Top 19 Regional Restaurants In Ahmedabad

Top Regional Restaurants In Ahmedabad

There is a remarkable rise in the variety of Indian Cuisines found in the city. From Rajasthani to South Indian, the city is becoming a miniature India when it comes to food. Let us take a look at some of the must-eat regional cuisines in Ahmedabad.

1. Rajasthan

The traditionally royale cuisine has been transported all the way from endless deserts to the Manchester of India.


2.Rajwada Kitchen

This place is located near Zydus hospital, in Thaltej and is a must visit if one is looking for home-cooked Rajasthani food – simply delicious. It is a haven for vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. There are absolutely no added preservatives-everything is hygienic, fresh and good quality. They offer a variety of eatables ranging from the famous Daal-Baati-Churma and Gatte ki sabzi to Egg curry and Chicken Biryani. They also have Jaisalmeri Kadhi and Jaipuri Meva pulao which is a rare treat in Ahmedabad.

Cost for two – approx. Rs.300



As the name suggests, Rajwadu tends to have a royal charm to it. With beautiful Jharokas to unstoppable Thali, this place will make one go simply Wow! Located near Jivraj Tolnaka in Vejalpur, it offers a unique dining experience which boasts of erstwhile royal cuisine served on a large golden platter full of flavours and reminiscence of a bygone era. It has two eating sections- Traditional Thali and A La Carte. If looking for an authentic feel, one must try the traditional thali instead. The food is purely vegetarian and spicy with oodles of Desi Ghee. It boasts of foods ranging from Mangorhi ki Dal and Gehun ki Bikaneri Khichdi to the lip-smacking Daal-Baati-Churma and PanchMahal ki Sabzi. There are puppet shows, magic shows and folk dance and other performances in the evening.

Cost for two – approx. RS.1300   Other Cuisines-Gujarati


4. North Indian

With a large chunk of North Indian population settling in Ahmedabad and nearby cities, they bring with them the traditions handed down through generations.



Awadh Puri

This place is resplendent with the Nawabi food which is very Mughlai and Lukhnavi in form, flavour, aroma and presentation. It is a beautiful place which is sure to transport one to a Shahi Palace with its vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies. The restaurant is Sheesh-Mahal styled, with live Qawwalis in the evenings. With its Buffet System, it is a haven for non-vegetarians – the starters, Shorba, Kandhari Fish, Chicken Galoti to different vegan dishes like Dal Sultani, Mix Vegetable, Dum Biryani, Dahi Kebabs and much more. The food is tasty and fulfilling with absolutely no room for sweet-smelling desserts which vary from Awadhi – Zafrani Kheer, Mirchi Halwa, Aam ki Sewaiyyan to Gulab Jamun and Kulfi. A royal treat, isn’t it? There are various branches across the city but Prahladnagar chain is most recommended.

Cost for two- Though it depends whether one goes on weekdays –weekends or lunch-dinner, approximate cost would be Rs. 1,200.



Jassi De Parathe

A typically Punjabi pind-styled restaurant, Jassi de Parathe offers the best paranthas in the city. You name a paratha and you’ll get it!! Unlike Gujarati theplas, these parathas are thick and fulfilling – with oodles of butter and finger-licking gravies. If one is a hard-core Punjabi missing their food- this is the place to revive old memories and make new ones. A simple décor with floor and table seating with an ethnic ambience this place lets the food speak for itself. The paranthas are heavy on the stomach yet unstoppable. The menu ranges from lassis/chaas; chaats/kebabs; shorbas and raitas to kulcha/naan/roti; different types of parathas (stuff, cheese, aloo, gobhi, matar, tamatar, pyaz, mooli, lahsun, paneer, vegetables, mushroom, kale chane, rajma and Makai – they also have plain parathas); Dal-Chawal and deserts which include gajar da halva, gulab jamun and kheer among others.

