21 Restaurants You Must Visit In Panaji!

21 Restaurants You Must Visit In Panaji


You must end up at this restaurant in Panjim, for an ultimate delight. Some of their best dishes are Squids with Chorizo and Fish Carpaccio Miso Mustard.


Ritz Classic

This place has a very local feel attached to it and is known for its seafood. Enjoy the fish thali here.


Mum’s Kitchen

This was an experiment which was conceived to keep the local cuisine alive. The restaurant serves authentic Goan cuisine, especially recipes passed down from mothers in the families. They serve a mix of Hindu and Catholic dishes.


Anand Bar

This is a simple eatery which serves great seafood. You must try the Rawa Fried Chonak, while you’re here. Other than that, almost everything is quite amazing.


Black Sheep Bistro

Although this is a new place, it still sees a lot of fan following. They use sustainable produce which is entirely organic. The food served here has a lot of flavours which will make your experience enjoyable. Plus, they have a great bar.


Fellini’s Pizza

If you have an Italian craving in Goa, then there’s no place better than this. Find some of the best of pizza, pasta, and calzone at Fellini’s.


Magic Park

Enjoy the magic only at the Magic Park. It gets its name from the green oasis which is tucked away. This is a vegetarian restaurant which is a source of delight for health conscious people.


Matsya Freestyle Kitchen

Another new place on this list, this restaurant is quite an amazing place for dinner. The menu changes and isn’t constant. The menu varies on basis of availability of produce season wise, which makes this place so unique and amazing.


Tamarind Cafe

This cafe is below the Matsya Freestyle Kitchen, on the same property. You’ll find a two-hundred-year-old banyan tree right here. The menu over here also changes regularly, so you can surprise yourself every day.


Lazy Dog

If you intend on finding a place with some peace, then this is it. It is located right at the end of Mandrem Beach inside a Portuguese villa. This is a second outlet of the name restaurant which also exists in the hilly town of Manali.



Another decent place to dine is Mandrem is Dunes. It is quite a lavish shack, with some of the best seafood in town.


La Plage

This is a place which has been on a lot of lists and hence is very popular with tourists. The food available here is a mix of a variety of cuisines such as French, Italian and American. The interiors are sophisticatedly done and the menu also changes from time to time. But don’t be worried, some of their best dishes remain. Some of their best are the Sesame Crusted Seared Tuna and the Bee Burger. Find the best of fusion food here.



This place is ideal if you are lazing on the Ashwem beach. The shack makes amazing Prawn curry with rice, and is located right beside La Plage and hence is easy to locate.



This restaurant by Chris Bee has garnered a lot of attention for having food which is a mix of fusion and contemporary. The place serves many signature dishes with a twist in a rustic sea facing setting, as the palm trees shade it.


Sunset Ashram

Quite a funky name. Isn’t it? This bar is an amazing place for music lovers and the hub for electronic music. Other than that, the food is amazing making this place a must visit. So to all EDM lovers, just visit this place!



You’ll find the best of everything here be it food or shopping. They host something called Friday Night Market, where you can enjoy fashion and live music at the same place with a great meal. So enjoy as you shop and eat!



Find the eternal Shanti here at this shack. It seems inclusive of the hippie culture and is a great place to enjoy an amazing meal. And the restaurant even has a dance floor, for all dance lovers. And at the end, we are all looking for some ‘Shanti’ in Goa, right?


Cafe Delicieux

Just as the name suggests, this cafe serves delicious food in this town. In fact, their desserts might be one of the best. If you want cakes in the entire state, then there is no place better than this. Delicious at best, isn’t it?



Right on the Morjim beach, if you want a snack then this is it! One of the newest additions with tents; this is a popular choice for all. Look out for the Red Snapper Ceviche, and BBQ Pork Sliders. Do not think twice before ending up here.



This is a restaurant owned by the chef Patron Bawmra Jap. He is Burmese and has introduced his cuisine to the state of Goa. They serve authentic Burmese cuisine, which is unlike anything you have ever had previously. Start your meal with salads and cocktails. Some of their best salads are the Pickled Tea Salad and The Tomato Salad. For the mains, you may try the Sucking Pig and the Chilli Red Snapper. If you want to experiment then try the Spicy Mussel Curry. For the dessert choices, try the Fondant cake which is one of the best here. Also, on Wednesday they serve the traditional Khao suey- the famous Burmese dish along with accompaniments. So all Khao Suey enthusiasts do not miss this place at any cost.



A name you once saw in Hauz Khas and now in Goa. This restaurant is quite amazing as they serve tasty food in spectacular settings. Once they closed the outlet in Delhi, they came up with this bigger and better one in Assagao with some of the fest pork and seafood. So why wait any longer? Put an end to your cravings right now!