20 Places To Get The Best Italian In Kolkata!

20 Places To Get The Best Italian In Kolkata

1Fire And Ice Pizzeria

This Pizzeria is popular amongst both locals and tourists of the city. Other than the charming interiors based on red and white, with lamps hanging inside, the decor is contemporary and interesting. The walls have been accentuated with posters and picture of renowned personalities. The twelve-inch pizzas here, come with a lot of options for toppings. Do not miss the Pizza Di Casa Mia, Terra E Mare and Fire of Bengal.


The Factory Outlet

This restaurant is known for serving the best of Mediterranean cuisine and amazing cocktails. Other than European dishes, the restaurant is indeed quite proud about the delicious pizzas they serve. If you like the vegetarian delights more, then some of the special Pizzas here are the Sundried Tomatoes and Shaved Mushrooms, and Pesto Mushroom Fungi. You can try the amazing combination of the greens on a pizza like Spinach or Broccoli here as well. If you love meat, then one of their specials is the Chilli Chicken Pizza and Chicken Salami.



This very popular restaurant which has found its way in this city, all the way from New York is known for serving amazing Italian food in the city. Also, the Italian scooter adds a nice Italian touch to the decor with the red brick exposed walls. If you want the best of Italian here, then indulge in any of the varieties, and you won’t be disappointed. Some of their best are Pizza Al Norcina and Premium Italian Buffalo Mozzarella. If you are a fan of fresh vegetables, then the Tomato and Fresh Basil is also a great choice. You also get quite a few varieties of Pizzas with Truffles in it.


The Bridge

This one is less of a restaurant and more of a diner, who sell amazing wood fired pizzas in the city. The pizzas are not only unique but also delicious at best. The vegetarian delights include Four Season Pizza, Grilled Vegetables, Pesto and much more. If you’re looking for something meaty then the Roast Chicken in a great option. If you are a seafood fan, then the Marinara pizza is a good choice as it comes with a squid, bhetki and prawns toppings.


Cafe Mezzuna

If you are a foodie and a resident of Kolkata, then the chances are that you have already visited this one. Other than many continental dishes, this cafe is also largely popular for its Pizza. Some of their best are Jerk Spiced Chicken, Fresh Mint and Harissa Drizzle.


Chai Break

Chai Break commonly popular for Chai is also quite famous for Pizzas in the city. So if you want to gossip with your friends over this interesting combination of tea and pizza, which probably only Indians can think of, then this is a great place for that.



A perfect place to dine if you are looking for phenomenal Pizza in the city.


Alla Belle Mozzarelle

Italians are known for their cheese. Just it should explain why this restaurant with our favourite cheese in its name makes some of the best Italian in the city.


Friend’s Pizza

Friend’s Pizza in Shibpur is a destination across the river which sells amazing Pizzas for which fans even make time to travel so far to taste their amazing Pizza.


La Cucina

La Cucina is a restaurant in Hyatt! The fact that it is part of such a famous group of hotels should explain its high repute amongst the residents of the city. Not only will you find a pleasurable ambience and immense hospitality by the staff, but you will also find the best of Italian here. Close your eyes and point your finger to find your dish because in a sea of wonderful options you will definitely have a hard time choosing what to eat here.


The Corner Courtyard

This restaurant which is part of a revived Heritage building receives quite an amount of deserving attention. Other than the sparkling, colourful interiors, the place boasts of rich heritage and modernity at the same time. You’ll find an array of cuisines here, even your favourite Italian. The place will surely strike a chord and grab your attention with its charming interiors and the amazing food.


Little Italy

A name that you must have seen in other cities as well, Little Italy is a restaurant which has become popular in the city for serving great Italian food.


Eagle Boy’s Pizza

Eagle Boy’s Pizza near Ruby is known for being a famous chain of Pizza Outlets, which have quite a few outlets in different cities as well. If you want to have some of the best pizzas in town, then this is where you should be. Eagle Boy’s Pizza is an amazing place to eat pizza with your friends and family. The decor might not be all fancy, but the taste makes up for it.


Raj Spanish Cafe

A simple and quaint place which is known for amazing recipes of Pizza is this one. Although with Spanish in its name, it still serves some of the unique and economical pizzas in the city.


Bistro By The Park

A fancy place by all meanings. If you want to have a luxurious time with friends and family, then this is a great place for that. You will also find great Italian dishes here, which are cooked to perfection.



A perfect place to enjoy Italian at night. This is not only a great place to party but also to have a simple dinner with your friends and family.


Deli Cravings

The name must suggest that this is the one stop solution to your Deli Cravings. So if you are looking for some relief, then this is where you have to be.


Pomodoro- Home Slice

They have brought in an interesting concept to the city, for the first time. Although the pizzas are only available for delivery, there are two types you can choose from. One which is pre-baked or one where they provide you everything, and you can make the final product yourself at home.


The Steak Factory

Although the name might suggest the restaurant only specialises in Steaks, but fear not! They also serve some amazing Italian dishes here.


My Big Fat Belly

A very economical budget place to enjoy the best of American and Italian cuisine.