Combos and Lunch options are available. Has other branches but Prahaladnagar branch is recommended. Cost for two- approx. Rs. 650jassi-de-paranthe


Mirch Masala

A casual dining Bollywood village-themed restaurant, Mirch Masala is a place full of flavoursome delights. Accompanied by a quirky yet easy going ambience, this place is a must visit for experiencing north Indian styled food. Located on SG Highway, this place is an eye-catcher. It caters to vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. Good quality, garam-garam khaana being their forte, this place has an extensive menu that ranges from murgh tikka, reshmi kebab, seekh kebab and murgh adha to Makai cheese kebab, papad de kebab, tandoori paneer and Delhi chaat for starters. As for main course I suggest one to try murgh roganjosh, baida kheema, handi ghosht and Balti chicken and for vegetarians, paneer methi-malai, navratna korma, kadhai chole and baby vegetables. They also have delicious dals and biryanis one cannot deny. A one-stop destination for Bollywood and Food lovers, this place is a head-turner. This Restaurant also has its branches in CG Road (swastik cross roads), Chandkheda (Vitthal Mall), Maninagar (Nr. Krishna bagh cross road) and Satellite (Nr. Prernatirth Derasar) but SG Highway chain is recommended.

Cost for two- approx. Rs. 700 to 800


8. Madhya Pradesh/Central Indian



Mirch Masala

This is a small place which will remind one of a classic kachori straight from Chappan Dukkan. This place is a true replica of the Indorian street foods, especially chaats. It has famous Indorian samosas and kachories worth dying for. Though their products are oddly placed, they are an instant hit among the Amdavadis.  Their fresh, crispy and aromatic kachoris and samosas come right from the kadhai ready to be eaten hot. The chutnies are also fresh preparations and worth trying. This is a place for spice-lovers. A hygienic place yet seating is not recommended during mornings and afternoons. Take away options are available. It has two branches- one is in Paldi and the other is in Satellite. The Satellite branch (near Mansi circle) is the older branch and is the most recommended.

Cost for two- approx. Rs. 50


10. South Indian

If you think all South Indian cuisine contains is mere Dosas and Idlis, don’t think much- just visit the following places to discover true flavours available down south.




With the promise of delivering true-blue south to Gujarati customers, Dakshinayan travelled all the way from down south, bringing in rare and lost spices for us to explore and delve into. An all vegetarian casual retreat, this place maintains its culture as reflected by the ambience. It offers loads of Dosas, Idlis, Vadas, Uttappas along with different types of rice, sevais and sweet-meats. Recommended dishes include Chettinad Dosa, Adai Dosa, Appam with Stew, Thengai Uttappam, Ambassador Idli, Rasam Vada, Curd Rice, Sambhar Rice and Rava Kesari as a dessert.

Cost for two – approx. Rs. 600




The oldest and the largest chain of restaurants in Ahmedabad, Sankalp is the ultimate destination for south Indian delicacies. As the name suggests, Sankalp’s determination and promise to serve authentic, fresh food to its customers without any compromise is not only its specialty but also loved by localites. A casual dining restaurant, Sankalp offers mocktails to famous Mysore filter coffee in drinks; from various idlis/rice cakes and dosas to various uttappas and vadas to choose from. They also have vegetable preparations, roti, appamalams, poppodums, pachadi, pooris and famous Malabari Parathas as side orders. Deserts include Sundaes, Cassata, Brownie and Ice-cream. Recommended dishes would be Kanchipuram Idli, Vaghar Idli, Achari rice cakes, onion vada, schezwan dosa and special bhaji dosa (if one is unable to try the 4 feet long dosa), coconut rava dosa, madhurai sandwich uttappa and chettinad korma – sabzi.

It has many branches in Ahmedabad and all are equally recommended.

Cost for two – approx. Rs. 600



Hyderabadi Hut

A casual dining restaurant, Hyderabadi Hut is situated in Sarkhej as well as the Himalaya Mall in Gurukul. This place offers the best Biryanis in the city. Apt for Biryani lovers, this place also offers Biryani combos served on veg and non-veg platters. It also offers ‘Stone-styled cooking’ also called Mutbe ka Patthar  – for chicken, mutton and paneer gravies with varied Indian breads, not to forget the delicious kebabs, starters and sea food varieties like Fish Tikka, Prawn Manchurian and many more. Desserts are to be looked-forward to as they offer Kaju Kheer and Shahi Tukda which is as royally fulfilling as the name suggests. While one can try dishes off the menu, their Biryanis and Desserts are highly recommended.

