


New Lucky Restaurant

Ever went to a grave yard? This restaurant is made up over a grave yard. Mr. Kutti(Owner) did something not many businessmen can even think to do. Mr .Kutti decided to open his restaurant at a place which was a graveyard. Not just only this much but he decided to keep the graves and make the restaurant around them. He believes that the graves would bring good luck to him. And truly, the customers of this restaurant are never disappointed.


The Gufha

‘Gufha’ living to its name meaning the restaurant is more or less a cave. Located in the heart of Bengaluru, the restaurant will makes you feel that you have travelled far away from city to deep inside the underworld. The restaurant offers authentic Afghani and Indian cuisine as main course and the bill fits your pocket (although cavemen don’t have pockets #LOL). The restaurant staffs’dressing style is also a main sort of attraction.


The Chokhi Dhaani

The restaurant ‘Chokhi Dhaani’, was first started inside a resort in Jaipur, it offers its customers a slight essence of Rajasthan’s rich culture. Inthe menu there is a wide variety of mouth-watering and tasty regional dishes from every corner of Rajasthan. Food is not the only thing that this restaurant offers to its customers. The guest (customers) of the restaurant are also entertained by renowned folk dance forms of the region(‘Bhopa Bhopan’ and ‘Kalbeliya’). Not only this but one can also get to know about Rajasthan’s glorious past, through a traditional puppet show which is hosted by the restaurant itself, also known as ‘Kathputli Ro Nach’.It is just like living the life of a Rajasthani in a Marwari village. The walls are decorated with wall lanterns, Bani thani art and village paintings; this is the best place to get Marwari hospitality.


The Ciclo Café

Gone are the days when our bicycle was one of most loved things that we had!!This restaurant will take you down through the memory lanes of your child hood. Remembering the days when a bicycle ride with your besties was evening routine of the day and was the most cherishable moments of childhood. An evening you spend at the ‘Ciclo Café’ you’ll surely get refreshed. The cafes furniture is a bit different, bicycle parts are used in the making of the chandelier and the tables of the cafe. Moreover, cycles of different brands and different eras are also exhibited here, making you feel like buying one instantly.


The Manchester United Pub

Football fans, here is something for you too. Only a true fan knows the happiness of a dining place been named after their favourite football team, yes you are right it’s named after Manchester United. The restaurant offers varieties of cocktails. The walls are filled with interesting and rarely known facts about Manchester United. Watching a football match between the arch – rivals Arsenal and Manchester United at this cafe is an awesome experience.



Being a fan of Bhaijann (Salman Khan),you probably shouldn’t miss this restaurant in Mumbai. Itis all about Salman. The interiors speak about the accomplishment of the six packs king of Bollywood. The posters of each of the movies Bhaijann has starred in, till date are there in the restaurant. Not only this but the music that is played here are also hits from Salman’s movies.The most innovative thing is thatname of some dishes, like ‘Anda Apna Apna,’ are derived from the actor’s flicks. You’ll surely get a feel of meeting ‘Bhaijan’ at this Superstar’s cave.


The 70mm

No doubt Bollywood is the pride of India and it is one of the biggest obsession in the youth. ‘70mm,’ is a must visit for you. From ‘Mother India,’ to ‘DDLJ’ and ‘K3G,’ all the the gems of Indian cinema and itsiconic posters are there to be seen in the restaurants interiors, also super hit Hindi movies are also screened on the gigantic LED screens of this restaurant. There is nothing better than relishing continental and Indian cousins in the company of your movie stars. Isn’t it?


Bar Stock Exchange

Unlike other restaurants the prices of Beverages at this place are not fixed; the price of the drinks are rising and crashing depending on their popularity just like the stock market. Most interesting thing is that the drinks start cheaper when the bar is opened and the prices slowly start rising afterwards. A drink may even become very cheap or super expensive depending on its demand and popularity. Yes you got it right the theme of the bar is on the stock exchange market. You may get lucky to find your Beverage at low price.


The Silver Metro

You must have dined in trains once in your life, but have you dined in a Metro? This restaurant exactly looks like the interior of a Metro and its walls are painted silver, hence it stands its name. It will give you the full feel of a metro travel. The Silver Metro restaurant is quite reasonable and can be considered a good option for lunch or dinner.

Have a happy journey with your feast.


Veli Lake Floating Restaurant

What if you are dining in the middle of a lake surrounded by a cute biosphere? It would be really a refreshing experience! This is the best place to get Kerala’s hospitality. There is an entire village floating on a lake and the restaurant is the part of floating village. One has to cross bridges to reach the restaurant and the food is made by the local produce of the village.


Firangi Dhaba

Dinning in an Auto-rickshaw is a whole new experience! I mean they are meant for public transport facilities not for dinning! But the owner of this restaurant thought of incorporating them here which was a good idea. The interiors perfectly match the Desi style and you can sit and enjoy the meal in an auto. There are several spots of attraction in the Dhaba; it’s very beautifully made and is really attractive.


Ufo Revolving Restaurant

This revolving restaurant gives you a perfect spaceship experience. The lighting arrangement is done so nicely that it looks like you are sitting in a spaceship. The revolving table and the interiors add four moons to its beauty. It looks like you are travelling to outer space.


Howzatt The Galaxy Hotel

Cricket lovers….it’s a paradise for you people or let me say heaven for cricket fans. This cricket-themed bar celebrates the love for cricket that every Indian has in his/her heart. The work on the interiors is lovable and the seats are in the shape of gloves and drinks are named after cricket patios; this is a must to visit spot during a live match. It would be a fun watching IPL in this pub.


Social Offline

A combo of office and a cafe. This coffee shop offers its customers to stay connected while offline. With plenty of space you could do your office work and can chill out with your colleagues. It’s the urban destination for fun .


Tihar Food Court

All over India the Tihar jail is famous for the efforts made by the authorities for giving constant help to the inmates. Establishing a food court for these people is a milestone in the direction. Convicts are employed as staff and waiters at the food court. The food and the polite behaviour has been praised by many customers.