20 Non Vegetarian Food Items Across India

Non Vegetarian Food Items Across India

Non-vegetarian food is considered as rich in protein and has a high nutrient value. They are helpful in body building and have great health benefits. India is also rich in Non-vegetarian cuisines. The authentic flavor and different types of Non-vegetarian food are a delight to all the non Vegetarian lovers. The India’s Non-vegetarian food has various varieties, and each state culture has their unique style. One has the option to choose from different meat.

1.Mutton Curry

In this Dish, the mutton is marinated with ginger and garlic paste and then cooked with a paste of onions, tomatoes, green chili and cardamom and cinnamon. The meat itself has relishing taste and is very juicy and spicy. The flavor of the secret garam masala and the sweet smell of green cardamom and cinnamon add exotic taste to the gravy. It goes well with Naan /Roti /Rice.


2.Chicken Chettinad

This recipe comes from Tamil Nadu, the Southern part of India. Easily cooked and delicious meal to have. The roasted flavor of fennel, green cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, black pepper, poppy seeds and the spiciness of green and red chilly with a wonderful flavor of coconut with curry leaves, all this adds a unique taste to the gravy and then gets absorbed in chicken pieces. This juicy, tender Chicken taste is so good that one can go on eating it. It is a delight to every Non-vegetarian.


3Sarson Machhi

This dish is cooked with a fish name Rohu. The juicy and tender fish is very famous and cooked with masala and curry leaves. The mixture of ginger, garlic, and Kashmiri red chilly with mustard, and poppy seed gives a blend of taste. Raw Mango is added for a little sour and sweet taste and to give gravy a thick texture. The fish has its own taste and with the spices, it further enhances the flavor.


4Butter Chicken

The chicken recipe is known all over the world and has high calorie, this dish is unique and mind blowing. The Chicken is first marinated with salt, curd, tandoori masala. Further, the gravy is made with cashew nut, tomatoes, red chilies, onion, garlic, and ginger paste to make it spicy. This dish has its place in one’s menu. The fresh and tender chicken with thick gravy is very yummy.


5Egg Curry

Liked by everyone, cooked within minutes, this dish has its flavor and taste. Simple boiled eggs are put into the thick, spicy and tangy gravy and are cooked over medium heat till the eggs get soaked. The dish is easy to cook and the taste is great. The ingredients are red chili, turmeric, tomatoes, and onions. It is a mouth watery dish.


6Mughal Mutton Curry

In this dish, the mutton is marinated with ginger and garlic paste and then cooked with a paste of onions, tomatoes and green chilies and cardamom and cinnamon. Cook in big vessel for hours so the meat gets tender and soft. The aroma of cardamom and cinnamon adds flavor to the gravy. It is served with Roti.


7Paya Soup

It is prepared with meat loaves. This dish is very popular in Bhopal and is very spicy and good. The tender meat pieces are cooked in masala water and ingredients are put to give it a hot and great taste. The unique blend of spices adds to its texture.


8Tunde Kebab

Straight from Lucknow, this is a world famous dish. The meat is grind with herbs and spices and then made in the form of kebabs and cooked on charcoal fire. Fresh onion and green chutney is served with it. The cuisine enlightens one’s taste bud. The crisp but juicy kebabs are authentic in taste.


9Bheja Masala

A different dish, and prepared with the brain of the goat is very famous in Mumbai. The blend of brain meat with garam masala, tamarind and lemon juice is delicious in taste. Buns/Bread is eaten with it. The aroma of spices and its great texture of gravy leave one asking for more. Chop onions and tomatoes add to the thickness of the gravy and are very much popular.


10Rogan Josh

Cook from Lamb meat. It’s eaten all over India. Come from Kashmir. The dish is very crunchy and crisp to taste and the gravy which is prepared from nuts and curd is good. The sourness and sweetness which comes from lemon juice and nut is delicious to eat. The meat is creamy.


11Chicken Tikka

A well-known dish from Punjab, It can be consumed as a snack or full meal. The juicy, spicy chicken mix with masala is cooked on charcoal fire. Fine coats of butter or ghee is applied to enhance its texture and taste. While serving, lemon juice is added to give it a little tangy taste. This cuisine is simple to cook and great in taste.


12Kankada Jhola

Kankada is a Crab curry. And it comes from Odisha. Also has the richness of protein. The fresh and tender, soft meat is good to taste. The fresh crabs are cleaned and boiled and then added to the gravy, prepared with coconut, onions, tomatoes and tamarind. The unique blend ingredients give a mouth watery taste. It is good for health too.


13Poora Haah

An Assamese dish made from duck meat. It’s unique and spicy taste which comes from a paste made from many ingredients like cloves, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, ginger and garlic, coriander powder, red chili, and turmeric powder. The duck meat is different from other meat and is easy to digest. The juicy and fresh texture is authentic and delicious to taste. Eat with rice and roti. This dish is popular.


14Keema Matar

A dish from North India is made from ground meat and cook with green chilies, onions, and spices. The Keema is crisp yet juicy and full of spices. The dish is easy to cook and eaten with Naan, rice, and roti. The green peas which are added to this dish give a healthy and pleasant taste. Cloves and cinnamon add to the aroma of the dish.



Haleem, is a Hyderabadi dish made of meat stew. This cuisine has wheat and lentils in it. Haleem is cooked on slow heat. The consistency of the gravy is thick and spicy yet yummy to taste. It is known as Khichra in Hyderabad. It is cooked during Ramzan season. It comprises of all the energy gives a wonderful flavor.


16Murgh Musallam

In this dish, the chicken is not cut into pieces but is cooked as a whole. And so,it is called Murgh Musallam. It’s an Awadhi dish which is cooked on every occasion. The mixture is full of cream, milk, and spices and the chicken gets melted in your mouth as it is cooked with perfection. It is a yummy and tasty dish.


17Pork Vindaloo

Pork Vindaloo is a Goa dish , and is used as a pickle. Cook from Pork fat. Garlic, coconut, vinegar, jaggery and a lot of Kashmiri red chili are added in this dish. This dish is hot and spicy. The longer the meat is stored, the better it tastes. The meat is cooked in the mixture of oil and spices.


18Laal Maas

Also known as red meat, it is a dish from Rajasthan. Cook, with mutton meat and cooked in yogurt and lot of red chilis. The color of the dish is red, that’s why it is known as Laal Maas. The semi-thick gravy is prepared with red chilies and ginger garlic paste. It is spicy, but one cannot stop eating it due to its decent taste.



Rista, is Lamb meat-ball gravy, which is prepared with hand pounded meat by a wooden hammer. It is real hot and spicy as only red chilies, fennel seed is added to it. Meat-balls are first fried to get a crunchy taste and then added to the gravy full of red chilies. The dish is served with Roti and is real hot.


20Steamed Garlic Prawns

This dish hails from Andaman and Nicobar. Made with steamed prawns and are then added to the curry. Soya sauce, sesame oil, cloves, green chilies, and lot of other spices are added for flavor. The curry is not that spicy but goes well with the steamed prawns. The texture of the prawns is soft and the taste is unique. Rice is eaten with it. The curry is delight among the people who like sea-food.