Cost for two- approx. Rs. 650


14. Bengal

With the influx of thousands of Bengalis each year and the intermingling of cultures and festivals, there’s bound to be craving for all foods Bengali. Some five-ten years ago, the only delicious Bong food available was in the Durga Puja Pandals set up during Navratras but today Ahmedabad is home to some of the best Bengali restaurants in the state.



Tripti Restaurant

With its intricate Prawn, Fish, Chicken, Mutton and egg preparations, this place is a hit among non-vegetarians, though it offers delicious Baingan Bhaja, Aloo Posto, Aloo Bhaja and Aloo Cauliflower, a visual treat for the vegans. Though none of the items can even compete against the ‘Bhog’ offered during the Durga Pujo, they are simply yum. They serve the best fish fingers and rasogullas in the city. Other most mouth-watering dishes include Chicken lollipop, Matar pulao, Kasturi paneer, Mutton do pyaza, Prawn fried rice, Fish curries and Egg Mutton roll. If one is away from home and craving Bengali food – then this is the place to be! Located near Super Plaza, Sandesh Press Road, Vastrapur.

Cost for two – approx. Rs. 600



Royal Bengal Tandoori Hut

A reminiscence of Bengali food, devour tandoor-cooked fish and chicken tikkas and kebabs which are the heroes of this restaurant. Located in the heart of the city, this place offers delectable delicacies straight from Bengal to trigger taste-buds. Besides offering soups, starters and Chinese for vegan and non-vegan customers, the place primarily lays focus on its Bengali-special preparations which include Aloo Posto, Malai Phool Gobhi, Sorse Baingan and much more for vegetarians and Chicken Kasa, Mutton Kasa, Posto Ilish and much more for non-vegetarians. Their Dal preparations are a must try. Their Biryanis, Kolkata Rolls and various fried veg and non-veg dishes are an instant hit among the Amdavadis. If visiting this restaurant, make sure to try out the following desserts – Payas, Sandesh and Mishti Dahi. It has various branches but the Prahladnagar chain is most recommended.

Cost for two- approx. Rs. 700-750


17. Gujarat

When in Gujarat, eat like Gujaratis. Willing to know what goes into their popular thalis? Then come out of your homes and make sure you visit these amazing eateries for an altogether unique dining experience.


18.Gordhan Thal

Basking in the glory of Shree Krishna and his ‘Darbari Bhog’, this place is a must-visit for non-Gujaratis as well as Gujaratis. The peaceful, Dwarka-styled ambience with its jharokas, tiny-wooden windows and raas-leelas, this place offers more than one can digest (literally!) The exquisite Gujarati Thali is a favourite among the Celebrities as well. It is a buffet system with items served on huge thalis alongside a big glass of cool chaas. The items on the thali vary each time one visits but surely contains snacks such as tiny samosas or sandwich dhoklas, two-three vegetables followed by dal-kadhi, breads may include miniature pooris, rotis, bhakhris along with papad and/or curd preparation( dahi chaat). Desserts also vary from Gulab Jamun, Basundi, Halwa to seasonal (and summer special) Aamras. And yes, don’t forget to ask for Rice/Khichdi. If visiting for the first time, make sure one asks the waiter before the item is being poured on the platter as their service is extremely quick. It is located on the S.G. Highway. Take-away option is available.

Cost for two- approx. Rs.600



Another Gujarati-thali offering restaurant, Sasuji, as the name suggests, caters to all members the family thereby strengthening family ties and ensuring a proper “handing-down-traditional-cooking-methods”. Located near the Lal Bungalow in C.G. Road, this restaurant offers unlimited Gujarati Thali with a changing menu. The food preparations are sweeter – the vegetable dishes in particular, followed by sweetened Gujarati Dal and Gujarati Khadi. The huge thalis ensure one visits on an empty stomach as lots of empty bowls get filled up in no time! The food is plenty yet appetizing. They serve at least three snacks, two vegetables and poori, roti, bhakhri along with pickles and chutnies followed by desserts like basundi, halwa, etc. and a glass of chaas which helps regulate the digestion process.

Cost for two – approx. Rs. 600.